Ukrainekonflikflik: german economy alerted

"We can not come there that companies have to apologize because they managed to do with Russia"

During the US and EU with sanctions threaten and the US Foreign Ministry of Putin in one "Factsheet" ten false allegations, with which he with which he "Russian aggression in Ukraine" justify, politicians that can access a more long and richer experience with Russia, empathic and wise. Thus, in the 1970s, Henry Kissinger, certainly not a pacifist, clarifies the US politics, which borders they have to note, for example, to see the peculiarity of Ukraine for Russia; You just see as a Russian territory, he stops false for politically.

In French media, the former Gorbachev consultant Andrej Grossev is taking the task of pointing to the peculiarity of Ukraine for Russia and that the durs of an aggressive climate the wrong signal goods. Incidentally, the Gorbachev said in Germany, the importance of Ukraine for Russia (according to an alter mirror article he held the Ukrainian "region" For a part of Russia. Gratschevlled for diplomacy, promotes a coarse understanding of the other side.

That confrontation policy is not particularly smart, also confirm German economic representatives, mainly from the auto industry and mechanical and plant engineering. Around 300.000 Workplaces Hangen on the Russian business, the East Committee of the German economy, which alerts it shows that the disputes on Ukraine drove to a sanctioning spiral. According to the Ep Committee 6.200 companies with German participation in Russia Tatig.

Of 20 billion euros in direct investment in Russian production sites, Eric Schweitzer, the Prasident of the German Industrial and Divities Day (DIHK) warns before a possible economic slump, if the conflict is not solved by splendor. He is grossing about the effects on workplaces:

Ukraine and in particular Russia have a fairly gross importance for the German economy. We export to Ukraine products for 5.5 billion euros. Thus, we have eight percent share of their imports. Our export to Russia reaches 36 billion euros – that is shortly shortly as much as we deliver to China.

Although China is also known to be the market for the automotive industry, focusing on which the well-known sales hops; But the Russian market has recently gained importance. For example, FAZ quotes the VW chairman Martin Winterkorn with Russia for his company’s strategic growth market number one in Europe. In 2020, Russia was able to be the most important car market in Europe, is predicted by the Opel Chef Karl-Thomas Neumann. Already the land of the third-grave market for his company.

The association of the German machine and plant builders (VDMA) today shared the comments of his liaison Burus in Moscow, according to which sanctions against Russia do little effect on the conflict resolution in the case of Ukraine, but had uncomfortable consequences. Russia is the fourth most important sales market worldwide.

In 2013, machines and installations were sold for around 7.8 billion euros to Russia. First of all construction and building materials (10.1 percent), agricultural engineering (7.2 percent), demanding (7.2 percent), general air technology (6.9 percent), machine tools (6.6 percent), and food and food Packaging machines (6.3 percent). Germany is clear from China, Italy and the USA to the imports of machines to Russia.

Ulrich Ackermann

Siemens, which currently has rough difficulties on the Brazilian market, plans with billions-heavy projects in Russia.

German trade in Russia, where gross handlers like Metro hope for billions of revenues, is already in breaths anyway, so the East Committee. Both imports from Russia, last year 40.4 billion euros, as well as exports to Russia – 36 billion euros last year, have fallen by funf percent loud numbers of the above. This was further worsened with sanctions.

The East Committee will not just become a problem with visa taxes and raw materials, a newly lived mistrust between business partners, but also one "tremendous image problem": "We can not come there that companies have to apologize because they managed to do with Russia", If OA business is quoted Rainer Lindner.

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