The revolution still takes place?

At Next07 it should be about how Web 2.0 The "Displacement" changing

Last year bolt of the event "Next10years", Was the Jubilaum of the Hamburg digital agency SinnerSchrader and an accident. The explained agentposs Matthias Scholdder in the buried, because a small internal house congress was so much interested that one was "opened" would have. Atmosphere and echo were so good in the 2006 early year that one thought of a repetition (after the party is in front of the boom – or the hangover?To). So exciting was with Next07 to see how the good mood of 2006 and the showcase startups of last year (Spreadshirt, Qype, Sevenload, Plazes) had developed, which should be on new.

In any case, there was little new to learn. The first keynote of Norbert Bolz (TU Berlin) was that "Age of (good) call and recommendations" An (‘Age of Reputation and Recommendation’) and was at least a good introduction to the topic. Bolz promised lightly, the rest of the day will bring deeper insights. Already the second keynote of branded-senior Bernd Michael (Gray) brought the dynament: instead of the presentation of the new presentation of the new from the point of view of the experienced there was considered grassy grass and a praise of the "Blogs are Klowang"-Spruch of Jean-Remy from Matt. That could only be better.

"Future researcher" Willi Schroll (Z_Punkt) titled his lecture "Web 2.0 – When is the mass market?" It may now be that, as you once, in research the questions are sometimes more exciting than the answers. But then to let the answer go away, maybe not just fairly opposite the tense audience.

After all, Tobias Tross Lecture (Televised Revolution) About interactive television had something of a vision: without the viewer a lot of doing a lot, it is automatically generated by his interests made of television channel. After all, Through, the old sentence that television wise wise and stupid stupid do, then just right. Nice new world that is such a one "Glotophone 2.0" Has. Whether it should calm me down that with the software of its company the cost of operating a television station on one "Four-digit amount per month" I was sinking after a therapeutic three-hour session under Sprouting with the Night Program of 9Live again.

A PR consultant dedicated to conversation marketing said, at the dinner, asked about his judgment on the event: "I could finally work without permanently the phone rings." The event marketing consultant ared, in response, she had learned a lot on this day.

The positive? Like to be in between

As a traveler through the biased event circus between Barcamps and Re: Publica you met a lot of old faces and a whole series of new ones. Not a few fled the lecture space and went straight to the actual purpose of such meetings over: Networking or Vulgo: Business. Well, she also missed a lot.

The start of Shoppero.Com (in Slang: "User Generated Advertising" and "Monetalization of the Long Tail") In the lecture by NICO LUMMA – even if the 30 euros mentioned as a possible receipt sound so sound as if one could also ransom. Or the passionate performance of MR Sevenload: Ibrahim ‘Ibo’ Evsan, who does not understand his video platform as Halde for otherwise stolen videos, but as a place of creativity for talented video logger, which maybe may even live there. Or the pleasingly untidy lecture by DR. Rainer Flour (IBM), the blessed strategies his company in "virtual worlds" How Second Life and others persecuted, and ared that you do not believe that SL is already the three-dimensional last conclusion. Why you are prasent there? "IBM has missed innovations a few years ago and went almost on the basis of it. That should not happen again", Insured flour, which is responsible for the internal innovation advice.

The startups?

There were some new ones through the hall like Linklift, Amiando, Mymuesli, Sones, Mixxt, DaWanda and others. You will horn by you. And the old ones were still there: Sevenload and Spreadshirt are blessed with holdings and venture funds, Spreadshirt has used this to a shopping tour at shopping portals and a French competitor. With Qype, the servers and you are tinkering at meetings of the Qype reviewers.

During the Terrace of the Kaispeich B in the HafenCity of Hamburg, a few investors about meaningful corporate constructs discuss and one or the other Venturekapitalist in search of people who liked his money, with a searching look through the masses, is one of the most significant Scenes of the day. An imposed session planned as a graduation session about the question of whether the customer has the brand or the brand to control the customer, and at the "Three against three" are placed, leading to the dagstob: only Martin Oetting (Trnd) is faithful and firmly believed to believe in the customer, during the rest of the revolutionary Garden of the relationship marketing market on the brand workforters. Moderator Mark Pohlmann was preferred to help him as moderate…

On the other hand, SinnerSchrader and the Event team around Martin Reck and Mark Pohlmann apparently made everything right: one is too much about the business, the other too little. All feel enough with drinks, happchen and WLAN and WLAN – and as the event laid open the elimination of the departure at the last year, he puts the gap between the small Gallic village full of visionars and the Romische Kingdom of the Conference of the Convulses in the Rundische Rich of the Convulses this year Perzed parallel worlds. Asked if you want to come back afterest time, so also most of the hands have

. After all, SinnerSchrader promised to Horens and think about the Next08. During the last year, the congress has danced, this time, this time, the fountain is prefers to rest and dedicates itself to the Asian Happchen – possibly in the awareness that perhaps the innovation will come, the need is doing. For, in order to cosmopolitan here in the IC from Hamburg to Stuttgart to quote the BerlStrommen Munchner Karl Valentin: "MOGEN we already want to do, but we did not dare thurfing."

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