Usa: trust in mass media by election campaign at record depth

USA: Trust in mass media by election campaign at record depth

Only a third of the Americans are still aming that media "the news complete, accurate and balanced reports", For the young ones, the mistrust is high

Much is the speech that trust in the media has fallen sharply in Germany. It is not only responsible for Ukraine and Russia reporting, but also right-wing populist and right versions that are happy to "Mainstream" as "Lying press" and "System media" talk, however, often tend to unilateral media. 49 percent of the German mistrust after data of the Eurobarometer of the press and 43 percent of television, tendency rising (loss of confidence in reporting).

The mistrust in the media, which are suspected, to report unilaterally or system compliant because they are in complicity with the powerful hours, but is not a German phanomena. Presumably, it has to do with an ideologically and politically crowded society, but also with the Internet, which has broken the opinion premium of the coarse mass media and a variety of voices that radicalize in the competition with each other and to the mass media a somewhat widescreen, but increasing crowded openness. Through the growing gap between arm and rich, the center dwinds – socially, political and medial.

An a similar process of trust erosion also takes place in the US (see current: US election campaign: Pepe, DR. Oz and maternity protection). Gallup asked since 1976 and since 1997 the Americans, whether they trust the mass media, "the news completely, accurately and balanced to report". Now speak 32 percent, they had rough or good confidence in the media. This is 8 percent less than last year, a sharp burglary who certainly has to do with the election campaign, which polarizes the American society together with the media. At all no trust have 27 percent, not much 41 percent.

In 1976, 72 percent of people had confidence in media reporting, only 4 percent had no confidence at all. That was a record value that probably had to do with a blood season of investigative journalism in the processing of the Vietnam War and the Watergate Scandal. After that, until 1990s, when the Internet began, slowly prevailed as a new mass medium, more than 50 percent trust in the mass media. After a renewed high point of 55 percent in 1999, the gradual erosion used. There was a first low point at 44 percent in 2004 during the former Prasidial election campaign, in which a very recently george w. Bush over his democratic challenger, the current driver John Kerry, just won, where the mistrust was roughly in the correct payout because of the election computers. The US launched War in Afghanistan and Iraq, torture and ill-treatment of prisoners, Bush was able to prevail because of the ongoing and summoned terrorism and further existing nationalism through the wars.

In the election campaign, the then record amount of 880 million US dollars was invested, which of course had an impact on the publicity and reporting, and there were more and more ideologically oriented online media that raised the mood. In 2012, 2.4 billion US dollars were put into the election campaign. This year it could be less. By July, nearly $ 1.5 billion were donated for the election campaign.

In 2005, the media confidence was once again with 50 percent in the high, since then less than half of the Americans still trust. A burglary on the then record depth at 40 percent was again in 2012 with the prasidal elections. After a small increase in 2013 to 43 percent, 40 percent again in 2014 and 2015 rely in the mass media, in order to break at 32 percent in the election campaign between the two unpopular candidates.

Since 1997, the confidence in the sympathizers of the independent and, especially in those of the Republicans, has been the least, during the sympathizers of the Democrats, the media to contribute to the media. After the Gallup survey, 51 percent of Democrats are still trusting the mass media, but only 14 percent of the Republicans, a year earlier it was still 32 percent. Donald Trump and other republicans have shown the mainstream media long as one-sided and pro-democratically, in fact, the journalists of the coarse media tend to be more liberal views, newspapers like the Washington Post have given up any accessibility and ride a gorgeous campaign against Trump. A role was allowed to play a variety of conservative online media in addition to the extremely pro Republican party party Fox News.

Alter people have been bringing the media to the media since 2007 as the younger who probably inform themselves stronger on the internet and have a lower bond to the traditional mass media that have lost their information monopoly. However, confidence in both age groups has broken up strongly: at the above-50-year 45 percent in 2015 at now 38 percent and at the 18-49-year-olds of 36 percent to just 26 percent. It is interesting that the young people still had in 2001 high confidence in the coverage of mass media than the age generation.

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