Update: massandrang at a virtual tomb

On the remembrance website of the Chinese pilot, who died in the group with the US Department Airplane, patriotism is cultivated

The Chinese pilot Wang Wei, the on 1. April because of the summary of his jets with the American declaration airplane, and has been lost since then, was officially explained by the Chinese militar to the Marytrer and otherwise posthumously excellent. The people can also visit their virtual grave on a website to lay flow flowers (pictures) with short texts, to dedicate the dead songs or smoker tap to the dead or usually less co-thinking thoughts against the American imperialists.

Apparently, the operators of the memorial sites or even the Chinese government by global reporting is too much hustle-off, probably too much free community and confrontation between Western and Chinese internet users. The gastebook was already on the net, then it was, after notifications of telepolis readers for a while again online, until it disappeared. Meanwhile – shortly after midnight – the whole virtual memorande is no longer accessible, not in the Chinese version. Lapidar is called: "The Memorial Hasn’t Been Open to Public!", But what was probably a misunderstanding when you put a page in the net. Interesting is also not to find any kind of caution. There is only one link back to the homepage, but on which you will not be smarter.

(Meanwhile, it was 10 o’clock in the morning, the site made accessible again …To)

But you read in China Daily from 19.4., that the deceased hero has learned another honor. He gave the highest medal from the Chinese youth associations: "because of its above exceptional services in the fight for the preservation of the sovereignty of the country and the national." Wang was already the "Good son of the people of Huzhou", His hometown. And even in the official China Daily, it is clearly the Chinese version of the event necessary for nobility of a hero: "On The Morning Of April 1, A US EP-3 Military Reconnaissance Plane Flew Close to China’s Airspace And Territorial Waters Southeast Of Hainan Island To Conduct Reconnaissance. Wang, a Lieutenant Commander Who What on Duty That Day, Flew His Fighter Jet Under Orders to Follow and Monitor the US Plane. The US tarp, in Violation of Aviation Rules, Bumped Into and Destroyed Wang’s Plane, Causing Him to Eject from the Plane. The Navy and Civilian Made to All-out Effort to Look for Wang, But It What In Vain. Wang Died A Hero’s Death."

But the state news agency Xinuah, also today reports that four illegal internet cafes were closed in the North Chinese port city of Tianjin. 30 computers were confiscated in the first action of this kind in the city. What did the policemen found: pornography, but also information about the Falun Gong sect. Teenagers under the age of 18 are only during the holidays or on weekends between 8am and 9 o’clock in the evening in Internet cafes. In the raids on Wednesday, however, you have discovered that the cafes had been at 3am aftermath full of teens. Two girls, so it is scattered, had admitted that they were 17 years old. As a buried for the whole thing is caught: "The addiction after surfing the internet, especially in teenagers has become an increasingly serious problem in China. Information that deals with pornography, violence, greens and superstition would danger to the psychic health of young people and social stability."

And that’s exactly where the circle could handle the virtual tomb of the folk hero, because in addition to the patriotic sustains, critics were also worded – and many people from the West also gave their comments. And that could danger to young people and social stability.

On Sunday, the virtual grave was supposedly "Along online Trausersite" Net.COM Open. Since then, tens of thousands of people have come to prove to the pilot’s last honor. In times of the internet you do not have to travel to a place and stand there, but can do this quickly. Instead of the queue of the mourners, however, less spectacular click rates can be recorded.

The government comes the "Revolutionary Martyr" Of course, match, which is now offered to the people as a role model for the intrepid occurrence against the Archfinde USA. Prasident Jiang Zemin honored Wang as "Protector of the seas and the air", State television overbot in poetic patriotism and spoke of his life "as a sublime triumph of patriotism and revolutionary heroism" has realized.

The Americans have presented video material that shows that Chinese pilots often flew very close to the declaration airplane. In Washington Wang was accordingly as "cowboy" or "hot dog" designated that his death caused by daredness himself. However, the Martyr succeeded in playing the Chinese’s high-tech declaration airplane through his action to play the emergency land. Allegedly, all devices and data were destroyed before Chinese soldiers entered the interior of the aircraft. Although the crew could now return to the United States, but the incident has brought the tension between China and the US to crackle.

No wonder that the written exercises on the virtual grave is less grief than politics. The forum and the host book are currently currently "in the interim" closed, but otherwise you can make a good impression on the mood of the nation. So a Chinese wrote that she will sacrifice her life when the fatherland is threatened: "We are not indians!" That will be pleased by the Chinese government. Wang is considered "Hero against capitalism". Billions had to start against the American planes. Be praised "Courage against the rich of the boses". Golly and Bos like Americans had brought the Chinese plane to crash: " Kill the Yankees – Dont ASK, Dont Ponder."

Occasionally you will find other voices. Thus, one thing means, of course, whether Americans or Chinese – that the Chinese Luftwaffe will continue their pilots to more caution in the future, so that there are not more expensive aircraft destroyed. An American writes that the Chinese should not be so stupid to believe that someone had to crash the plane. However, on the website, however, it clearly means that Wang’s aircraft had been rammed by the Americans, but the pilot could not only become popular heroes, but also one "glorious death" die.

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