Tktok: us government wants to tilt injunction due to download stop

TKTOK: US government wants to tilt injunction due to download stop

The US government wants to tilt a court decision, which blocked her action against the popular video app Tiktok. As evidenced by court documents, she appealed to the interim injunction on Thursday, with which the planned download stop was exposed to the Tikok app in the US at the end of September.

Complete-out not from the table

At the same time, however, the countdown for Toktok continues to continue: the court in Washington had rejected the company’s request, also against the 12. November threatening complete-out for the app in the US.

Download stop should Tiktok from the American App Stores of Apple and Google disappear. Users who have the app already on their smartphones have been able to access Tiktok as before. You had the app then can not be downloaded again. The judge in Washington doubted the legal basis for the procedure of the US government and therefore gave the request of Tiktok to interim injunction. With the appeal, the US government tries again to enforce the download stop in the USA.

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