Trump prepares a stone solution?

Does Trump prepare a stone solution?

US Consulate General in Jerusalem. Photo: Magister / CC BY-SA 3.0

Soon the Fairy house wants to introduce the peace plan for the Israeli-palastic conflict

It should be a plan that has something to offer to all, so US-Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is currently traveling a lot in the Middle East. Together with Jason Green Leaf, ex-lawyer Trumps and now Middle East subhars, he should convince governments and foreign diplomats from the a happy embassy: the plan, with which Trump wants to end the conflict between Israel and the Palasticians for many decades, be the "Deal of the century".

The special feature: Even if the plan is now finished according to Fox News, and CNN reports, the publication is now scheduled for FURS Fruh Year, has the complete content outside the woman’s house hardly to see someone.

It is believed that Israel’s heads of government Benjamin Netanyahu already throw a look into the document, introduce suggestions; Whether it’s true, let’s say, of course, but for peace planes alone is already the suspicion today that those who have worked out to take pages.

The Few house has done a lot since Trump’s attraction, to create the impression in the region that it is trump and his team especially to make Israel’s rights of themselves: First you had David M. Friedman appointed US Ambassador to Tel Aviv; Friedman is not only a former Trump lawyer, but also cares very close relations with ultra-right settler groups, for which he also collected several million US donents in the past.

As a next time, Trump refused to store the committee for the US prasident until then convention to two-state solution; Instead, he loved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May last year, thus recognizing de facto Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Shortly explained: According to the annexation of East Jerusalem by Israel in 1980, many Israeli settlements and Arab Dorfer to Jerusalem were also incorporated to Jerusalem, the urban area largely enlarged. In addition, the representation of the Palastinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in Washington deprived the diplomatic status.

Dramatic step against palastic

But the most drastical step was to go at the beginning of the week: the US representation in East Jerusalem was made by the Consulate General "Department of Palastinian Affairs" downgraded. Since signing the Osloer tolerated in the mid-1990s, the Consulate General had been a de facto embassy in the palastic autonomous areas; General Consults fulfilled the function of ambassadors at the Palastian government; A carefully analyzed system that was designed to maintain close relationships with both sides.

If you want to make the ale policies more efficiently, it is called an opinion of the US Department of the US, but the Palastic government is angry, sees the last slip in the step that it is at Trumps "Deal of the century" not at all about a fair peace, but about the enforcement of a stone solution goes.

And they also render that Arab states could dust prere to accept such a plan. Because especially Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are now pretty competitive to Israel; The Palastina question is rather as a storm.

Even at the meeting of the Arab League, the Israeli-Palastinian conflict is now usually far below on the agenda. In addition to Iran, the fight against the Islamic state, the economic future of a region in which one is in many places of the OL depending on the occurrence, is usually no place for the concerns of the 83-year Palastic Prospective Mahmoud Abbas.

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