Ukrainians from donbass region are supposed to go to russia

Ukrainians from Donbass region are supposed to go to Russia

Strabens scene in Lugansk: The inhabitants of the "Folk republics" Should confess to Ukraine or leave the country. Image: Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, CC-by 2.0

Prasident Selenski calls for Prorussian residents to leave the country. Telepolis presents central statements of an interview, which is not reported in the West

The Ukrainian Prasident Wolodymyr Selenski has part of the castors of the eastern Donbass region in his first interview for the new Ukrainian television channel "Cathedral" (House) prompted for the conservation to Russia. The TV channel was created to the people in the supposedly of Russia "temporarily occupied areas", Tie closer to Ukraine.

The 45-minute Russian-speaking interview provoked with oppositional Ukrainians and Russians Emport, because the Ukrainian Prasident refers to the Burger of Ukraine in the interview, "The Russia love", as "Guests", that as soon as possible "Nursing to Russia".

The Russian music producer Maxim FadeJew, who comes from a Judisch family, fell reminiscent of the words of Selenski to the Nazi Propagandaminister Joseph Goebbels.

The propaganda boss of Hitler dictatorship has in his article The Jew In 1929 the opinion represented, the Jews could "Not a say in German questions". Who is the Judaism injune "Alternative, Volkfremder, who only tieved Gastrecht among us".

If you give the word "Jew" with "Russian" Exchanges, so FadeJew, get a quote from the interview with Selenski.

The Ukrainian Prasident gave his interview in a studio of the television channel "Cathedral" in the city of Kramatorsk, directly on the border to "People’s Republic of Donetsk". The TV channel rounded in Marz 2020 sends its own information about the clock in Russian.

His task sees the transmitter "Cathedral" in this, "The burgers of temporarily occupied areas to culture, the political and social life of Ukraine influences".

In 2020, the channel had a state-funded budget of converted eight million euros. Director of the TV channel is Julia Ostrowskaya, which previously the production of the comedian collective "Kwartal 95" led in which Selenski career made.

The TV channel "Cathedral" If similarities with the 1946 founded in 1946 in the American sector of Berlin radio station Rias Berlin and the Deutschlandfunk, which had the task in the Cold War, "Brother and heaviness" In the GDR on the "right" to bring West German way.

This comparison seems farailed? Selenski himself has explained in the interview that "occupation" The Donbass ends, as the fall of the Berlin Wall:

The Donbass never becomes Russian territory. Really never. No matter how long the area is occupied. That’s like with the wall in Germany. In any case, people and history will use a moment and breaks the wall.

The interview of Selenski with the significant words to the Burgern in Ukraine, "The Russia love", did not happen. On 12. July, Vladimir Putin published an essay in which he told Russians, Belarussen and Ukrainians "a people" clarified.

Selenski interview does not matter in Western media

Putin once again laid its position on the ratio of Russians and Ukrainern, apparently not only to hold the fufer of the Western states from another East expansion of NATO, but also to the people of Ukraine, which is a good ratio with Experienced Russia to support morally.

But let’s look at exactly what Selenski said. To avoid misunderstandings, I have translated the particularly controversial statements in the interview into German. This is necessary because German media has not reported on the selenzki interview so far.

Not even the Ukrainian prasidial administration has previously published a transcription of the interview in English.

Apparently one wants to hide the sharp tone, the selenium ski in the interview against Prorussian burgers, hide in front of a broader public in Western Europe.

The interview starts harmless. The particularly explosive statements come only from the minute 41:10. At the beginning, Selenski recalls his last visit to Donetsk on 15. April 2014.

At that time he stepped with his comedian-collective "Kwartal 95" in the center of Donetsk in the new, built to the Fubball Europe Championship 2012 Fubball Stadium, the "Donbass Arena", on. The hall was full and the mood was good.

But the Ukrainian prasident, which was chosen in Marz 2019 by the Ukrainians because of his peace promise, continues to pay for himself in April 2014 in Donetsk "unwell" fed.

He seems to remember the political conditions at that time only Nebulos. He only tangled that in Donetsk "something happens". Had activists in Donetsk "Get money for demonstrations and strikes", claims Selenski. "They probably did not know that it ends with an occupation".

The Ukrainian Prasident welds in the interview that the Ukrainian transition project Alexander Turtschinow already on the 14th. April troops for the detrigation of independence movements in Donetsk and Lugansk had sent on the way.

With the word "occupation" is meant that Russia has allegedly occupied part of the industrial area Donbass in 2014. I do not want to deny that Russian volunteers in the troops of the "Folk republics" battle

The fact is that Russia has paid a lot of money on pensions, social benefits and humanitize help in the People’s Republics since 2015.

But documents for the claim that Russian troops had occupied Donbass occupied, Ukraine has not been presented until today. There were no name Russian commanders who allegedly enter the orders in Donetsk and Lugansk. And there are no photos or videos of Russian troops or militarizer in Donbass

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