Usa: burger war 2.0

USA: Burger War 2.0

Robert Edward Lee Monument in Charlottesville, 2006. Photo: Cville Dog / Common-free

The old wound of the cleavage of northern against Sudstatas is re-torn open without recognizable necessity

There is a physical difference between the seen and black breed, which will forbid the two breeds forever, politically and socially on the same frick to run together.

Abraham Lincoln *

The United States of America are in free fall down. In the state of disintegration, the self-energy. The gross social contract of Prasident Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Prasident Lyndon Johnson’s vision of GREAT SOCIETY, So to speak, the American variant of Ludwig Erhard’s policy of the "Prosperity for all", has been dusted by generations of market traditional social razors and rejoined the winch.

The coarse collective lonelage loses any feeling of responsibility for the community. The upper selfie with the toned gold-great in the woman’s house is drawn as second Donald Duck, whom everything always goes wrong, from the press. However, Trump in the windshade of his outpolitic bloms has politically grossly "successes" present. The market traditional degradation of environmental protection, social standards and health care is well advanced.

Kulturwar and the fall of monuments

Instead of being emportant to the final ruins of a proactive state, the public who has the money and power has to articulate nationwide, over the demolition of memorials to the horrors of the American Burger War in 19. Century remember. There is open to the illegal fall of monuments. Reason for this cultural war is a spontaneous monument removal in Durham in North Carolina.

As is known, the Council meeting of Charlottesville had decided to remove the equestrian statue of the Militarian Commander-in-Chief of the Sudstates in the American Burger War, Robert Edward Lee,. The Lee Park was renamed Emancipment Park.

Now General Robert Edward Lee was no war criminal. Rather reluctant, he had taken up the High Command of the Sudstate Armies. According to the defeat of the Sudstaaten, he should have constructively involved in the payroll process of the north and Suden. He was first once only the commander of a supposed dispute. So why the urge, now US far all monuments remember to remember the Sudstates?

On the part of the Burers of the Abrisen is argued, these monuments were able to become a kind of cult forecast of a newly awakened fascism. Few suprematists, so people who postulate the racial conventionality of a fleeing race and claim that political privileges for themselves, have indeed taken the Sudstata monuments as their icons.

From this the "Pictorial" Your right to remove the monastery. Her hours for "WEIGHT SUPREMATISM, SEXISS AND HOMOPHOBIE", argues the history professor Karen L. Cox of the University Charlottesville. Of course, the current shake is not alone on the crap of the Sudstates.

Nevertheless, it becomes clear that on the Sudstates all unpleasant things are projected, which a modern-looking US wants to get off at least conceptually: KU Klux Klan, Racism, Lynchmorde, narrow-mindedness and what else there is unpleasant phanomena.

The old and the new KU Klux Klan

It should be noted: After the victory of the northern states against the Sudstates, the terror in potentiated magnitude was really starting. This uncomfortable fact is to be washed cleaned with the Sudstate Bashing in a coarse autodafe, combustion of unpleasant balancing.

The author can make the mass of the facts in an article only briefly. The epitome of all dull of sudden stillnessers we find in K Klux Klan. In fact, after the defeat of the Sudstaaten, there was a Klux Klux KluX Limited on this Region. The loves the rage over the demolition to defenseless African Americans. By venuell lynching or psychoterror. However, in the following reconstruction period, an economic upswing took place, and the KKK loose end of the 19. Century.

In 1915, in Hollywood, a tremendous film produces, with huge comparer series and scenes. Maybe in his gigantism with the "Avatar" comparable. The film is called Birth of a nation and is next to "Jud sub" One of the most perfidiest mass works of the calculated racial delusion, which ever went on the canvas.

We see a suitably "arese" Family in the Sudstates in the reconstruction period. the "Negro" are equal and lumbles as a deputy in the parliaments, during the wisds of Farmer plague. The daughter of a bose North State Senator, who commits the equality of the blacks, has fallen in love with a son of the brave Sudstate family, who has steamed as a soldier on the part of the confounded Sudstatine Army. A fronts overlooking Love Story.

According to all sorts of terrible secrets that these "Negro" Arrange, as a gross rescuer in need Kritterlich the ordered army of KU Klux Klan to liberate the wives in the Sudstates. In the subtitle of the gigantic silent film, the words of the US President Wilson at that time are displayed: "The seen manner were awakened by the pure instinct of self-preservation … until lively a big ku Klux Klan was launched, a truly rich of the South to protect the land of the Suden. And the movie is about with the words: "The former enemies from the north and the south again combines in the common defense of their Aryan birth law."

"By chance" In the wake of a new KU Klux Klan 2 emerged.0, a terrorist for northern and sudstats at the same time, who terrorized in the following years war opponents, the authentic trade union international workers of the world, Jews and natural African American. To him to the side was the American Legion. In essence, a reservoir organization, which primarily prefixed strikers, pacifists and Jews in pogroms. The Ku Klux Klan had funi millions in his wedding until he imploded at the end of the 1920s.

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