The new great game around afghanistan and the taliban

The new Great Game around Afghanistan and the Taliban

The Afghan Prasident Ashraf Ghani is excluded from the talks so far. Image: Office of the President of Afghanistan

Not only the US, also Russia and some warlords play with

The peacekeeper between Washington and the Afghan Taliban in the Gulfemirat Qatar made a few days ago for headlines. After the youngest talks that lasted all six days, a deduction of international troops – the main claim of the Taliban – soon becomes a reality. US – Minister Mike Pompeo called the youngest developments, among other things "breakthrough".

However, the man of the hour was not the Afghan Prasident Ashraf Ghani, but US chief underhandler Zalmay Khalilzad, who himself has Afghan roots and influenced American politics at Hinduusch and in the Middle East for decades. Many people have remembered Khalilzad from the 1980s. At that time, together with the then US Prasident Reagan, he received several Afghan Mudschaheddin fuhrer and acted as their interpreters. Now Khalilzad claimed against New York Times that a framework agreement with the Taliban was ready. According to reports, a deduction of US troops is within 18 months in the room. Two-thirds of the 22.000 foreign soldiers are Americans.

However, not only the Americans are around a peace in Afghanistan "make an effort". Another Taliban conference is to take place in the next few days in Moscow. Just a few weeks ago, a Taliban delegation from Qatar traveled by the boss diplomat of militant movement, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai, to Russia to talk about a potential peace in the country. An important role, as today Zamir Kabulov, a high-ranking diplomat and the Afghanistan man of Kremlin played.

Kabulov has been working for several years contacts to Taliban Buro in Qatar. In the new talks, however, not only the Taliban should be prussently, but also leading Afghan politicians, including the former Prasident Hamid Karzai, Hanif Atmar, the ex-security consultant Ghanis and Warlords like Atta Mohammad Noor, the former governor of Balkh province and all kinds Other important manners. Women are sometimes hardly represented, although they were able to think that they should play a much more important role in the context of peace negotiations with the Taliban.

Afghan government remains ahead

A man who stays ahead of a further time is Prasident Ashraf Ghani. For all the talks that the US leamed with the Taliban, the Kabul government did not matter. The militant movement made clear from the start that you do not with the "Puppet regime" Talking wool – and surprisingly has been received by all sides to this requirement. After the youngest talks in Doha, Khalilzad met with Ghani in Kabul. According to reports, the meeting fell out.

Now Ghani will not be prasent in Moscow, while all his political counterparties will gather there. The best example of this is Hanif Atmar, which in the past year Ghanis Cabinet in love, in the last few weeks and months became louder with his criticism in the direction of government and hiring for the upcoming prasidal elections in July. Some observers are now towards the question of why Atmar did not show peace initiatives in his years as Ghani’s security adviser and now suddenly hurry to Moscow to meet with the Taliban.

Even more specials with noor and other warlords who have felt with Ghani and, in the past, to speak in the past massively enriched instead of peace. Criticism also meets Ex-Prasident Karzai, which has been present since the end of his term as a kind of father’s father of the nation and now also wants to drink tea with Stankzai and other Taliban diplomats, while in the course of his own term of office ashesic conferences under exclusion of the Kabuler Government – his then government – violently criticized.

Even Ghani does not sit on his exclusion. In a youngest speech, he struck patriotic tones and compared with Afghan Konigen like Ahmad Shah Durrani, who is the primary of modern Afghanistan, and the reformist-rule Amanullah Khan. That this comes from a man who was guided by the Prassadschaftaptions 2014 by the former US-Foreign Minister John Kerry in the office, borders partly to irony.

However, it is hardly to be used that the anger of the Afghan prassident part is entitled. Long-term peace at Hinduzusch can hardly give it under the exclusion of the current Kabul government – especially then, if one considers that those innerfghan actors, who now sit in Moscow at a table, especially for greed and personal power – keyword Interim government – known.

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