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Munchen, 30. January 2015 – If Nobuhiro Yamamoto talks about the new Mazda MX-5, the salvaged man with the frameless glasses into the Blackmen: "We have thought about many details and improves them," says the proud series conductor. Anyone who knows the latest love of the Japanese, wife that this is not empty words. In the construction of the fourth generation Roadsters, which 26 years ago the concept "two-sided convertible" Revived, it was even about such supposed little things, such as the side wind wind and how it is perceived by the occupants as pleasant. So that this breeze causes the desired effect, the engineers placed the inmates just a little further inward.

Easily sink the Mutze

The driver was and is central to the MX-5. The designers placed him deeper and close to the focus of the vehicle, which is not only the driving dynamics positive, but also roughly grown people give the chance to drive with open hood without the hairstyle becoming a victim of the wind. When sinking the fabric fabric, you still have to create your own hand, for that it goes in seconds and saves weight. You do not need bodybuilder upper arms to raise the hood in the car sitting.

The cockpit dispenses with frills. The three round instruments with the centrally arranged tachometer sitting in deep pipes and the digital displays with the female diodes on black background play a bit retro. Without the bauble popular in Japan, it does not work in open Mazda. It offers a colored jerk of the driving style: Grun means very relaxed, blue normal and white flashes on ambitious driving style. After a few minutes one gives this light orgel no attention but is looking forward to the comfortable seats.

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