The puzzled choice and the left perspective

The puzzled choice and the left perspective

Why moves in politics so little?

The philosopher Axel Honneth has in the Time briefly wrote an essay in which he reminds of how much corona has pushed the foundation of our social order.

A return to the previously lived normitat is therefore rational hardly burdenable for Honneth. The lack of the past inevitably arise. The force of the displacement but are strong. Allenthalbs have discussed intellectuals the pandemic. A different possible future after the crisis hardly spoke:

Completely unknown seems to be this intellectual of the idea that a social exhaustation of such scope, by putting the routines and practices of social coexisting, always requires to be inherent and prudent to consider whether after completion of the exceptional situation is no different , could continue better.

Axel Honneth

In the case of a Daniel Kehlmann or a Thea Dorn, there was always a yearning for the time before the pandemic. It never went about improvements. Never about a change in the conditions. The rough, all the topic determining theme was the restriction of freedom. The liberal soul was cranked. She is still today.

Now there is hardly anyone who does not miss the concerts, sociable evenings and restaurant visits. Such immediate longing for freedom is comprehensible. We all have our individual needs. So much is certain. Corona is not an individual affair. We are experienced to each other.

The pandemic is therefore also a social disease that drives us into isolation and relieves inexorably, how much society is a wovenness and needed solidarity. Only once we had taken the concept of system relevance seriously, instead of abusing him as a blob’s fig leaf of the burial sphare. Nobody clapped in the second wave.

No, there is no back. The rigid faith is a monstrous myopia. Because the way to the normality is the inevitable path forward, into an insecure future. It smells the problems of our time. And these problems have not gone to us in the Lockdown: the growing social inequality, the massive escape movements and their humanitarian catastrophes and finally climate change, against which there will be no vaccine.

Axel Honneth sees the demand in Corona to question our social order and look for new ways that can lead us to a better future. Why do we fail with these obvious challenges of the future?

Why moves in politics so little? It may be that the structures of our political debate, the way parties are working and election campaigns are no longer appropriate to the problems of time?

All on their positions. And then … Standstill

When Annalena Baerbock as a top candidate of the Grunen Festand, the Bavarian Landy Association of the Left Party tweeted a picture of politician. Against the background of your person was to read: "Grune nominate Vice Chancellor for Black Grun."

Who wants to prevent Schwarz-Grun, must not the great elections. So Dietmar Bartsch has brought to one of the universal formulas of the election campaign, which may not be missing in the political sentence kit of each party. The Union also finds good use for EB Dinties logic. This is how fun is warned against a threatening covenism of the grunes with the Left Party. All on their positions. There it is cozy. There is standstill in strained creativity of the election campaign.

Maybe this is exactly the right term to explain this standstill: couse. Coatness and identity. The golden formula of German politics. Everything is so unbearable.

The media stagings, rhetorical dislocations, all the dispute and the attacks on the political opponents can hardly be swept away that basically the same act is repeated. Increased excitement and concentration on the smallest differences. Each election campaign follows a pattern of the identity. Each party wants to stay with her brand core. May this also be as blurred as at the Union.

Something with conservative always pulls. In the end, there is still Friedrich Merz, the good old value union and the covers Frontmann Hans-Georg Maen. Grunen paint themselves with okologically degradable colors, while the FDP can play the mantra of the free market as at the push of a button. And the Left Party can spell Hartz IV waiting and ruckwarts. All occupy their positions on a field and act from their cozy corner the opponent. All this is very predictable and well managed.

It may have given times, because this agonism made sense. However, these times of absolute majorities are over. The political field has become unauthorized. No party can make a government alone. Nevertheless, the election campaign continues to be a simulation of this possibility. If it fits in the strategic stuff, the ghost of potential coalitions is coming up.

But it seems to be a political virtue, but not to set itself on an option. Surely, some political constellations can be found out. But even those parties, who actually close in their basic orientation, evaporate themselves. There are no partners. And exactly at this point is the matter.

Builds bearings! Forms bands!

Fridays for Future MOGEN may not represent a political position in the classic sense. But they lay the cards on the table. They show what the young generation expects. And they refer to scientific facts. The difference between the room of the facts and the political space from the hat will be gladly conjured up: From the naked numbers, political steps have been developed in a mothsamen process. Wolfram Eilenberger argued in a conversation with Luisa Neubauer in this direction:

We live in an extremely complex world in which every action has a variety of implications, and by no means only those who simply calculate themselves. One can not know which destabilizing factors it was meant for the political system when Mrs. Merkel was reapplace, for example, much of what is now called for,. And that makes the very practical business of politics too difficult.

Wolfram Eilenberger

Eilenberger is wrong and simultaneously lays the lambing mechanism of the present. The current action of politics follows a tautology: Politics is because politics is like this. The problem is that we are confronted with a situation in which we have to leave the well-known terrain political action.

Climate change will affect all political fields from social policy to fiscal policy. But everyone is doing as if there was something like climate policy that you can pack in a department and then managed little product. How Mr. Schauble with all the authority of its bigger experience "We have caughty problems already forced."

It was time to counter such a worldview another practical reason.

Instead of taking each other out of the race, the grunes, the SPD and the Left Party should come together before the election. You can do the dusty term for that "Warehouse" use. But basically it does not matter.

The parties of the left spectrum should outline a timetable and ie the following solution: if we win the choice if we win the majority together, then we have agreed on the following goals. ABC.

It was something like a preliminary contract to a coalition agreement. Instead of many good ideas distributed on multiple election programs, electants are given a real option. Past the time of the coalition.

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