Us prasident obama insists on russian aggression

Quite openly the Nazi militia Azow advertises foreign, but only European recruits

After agreement on the negotiations between representatives of Ukraine, the separatists and Russia under the direction of the OSCE, on Friday, a 30 km gross buffer zone between the separatists in Donbass and the areas controlled by the Ukrainian coatings was decided on Friday. After the ceasefire, this was another step towards de-scaling, which is apparently implemented now. The heavy weapons are returned on both sides, the ceasefire is maintained with exceptions, especially with mariupol prisoners have been exchanged.

It has occurred a standstill, which now requires to come to political solutions that are much more difficult to achieve after both sides have dodged other than terrorists or fascists. While the separatists continue to enter a cleavage from Ukraine, do not want to participate in the parliamentary elections at the end of October and to organize themselves in November themselves to organize elections, Parliament in Kiev, under criticism of nationalist circles, approved the law suggested by Prasident Poroshenko, which of the Separatists controlled areas of coarse autonomy and a three-year special status. There are to take place local elections, safety powers should come from the population on site, promised an amnesty and money for reconstruction (surrender from Russia or solution of the conflict?To).

But the mistrust on both sides is roughly. From Aube, Kiev is not open to make constant orders, rather, despite the success of the negotiations led by the OSCE in Minsk and the insertion of the prere of the prere, the prere continues to be directed unilaterally against Russia. Although it is no longer reported by Ukrainian side that from Russian side positions of the Ukrainian dispute, it also means that most Russian soldiers, Soldner or volunteers, as always one calls it, was deducted, but in the West will be Conuner, you can set the sanctions when Russia play along, criteria are not called for it.

Before the United Nations, US Prasident Obama once again presented the US as a keeper of freedom and international standards, during which he "Russian aggression" and the "Brutality" of the is, the "Cancer of terrorism", When the two coarse threats referred to which one must counteract. At the same time, Obama evaporates the "cancer" in Syria like the Hussein dictatorship in Iraq under infringement of international standards. And he paid a very unilateral representation of the Ukraine conflict that knows only good and Bose, which is highlighted as facts, ie as a pure truth. That not all people in Ukraine stood behind the Maidan movement and stand that there were right-wing extremists and violent groups active and are that the Yanukovy government was toted after an agreement due to the prere of the extremist power of the Maidan, that Kiev without Try negotiations with the Kiev skeptical people in Donbass military under the guise of one "Anti-terroronation" Against the uprising that was completely unexplained, who has shot down MH17, everything does not matter as long as the geopolitical worldview of the USA and their image is preserved as a world of world:

Here are the facts. After The People of Ukraine Mobileized Popular Protests and Calls for Reform, Their Corrupt President Fed. Against The Will of the Government in Kyiv, Crimea What Annexed. Russia Poured Arms Into Eastern Ukraine, Fueling Violent Separatists And A Conflict That Has Killed Thousand. When a Civilian Airliner What Shot Down from Area That Thesis Proxies Controlled, They refused to Allow Access to the Crash for Days. When Ukraine Started to Retail Control Over Its Territory, Russia Gave Up The Prentense of Merely Supporting The Separatists, and Moved Troops Across the Border.

That makes little hope for a de-escalation. In addition, in Minsk, it was decided that all foreign Soldner should be sent home, but Soldner or volunteers from abroad are in the militia of both sides. Quite openly, for example, the right-wing extremists, actually National Socialist militia Azov continues to continue to train from foreign countries. The Azov battalion, which also shows completely open Nazi symbols such as the swastika, is just in Mariuopol, where despite the ceasefire again and again comes to artillery shot.

The National Socialist Rights from the ranks of the social-national assembly or the right sector, which were worsened by the Maidan movement, promote foreign volunteers with military experience to enter the fight in Mariuopol. The right-wing extremists in Ukraine are only tactically pro-European, factually they are nationalist and antirous-like, want their own way and gives themselves critical to the oligarch, although the militias are usually financed by just this: "We are socialist, nationalist and radical." One wants to make a revolution. Whether that really faded the European and American supports?

Azow makes it clear that there is no money for those interested, you have little money. Therefore, you will find it good if so much military equipment is brought along as possible. Interested parties are one of the applicants who want to fight, but one must sometimes somehow come to Kiev "green light" to get. Although the militia is subject to the Ministry of the Interior, but one acts Klandestin. Upon arrival, the recruits receive telephone numbers, an email address and the name of a contact person of the Social National Assembly, the political arm of militia. If you have no military experience, you do not need to apply. the end "political reasons" If you only want recruits from Europe, obviously to maintain the pro-European glow towards the alleged Prorussian separatists. Offered adventures:

You will only experience war, adventure, perhaps the death or serious injury, but certainly rough memories and friends for life.

In the series of unchecked events, u.a. Death wearers of the Maidan, arsonist in Odessa, responsible for the launch of MH17, come the dead, who were found in Municipal, 60 km east of Donetsk. Exhumed women are after the separatists "raped, tortured, tied and shot" has been. The separatists accuse the national guard or other militias. It was supposedly found another mass grave of Donetsk from Separatists. At the declaration you do not seem to be interested in the west, the boses are fixed.

Hopefully a vote that the right-wing extremists and National Socialists probably have little chance of elections. After a survey in early September, which did not take place in the Crimea and not in Donbass, the block of Poroschneko with 31 percent was most votes. But then the radical party came with 12 percent and the rights wanted by US favorite Jazenjuk "Folk front" with 8 percent. Swoboda or the right sector obviously does not arrive in people.

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