Turning point for human rights and the volkerrecht?

The International Criminal Court ies arrest warrant for the Sudanese Prasiden Al-Bashir and thus requires an exemplary state of state

For the first time, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has an arrest warrant, which it has existed since 2002 (starting signal for the International Criminal Court), ied against an exemplary state of state. "Omar al-bashir official function as an exalted head of state is neither his responsibility for crimes, nor does it give immunity towards law enforcement through the ICC", In the burial, it is called for the courageous decision. It sets a fanal, which exports another, important step towards enforcing human rights and international law, the danger is also high that the ICC proves as a paper tiger.

The Sudanese Prasident Omar Al-Bashir are accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity – to accuse him of the Volkermord, but you did not want. He is made responsible for attacks against civil avenue in Darfur. People were killed, executed, raped, tortured and distributed. Since the beginning of the attacks, 300 should.000 people in Darfur have been killed. Nearly 3 million people were sold or fled. 35.000 people were told directly by the political strategy of the Sudanese government.

The judges ask for all members of the Rome Staff Regulations and all members of the UN Security Council to cooperate in the arresting and transfer of the prasident. Likewise, the Sudanese government is invited to cooperate. If the government continues to cooperate despite UN resolutions with the ICC, it will become the Security Council. All states and organizations, even if they have not signed the ROM Statute, are invited by UN Resolution 1593 to cooperate with the ICC.

The Criminal Court can not enforce his orders themselves. However, Member States of the Rome Staff forth were obliged to establish the searched when he relates to their territory (108 states have ratified the ROM Statute). To arrest the prasident in his country if this does not cooperate, is practically impossible. However, the UN Security Council could reduce sanctions. China as a narrow trading partner of Sudan, but is not playing out of its own interest, Russia not, where you already have one of one "Dangerous precedence" spoke.

Even the Arab and African governments, often not democratically legitimated, will hardly support the arrest warrant. Jean Ping, Chairman of the African Union, said Music to pursue criminals, but peace and justice should not collide. In addition, he threw the Criminal Court only to address Africa, but not to look what happened in Iraq, Gaza, Colombia or Caucasus. After all, 30 African states are signatory of the ROM Staff Regulations and thus obliged to arrest and deliver Sudan’s prasides. The Arab states are all assisted by the Criminal Court.

It will be interesting how the US government behaves. The Bush Government (US government draws signature under the statute of Rome Back) has actively attempted to prevent the formation of the Criminal Court and set other states under prere to boycott him, because it would be afraid, possibly self-contained. The US prasident could even proceed according to a law of violence against the ICC (US burger and Allies should also be protected by violence prior to accessing the International Court of Justice).

The Narrow-Offship spokesman called all the parties in Sudan to access food and explained, one will continue to strong the peace process. When asked if the USA al-baskhir was arrested if he was to enter US territory, he refused an answer because that was theoretically. If Al-Bashit became the main squet of the United Nations, that’s a legal case anyway. He also refused a direct answer to the question of whether the US government has the decision of the Criminal Court. Likewise, he wanted to answer whether the US government will cooperate with the Criminal Court.

Sudan naturally rejected the arrest warrant "Neocolonialistic attitude" witness. Al-Bashir made fun of him and seized the opportunity to show international aid organizations from the country before. That was allowed to further complicate the situation of people in Darfur. UN General Secretar Ban Ki-Moon explained that the United Nations continued its peace and aid missions.

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