This was on terror in psychiatry?

The positions of prosecution and defense in the Breivik process are politically explosive

If an act for the tader, the witnesses, for court, prosecutor, and even the publicity of the first moment is inaccurate – this was and has never been 9/11 -, the documentation comes the crucial importance to the bensioning of the punishment and the calculation of his Praventive effect too. In the process against different Breivik, probably the most successful terrorists of the Western world, political philosophical topics are discussed, which never found their openness in this form on the podium of a courtroom. The positions of indictment and defense in Oslo are Brisant, while in Germany has so far been perceived as a piercing note.

Breivik – is he a political tatter?

The Taffe Stationwound Inga Bejer Evh drift Breivik with the proof in the narrow that his alleged network does not exist. He is an individual. Breivik, who wants to know his act as a political act gathered, felt this proof as a convenient. He hoped his deed alone is not subject to himself as individual because of the fundamentation, but as part of an international cultural struggle, which in turn opened the chance to lure up the front of the screens of their nursery on the front of the screens of their nursery to the front of the temple knights. A "Command otherwise Breivik" The goods probably the big political success, which Breivik could hoped from the ongoing discourse around his motives.

That the indictment of Breivik did not like to be treated as political attack and terrorists, but as a mental worshiped treated, is almost unthinkable for German or American conditions. There it is usually the defense that would like to escape the amooker as a psychiatric case of criminality.

Timothy MC Vaigh, the on 19. April 1995 in Oklahoma had serrated a 2,4-ton bomb, was sentenced to death and on the 11th. June 2001 executed by a poison injection. In the judgment of the judgment, the intellectual contribution of the duty defendant was in some, entertaining "Yes, sir!", which could probably serve as qualifying and reference to him in the art, state-financed processes.

Defense: acquittal due to self-defense

Geir Lippestad, the duty defender of Anders Breivik, said, according to National Public Radio (NPR), the political attitude represented by Breivik was widespread among right-wing extremists.

The 22. July was an inferno of violence, but we have to look at whether it went to force himself or to radical politics. It was aware that it is wrong to dead, but he decided to do it. The end justifies the means. You can not understand that if you do not understand the culture of the right-wing extremists.

Geir Lippestad

Since Breivik himself relies on a emergency right to resistance, his defense calls right-compliant – Breivik had himself as "not guilty" known – the acquittal for Breivik. A sensational reasoning in a world in which since 9/11 so-called "terrorism" with immediate liquidation and self-reliable without prosecutor, publicity and defense, without judicial reporters losing a line.

To judge Breivik’s motives, his journeyer are more detailed than his tackled manifesto. So Breivik writes in section October-November 2010 via his niece and his sister:

They Are Both Career Cynicisms and Only Really Care About Feeding Their Own Egos. I Understand That Mentality Though As I’ve Been There Myself. Still, Search Apathy is the root Cause of Both Us and Especially Western Europe’s Problem.

Anders Breivik

The altruistic moment emerges here in political terrorism also forms the psychosocial background for suicide mats.

The Islam-critical blogger Fjordman, pseudonym of Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen, from the Breivik a lot took over, called one "Eurabia code" As the main problem of Europe, a creeping islamization of Europe. That the coarse part of the immigrants from Islamic states immigrates from Anachronistic Islamization in their own country in the clarified atheism of France, Holland and Germany, Fjordman and his comrades never interested.

World politics between the lines

Both positions, ie the indictment like that of the defense, are in terms of Breivik’s teatboundation, namely the threat of Norway by Muslims, outside Brisant. The defense refers to Breivik’s position as a spare motif in right-wing extremism, so to speak as Common Sense of Islamophobia, which also the Zwickau Trio Drive.

However, since this position will be represented by several states and governments, on whose naming we can dispense here, the defense rightly says: the position of Breivik is by no means unusual. We denote them as "right-wing", But already the manifest of Breivik contained references from Broder to Sarrazin.

The Council on Foreign Relations still saw a growing risk of Islamic terrorism in the USA in September 2011.

The alleged threat of terrorism has also remained under Obama a main motive of US Aufspolitik. This motif consists completely independently of every statistical and political reality.

Islamophobia is a form of mental illness?

While the defense is the Islamophobia as a natural leitmotif of right-wing extremism at least as a political attitude, the prosecutor continues: the idea that Muslims could intersect Norway and make to an Islamic caliphate, is so unrealistic that one must diagnose her mental illness. Breivik’s Grundung is a psychopathology diagnosis diagnosis as a paranoid. The view falls on the definition of delusions:

In the delusion, the affected illicit false ideas deviating from the reality, respectively. where things in the environment are misinterpreted, a misalignment is attached to you. The delusions are so really that he stopped unauthorable, they do not check them on the reality of the reality and does not let otherwise correct.

Whether the previously mentioned governments are aware of what it was meant when Breivik’s tatomic basis of the diagnosis for the permanent introductory statement into closed psychiatry?

There are people, groups and unfortunately also states, for which the idea is outrageous, there are any quite auer of their own, subjective law of the stronger. We liked aware of it, so to speak, so to speak, to avoid the names of these states.

For good reasons, these states themselves rejected a conventionally criminal international criminal court. At least in a Norwegian court, the strategists had to "Was on terror" namely, either by its own defense not as a peacekeeper of a democracy, but as a combat unit of international right-wing extremism, or will be explained alternatively by Inga Bejer Evh for guilt-related. The realitate content of the assertion of the existence of one of national conflicts "International terrorism" is not coarse than that of the thesis of an islamization of Europe.

Both diagnoses, right-wing extremism and delusion, do not offer good prospects for the continuation of War on Terror

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