Trump wants to increase the defense budget massively by 10 percent

Trump wants to increase the defense budget massively by 10 percent

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This is a commitment to the wet trust against China and Russia, which will also significantly under prere the incurred NATO states will spend significantly more for rusting

One of Donald Trump’s election promises was a massive increase in militar expenses. The militar should be strong again to make America strong. This is apparently transforming this quickly quickly with a historical increase and put a sign corresponding to his first state-of-the -union speech before the congress, because the congress he needs to the planned conversion of the household in favor of the Pentagon. For this he has to leave the previously plowed strategy, to govern a decree.

This contributes Trump to some of its coarse adversaries at the Transatlantic Republicans such as the Senator John McCain, even if the still a few billions are more for the Pentagon. The hawks among the democratic deputies will have a crace to swallow.

In the election campaign he had promised that for the Army 60.000 Additional soldiers should be set, over this there should be more ships, more combat aircraft, a better missile defense system, a development of cyberware capacities and cyber defense. From 80 billion he had spoken then, that has already become a little less. However, it is allowed to ame that the increase in defense expenditure, how high they are always, may also be allowed to baffle for the short NATO countries. Who does not increase significantly the militar expenses, could be massively pressed by the US.

Anyone who amed that Trump was a Lakai of Putin, because he allegedly helped him at the Prassidal election, has always been wrong. Ancrysting to Moscow, who wanted to try Trump, always went back to the Superpower USA, which, in addition to the world’s most powerful militar, also the expansion of nuclear weapons. It was quite clear that with Trump’s wet trusts started under Bush and Obama will continue to grow, whether it comes to agreements with Russia to Syria or Ukraine.

Trump wants to increase the defense budget of 54 billion US dollars, adopting a tenth of the current defense budget. The money should not be provided by higher debt or higher taxes, but by shortness in virtually all other ministries of "lesser priority". One will have to wait if the intelligence services must have to be feder, what Trump had already threatened, who is in feud with these. However, it is said like an employee of the Office of Management and Budget said that all those who do not have to do with national security must have feathers.

Environmental documents and development aid in the visor

So it could be that the intelligence agencies and the home protection farmers, expressly the border protection should be initiated, no shortnesses must be made. The classic neo-liberal idea of the minimum state always includes that internal and exercise security must ultimately be ensured for the protection of ownership transfers, ie economic liberalism with a strong state. This seems to be the motto for Trump, while at the same time, by wall construction and protectionism, he wants to protect the American economy in front of the free market beyond the boundaries.

The New York Times wants to learn that it was mainly the environmental and the Ministry of Dome, mainly Will Trump, apparently, wants to drastically reduce development aid. He has always been relatively high as a kind of compensation for military interventions and geostrategic interests relatively high. Now the rest of the world should step in after the US have been so crude. Responsible for the shortnesses the OMB director Mick Mulvaney, the director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn and, you could already think of it, be chief strategist Stephen Bannon, who had just announced that one start now, the state or. to reduce the administrative apparatus.

In order to increase the defense budget, Trump has to exclude what he was scheduled to exclude the defense budget of the Sequest (Sequester), which the Republicans had prevailed in 2011 against Obama, or raise the debt cover. Trump already pulls all registries to request support. His budgetary proposals were aimed at implementing his promise, "America to protect the terrorists drabs to keep the criminal drabs and to bring violence behind grid or shut off our country". However, Trump had also explored to invest massively in improving the infrastructure. Where the money should come from, if the state should continue to shrink except for safety, is still the secret of the real estate mogule, who knows well with debt.

It is rumored that it could come across the household to a Clash with Paul Ryan, the powerful speaker of the Reprused Antenna House. Trump does not want to touch the expenditure for social security and Medicare for the time being, even if development aid, poverty projects, education and science should bleed. Ryan came about the Tea Party movement to the rudder, which used for radical shorts. He had visibly made a good expression to the Bosen game at the official participation ceremony and could actually see the chance to make his direction strong.

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