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The French plainting want to swallow all means to force Yahoo to acknowledge national law through access filters

The dispute over the state of national jurisdiction on the Internet between Yahoo.com and the plague from France gone to the next round. Yahoo was convicted of a French court to the 20th. February 2001 auction sites with Nazi memory, but also all other pages with Nazi content banned in France to block for French surfers (the French Yahoo judgment applies to all Nazi content).

Yahoo has now once moved to an American court to find out of this whether the company can be based in California overnight French law (Yahoo moves to an American court). The French Ligue Contrue Lika (Ligue Contrue La Racisme et l’antiSemitism) and UEJF (Union of the Etudiant Juifs de France) does not seem to impress this. You want, no matter what outcome the court comes through the thing to the end.

For Marc Levy, lawyer of Licra, is the course before the American court only a distraction. The American court can not prevent the judgment of the French court enters into force. In any case, Yahoo, it should not implement the blocking that will pay for punishment. The amount of 100,000 francs per day can be concluded from the French representation of Yahoo.

Although Christoph Pecnard contradicts, the defender of Yahoo, because you can not automatically draw Yahoo France for a verdict for a verdict that at the parent company Yahoo.COM was passed. That had the judge, so pecnard, must be clear in his judgment. In addition, it is also important to turn against the verdict, which was demanded by other countries, to recognize national law, rather than applying the jurisdiction that is valid for the country in which the accused is located. Greg Wrenn, Legal Adviser of Yahoo, says that the case does not turn to content in France: "The problem with the judgment of the judge in France is that there is no limits to regulate content in the USA for Frances."

In any case, Levy makes it clear that you will not make a jacking one, especially since the first addition to the American catches, on which Yahoo calls for France, just not. Marc Knobel, spokesman for UEJF, discovered that it is not about to prevent access to the situated pages of American soil, and condemns the procedure of Yahoo as "Highest demagogy and arrogance". The walk before an American court is opposedly opposed because Yahoo now wanted by an American court that it is the judgment of the French court against an American company, because it does not have its headquarters in his field of life: "They seem to think that they can not be unavailable that there is no morality. I can not accept that. We will go through that to the end. We will get you with every step, also through the American legal system. The fact that this case takes place in California makes us nothing – and impresses us either."

The French plainting also want to draw the court in the USA. Allegedly, in Franrereich, more organizations with the plaintiffs want to hinder Yahoo from being able to show the Nazi memory and offer French Burgers and offer them for sale.

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