Us government allegedly continues to work on delivery request for assange

After diplomatic depits, the Australian Government seems to have nothing in principle against a delivery to the US, Australian diplomats ame that in the USA, a Grand Jury for the Wikileaks case has already been set up

For weeks, Wikileaks-Mitbegrunder Julian Assange is already in the small Embassy Ecuadors in London. In the ten-room Buro he inhabits a small, allegedly windowless room, in which a bed, a telephone and a home trainer were put. There was a shower, there is also a small kitchen. And, of course, Assange also has an internet connection, but it was obedited to be boring because for Assange every step out of the embassy on British territory was arrested, arrested and to be deported to Sweden to a survey deported. Only then will a charge be charged.

Whether assange on Sunday, as well known, actually step in front of the message and will give an explanation, was allowed to be questionable. The British Foreign Minister Hague had already made a unmistakable that Assange was not a free escort and he was arrested. The British police already inspect the message with hot picture cameras so that Assange can not be smuggled out of the embassy. To expect goods that assange could not be extended forever as a prisoner in the embassy and but once troubled or allowed to arrest resigned. On the other hand, the message should not be turmoil, Hague had explained.

As you know, Assange, who is politically pursuing for Ecuador, is afraid of being deported from Sweden to the US from Sweden. It is negotiated with a commitment and Sweden on a commitment to shut down the Australian in no third country and by no means in the US, but do not want to do both governments. The Swedish swed minister, however, was ared that Sweden could not exhaust anyone in a country in which this is the death penalty. This is a matter of courts that are independent in Sweden, that’s what. Therefore, you have no teachings from Ecuador. Assange was questioned only because of the allegation of sexual emergency in Sweden.

The US has not yet applied for delivery to Sweden. However, it is known that a lawsuit against assange is to be built, which is to be for consporation. And assange was allowed to be right despite the alleged independence of the Swedish courts, that he could still be deported directly or indirectly to the USA. Although the Australian government always ares that she wants to use Assange like any other burger and consular assistance to him, according to the Australian Auister Minister Carr, Assange was rejected.

The Australian newspaper The Saturday Age, however, has gaining insight into diplomatic cables, which are intended to prove that the US government seeks to continue this and the Australian headquarters Julia Gillard and Aufemister Carr in principle could not be promoted a potential delivery to the USA. The Embassy in Washington is how the government allowed to come from, a possible delivery too concretely. But this is not unusual, tried trade minister Emerson. The Embassy only make your job and already look forward to the possibility of deportation. But he has not received no indication that the US government had made a delivery request. However, the Australian ambassador in the US has already asked the US government for a warning, should this be done.

According to the depices, Australian diplomats ame that probably already a Grand Jury had been convened to treat the Wikileaks case. The charges against Assange Konne U.a. on espionage, consporation, illegal access to secret information and computer fraud. The diplomats ame that the indictment will avoid everything that could complain about a conflict with freedom of expression in the first additional article for the purpose. However, the depices have been reinvested in advance according to the newspaper, as well as the answers of the US diplomat, including the documents to the proceedings against Bradley Manning, were not further given because this could bother international relations. Embassy attorney have persecuted all fictions of manning, the Australian diplomats go from many connections between manning and wikileaks, which could run out of a conspiracy.

Australia has not yet been directly involved in the conflict between Ecuador, Great Britain and Sweden. If one likes to speculate, but Sweden assange was able to postpone Australia, during which the Australian government could reach the USA. It is hard to ame that Sweden was passed on to the Australian directly to the US – not because of the summoned independence of the judiciary, but because the process could produce rough negative attention. The fact that Sweden has already collaborated secret and understood of their own legal system and human rights with the US and has made the hands dirty, at least shows the case of Ahmed Agiza and Muhammed Al Kery, which was revealed by Swedish media (Sweden and the CIA- Practice of the disguise of alleged "Terrorist" In Tortallander). The two men were arrested in Sweden in December 2001 in Sweden on the open strain and to give directly masked US intelligence tagents on the Stockholm Airport without charge. With one of the camouflaged CIA aircraft, with which the US government, tolerated or with active help of "Allies", The global defenses and imprisonments in secret queuges exported, the men were brought to Egypt to the still-USA friend Mubarak and tortured there. That assange of the Swedish government is suspicious of opposite, should therefore not be surprising.

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