“The painter has moved in the middle of the work of it”

Oriental way of life? Morocco goes his own way – and that looks different when there are prejudices

The picture of the German struggles around the world. He is neat, flammous and reliable, the German economy powerful, efficient and produces outlook qualitatous products. "This Mercedes is already over 30 years old and still drive. This can only come from Germany", Say a taxi driver in Turkey, Lebanon or Morocco.

Who in Beirut, Tangier or Istanbul can election in the electrical company between a German and Japanese product, always takes this "Made in Germany" top. Even if it is a little more expensive. To this international cliche of the flammous, qualitary-producing Alemanni also likes to believe the German itself.

Less on discussions about the own economy, but in comparison with the "underdeveloped countries". "Do not know how to work. They sleep all day, no wonder that they have nothing to eat", You can often horen, if you "Volkes voice" in pubs, to the Stammtische list. Prejudices that are not limited to the pop-up layer that stands on the social ladder below.

Alademic with double diploma

Even my German dentist, which one can not accuse a lack of education, tapped into the same waters. In Morocco he was reluctant to go to the dentist.

Although the Moge studied in France, but the hygienic conditions there are a bit different.

Not to mention the quality standards of the instruments and also the physician education, he says. "In Germany, all this is very different to compare overpare". A good example of how deep still the conviction of the technical superiority and manpower of Germany (and the West) is.

Apart from the fact that I am very satisfied with my Moroccan dentist and with all other doctors, the German colleague forgets that the academics, especially in many Arab countries, are double-trained. They study in the home country and complete a studies in European countries. With a double diploma, the young university outcomers hope for better opportunities in the labor market on which there are not a lot of jobs for all. Every year in Morocco, for example, 200.000 new workplaces created, but 300.000 are on job search. The unemployment rate is 11.6 percent after official information. In fact, she was allowed to be a few percent.

Gross logistical plan

Most unemployed are under 25 years. 43 percent of all workforce are employed in agriculture. The tourism industry, the second most important sector, had to accept rough eupbuben after the Iraq war and the terrorist attack in Casablanca. Only the textile industry increased about 5 percent.

14.2 percent of Moroccan population live under the poverty line. The illiterate rate is 43 percent. Corruption is still a widespread phenomena in Morocco. The country is at position 78 of the corruption index of "Transparency International" (TI). With China, Senegal, Sri Lanka and Surinam it only has "Alarming 3.5 points" get, as it is called in the report of TI.

Morocco differs only slightly from the other Maghrebstaen Algeria and Tunisia, where around one third of people are also under 15 years old. Especially the reverse problem that is known in the overalken societies of Europe. With a loan in a high level of 133 million euros, which the European Union is short, the general living conditions should now be improved in Morocco.

Desperately, the government works Morocco against the demoscopic clock. In recent years, the country’s infrastructure has been improved, new strands, highways, electricity lines and airport built. Also far remote parts were supplied with water and electricity. Under construction, there has long been a new rapid strike through the inaccessible RIF mountains to Oujda, which is located in the northeast of the country border town to Algeria.

"It’s very clear", said the minister for trade, industry and economic development, Salaheddine mezouar:

Morocco binds to Europe with a rough logistics plan. The goal is to produce a region for investment, production and export.

Kernstuck This logistical plan is the new one "Mediterranean harbor" in the near Tangier, who is to become one of Europe’s largest container envelopes. "Specializing in automobiles and electronics", Declared Salaheddine mezouuar. With a rough free trade zone, which should attract European companies. Cheap work of work and attractive tax reliefs only a stone’s throw from the European mainland, on the other side of the strait of Gibraltar, removed.

Tangier is just a cornerstone of the country’s new transport infrastructure. The port for Casablanca takes over the offshore service, the city of Agadir, entirely in the south on the Atlantic, with El Layoun in the West Sahara to the center of food and fishery products.

It’s about one "Optimization of the economic potentials of the region", the commercial minister. In Casablanca, the possibilities of overseas transport so far has been exploited only 5 percent. Nine billion dollars difficult is the international market.

Morocco can reassemble two billion alone by this sector. Provided we can develop a new logistical strategy.

Progress not at any price

In contrast to the Gulf States, where you are architecturally copied Western Modernism, you are gentle in Morocco. According to Marrakech, the cityscape Tangers, the gateway to Africa, is now renovated and revoloured. All illegal buildings have already been demolished, especially on the beach promenade, but also along the custodian line. The city center wants one "streamline", but strictly adhering to the traditional Moroccan architecture to increase the tourist value.

All projects that will show medium and long term effects. Especially since the carefully has to be done. The Moroccan society is traditionally aligned to the big part. You want progress, jobs, changes, but not at any price. You do not want to accept a loss of your own culture under no circumstances. Consumers from the West are welcome, but without concessions. Morocco tries to go his own way. To the end of the Ramadan sent the US Prassident George W. Bush a grub message to his Majestat Mohammed VI. It was praised by Morocco for his reforms "Very soon became a positive political, economic and social development".

Mohammed VI thanked courtly, but in a public Ramadan address he emphasized the attractive to Islamic "Upmath" and support of the peaceful fight of the Palastians. Morocco does not follow blindly the US course looking for the policy of the Middle East and North Africa. Mohammed VI dances on different weddings – a degree hike – but has its own handwriting. This course saves him, from the Islamists as one "Puppet of the USA" To be designated, such as the Konighaus in Saudi Arabia.

Tilled loungers for seven to ten euros

But back to work. At the four-week renovation of my apartment in Tangier, I had to change the plumber twice the electrician and three times the painter. The first electrician came to visit the work, but did not appear on the next day for purchasing the needed materials. A plumber appeared only sporadically and then no longer after receiving the half of his wage. The first painters worked for two hours in the morning and went to the break from which they first came back to the next day for noon. The second painters wanted their total bon two days before the end of their work and when I refused them, they were no longer seen. They had worked completely for free for a few days. They had to expect a reward that was far above the Moroccan standard.

When I then called my landlord, whether he did not recommend reliable workers, he said only Lapidar: "No, I’m sorry. I have the same problem. I have just run away from the painter in the middle of the work. That’s the way it is."

Not only for my dentist was a welcome example to confirm prejudices against underdeveloped countries. Why this is the same with the craftsmen, then my Schuler knew in the "American Language Center" No Answer. They just twitched with the armpits. Although all of me paid by similar experiences, but it seemed not to be a rough affare, over which one should lose unnecessary words. Only a young girl said, "Actually, people should be glad to have work". I had thought in that direction.

Freely working craftsmen without permanent employment offer in Morocco on bursting and duties of the city and Dorfer their services. In front of them a bracelet, water pipes, color totters or electric cables, the respective insignia of their guild. Some even have photos show the products of their work. They are tilled clubs that usually work for seven to ten euros eight hours.

For the western tourists an exotic sight that produces astonishment. Very often pity with the "Poor underdeveloped", to suffer so much under their backdrop. On the other hand, vacationers, who were often only in Italy or the islands of Greece, with a floating view at home from the sadden serenity, "Where people have a very different feel from time".

"Oriental way of life"?

After traveling in Arab Lander like Morocco, one speaks of the "Oriental way of life", That is so fascinating. People discover as suddenly what they miss or believe they lost. You can realize how life can be, without certain social regulations without being delivered to the seasonal capitalist rationalism. "Much less stress and hustle and bustle, more humanity."

I was named that I have fewer problems with my craftsmen in the future, but maybe that’s all about my western perspective. Craftsman are point and neat, and they end what they started. For Moroccans it is completely normal that you need a lot of time and patience for craftsmen. Nothing, what you really should get upset.

In addition, which worker is to blame the low loves to let a job broke in the middle of it if he has paid a better? Many work seven days a week, have two, three jobs to give the family by. Who was not even saying, this morning I have to sleep or rather go home?

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