The time of the boygroups is over

Internet Startups, Venture Capital Owner and Various Incubators are looking for the collapse of the .Com shares together with the online entrepreneurs for new success recipes

Nicolas J. Hall has made it easy. Some say, he is simply cynical. His website www.home.Com, this summer by an article in Wired Geeded, has nothing else to offer as the follow-up for all those who stumbled in the start-up hype and titled. The focus is on a fresh start, not about withdrawal: "The Place for Bouncing Back", that wants to be home. Hall is about teaching his young people the secrets of a continuing entrepreneurship Fortune: "Always Focus on How To Succeed", That’s the case with him.

And that seems easy to be. Aspirants who have driven their first company in the Silicon Valley in the Sand, can lever back in business lives with six basic rules:

  1. 1. Build Quality, Supportive Relationships
  2. 2. Create A Personal Time Line
  3. 3. Volunteer AS A Leader in Your Community
  4. 4. Maintain Health and Well-Being
  5. 5. Maintain Or Create A Diversity of Interests

"Reality is: Most start-ups Fail"

As if this is so easy. Even in winter, the corridor seemed no problem to the borse with a shaky business plan. The grateful actions were so much money struggled to bring his sheep into dry and then still tried to land the coarse hits.

Peter Becker, economic journalist and moderator of the incubator panel at the BerlinBeta 3.0, Does such naive world views call the internet slatkos. And their times are over. The capital market is only lovely, at the beginning of a success leadership. The monetary current seems to be over since the summer of 2000 on internet startups.

Incubation and VC

Exactly these upgrades have launched the legendary internet market until only. Garage companies like eBay, coarse agencies such as Kabel New Media and above all globally created supply chain systems like Amazon, their flaps have been sealed without the rapid marks on the borse. An entire industry is dedicated to the use of "Risk capital" in such market entries. And the can like Boo.COM just seething sky about.

So that the use of foreign funding does not resign to black or red, business planes are asked that the investors can convince. Another not unlessing help for future corporations and monopolists therefore so-called "Incubator" who should give the knowledge from the old economy into the new pumps and so jump. The rules of the new market, such as the conviction, just obey the ever old mechanics of supply and demand. And working in such control circuits should be released the professionals as soon as a business idea about the new media "market" has become.

Interesting insights

The already mentioned panel at the BerlinBeta 3.0 can be seen depending on the self-mortal basis of these service providers. The Earlybird Venture Capital GmbHCO.Kg. 1997) Managed 350 million DM (in funds) with 17 employees, which in turn are used in 37 companies. Businessman Sabine Bendiek Schw score on a precise study of business planes and on their ear on the market.

Venturepark, the offshoot of pixel park, also pays attention to partner in the selection of money, acting across Europe, especially in France, Italy, Spain and Germany. Philipp Freis sees this "End of the beginning". The internet goes in a new direction. This other generation of the network requires a consultation by partner with a lot of experience.

Here Ralf Lanzrath uses ECONA AG, which is still in June 1999 "Germany 1. incubator" call. Although the FROUH phase is risk-bearing, but it is the only chance to add value to the start-ups clean with experienced incubators. Especially marketing and human resources could be seen here as conditions. With its 30 employees, he has previously invested 30 million.

Joachim von RibsTrop from Red Onion sees itself as a consultant of the companies in the selection of VCS and incubators. So, if a start-up can raise confidence in foreign capital and advice and has a clear business plan – it seems – still outstanding opportunities for a boron and the construction of a business idea.

However, here is certainly the time of naivitat over. Preferred partners are employees from already putting start-ups, to whom you have more experience in dealing with these fast-developing lots. Such repeat entrepreneur, who can certainly come from the blacksmith of Hall and in one "bouncing back" Start a new beginning, are seen as secret trump card. Hardly full-year surfers as a mooring boy so have been exhausted.

The new motto: fail as success

Model should once again be the USA. Especially here the Silicon Alley in New York where there are 8500 internet startups in the nearby Time Squares. After the shakeout of the Borse, this is mainly about streamlining the own portfolio to the consolidation of the "Burn Through Rate" of its own capital. This is also bitterly desirable, because the VC deals go down in the value, but are often completed one behind the other. Of course only if the numbers are right.

The startup phase is over. Boygroups obedient past. Florian Peter by Cscout also reports the increased search for the Seasoned Veterans from the USA. Highly motivated young entrepreneurs do not help anymore. Especially since the companies are worthwhile and click Mortar partnership grabs. Rough companies rather buy companies than building their know-how in their own departments. So incubation A La Longue can also mean to operate Headhunting of entire companies.

The true gold of the start-ups is no longer the courage to the beginning. It is the uncrilled restart after the first disaster, the first breakdown. According to Jamie Mithel of E-Start, a Europe-wide incubator, is towards the mental talatat anchored in Europe, to see failure as a development of skills. "Failure AS Success" the new solution word is called. And ultimately, with a new start-up, at least the gross buy-out by a group can be totally. That this can only be a first-time round for the burst of the new business dream is clear. But the most expensive raw material of e-commerce age is clear on the maker side: experience.

And that generates through catastrophes faster than the most dedicated incubator. Or both fall together. BLOOMBERG has now predicted a crisis of advisor companies after the Internet company crisis.

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