The highlights at netflix, disney + and amazon prime video in marz 2021

The highlights at Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video in Marz 2021

For the shelled calf (Deadpool), life has no too enjoyable tarpaulin in the second movie. After a heavy fate, he tries to kill himself – but is found in time of his superhero buddy colos. He brings Deadpool to the headquarters of the X-Men, which gave him healthy and pick up. However, the new caolitis hold Deadpools temperament but not long stand and so he finds himself again in an ice-fishing again. There he sits together with the mutant Firefist, whose story seems connected to the Deadpools. Unfortunately, getting to know each other through the super cockroached Cable, which penetrates into the custody, to firefist to dead. Deadpool but helps his mutant friend to ward off the attack, and ultimately escapes from captivity. He uses the new freedom to use other superheroes "X-Force" to ground – with the aim to free Firefist and defeat Cable final. Deadpool 2 Is there from the 15. Marz 2021 at Netflix.

Trailer for Deadpool 2 (Source: 20th Century Studios)

The gang from Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and his eerie partner DR. Watson (Royce Pierreson) make the hands dirty with small offenses. Therefore, they release regular strab children to loose the seemingly simple trap. Fame and recognition for the investigation claims the duo himself – which works well for a while. But quickly the trap is hard and mysterious. When a denture of London takes care of a dark veil of Hullt and for numerous bizarre death trap, the temporary investigators from Baker Street have to be combined together. First, to clarify the overall foreleges – in the end but to save the world. The grusel series The gang from Baker Street, The like the classic Sherlock-Holmes novels plays again in Victorian London, runs from the 26. Marz at Netflix.

Trailer to the gang from Baker Street (Source: Netflix Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

At the beginning of the Second Iraq war, many experienced war reporters from Afghanistan are transferred to Iraq. Nevertheless, to report on terrorist attacks and reconstruction in Afghanistan, new reporters are hired – among them also the journalist Kim Barker (Tina Fey). The is single, childless and looking for a new challenge in their otherwise eventless life. In the crisis area she realizes how hard her new life really is. It is difficult to handle in the new situation and finishes their black humor to deal with the terrible pictures and events. But also the handling of their new dragging Colonel Hollanek (Billy Bob Thornton), Tanya (Margot Robbie) and Iain (Martin Freeman) must first learn. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Will from the 17. Marz at Amazon Prime video to see.

Trailer to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Source: Paramount Pictures)

Guns Akimbo

The life of the introverted miles (Daniel Radcliffe) takes place mainly at the computer. However, when he lets himself with the unscrupulous organization Skizm, his life takes an exciting twist: the group forces him to participate in modern gladiatoring members who are about life and death. For this, miles firearms were operated on his hands and he sees himself exposed to static threats by Skizm. First, Miles therefore turns out of the dust. But as well as his ex-girlfriend Nova (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) is involved in the thing, the fight is sparked in him. However, in order to survive the spectacle, Miles must face the amortized gladiator Nix (Samara Weaving) and turn them off. Guns Akimbo Is from the 25. Marz 2021 available at Amazon Prime Video.

Trailer to Guns Akimbo (Source: Madman Films)

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

To Wanda vision Now brings Disney + the next superhero series: in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) together to fight against a approaching threat to which all humanity threatens. This sounds first marvel-typical, this time, however, could be particularly action-packed and brutally staged – these are at least in the first cutouts as well as the age release of 16+ years. As a newly robbered superhero of the USA is expanded "Super Patriot" (Wyatt Russell), who acts like a persiflage on other patriotic superheroes. As a boseweight, inter alia, Helmut Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) appears in appearance. Template plays after the events of Avengers 4: Endgame. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier runs from the 19. Marz 2021 at Disney+.

Trailer to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (Source: Marvel Entertainment)

All new movies and series in the overview

The following table shows all the new movies and series that appear in Marz at Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video and are inclusive for subscribers. Titles that are available for sale or borrow at Amazon, are not part of the list!

Disney+ Release date
Marvel’s Behind the Mask 05.03.
Air Force One (Star) 05.03.
Amelia (Star) 05.03.
Arizona Junior (Star) 05.03.
The day of the hawk (Star) 05.03.
Devil’s Due – Teufelsbrut (Star) 05.03.
Four Falls of Buffalo 05.03.
Raya and the last dragon (VIP access) 05.03.
Anatomy of a deployment (STAR) 12.03.
The hand at the cradle (Star) 12.03.
I Hate Christian Lettner 12.03.
In America (Star) 12.03.
Only 60 seconds (Star) 12.03.
Quills – power of obsession (star) 12.03.
Rodgers Hammerstein’s Cinderella 12.03.
The siblings Savage (Star) 19.03.
I think I love my wife (Star) 19.03.
Of miracles and men 19.03.
One Hour Photo (Star) 19.03.
(Dream) Job searched (Star) 19.03.
Wachter of the day – Dnevnoi Dozor (Star) 19.03.
The Wild Guys: Part 6 19.03.
Hot Chick – Crafted Chicken (Star) 26.03.
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (Star) 26.03.
Pony excess 26.03.
Sideways (Star) 26.03.
Teufelskind Joshua (Star) 26.03.
Gnomeo and Julia 26.03.
The Beach (Star) 26.03.
Baskets: Season 1-3 (Star) 05.03.
The Catch: Season 1 + 2 (Star) 05.03.
Quantico: Season 1-3 (Star) 12.03.
Room for ideas 12.03.
Dr. KS Animal emergency room: Season 1-5 12.03.
Falcon and the winter Soldier 19.03.
Atlanta Medical: Season 1-3 (Star) 19.03.
Bluey: Season 1 19.03.
Godfather of Harlem: Season 1 (Star) 26.03.
My name is Earl: Season 1-4 (Star) 26.03.
Mighty Ducks: Gamechanger: Season 1, Episode 1 26.03.
Amazon Release date
Five Feet Apart 01.03.
Combat, Wombat 01.03.
Stand by me 02.03.
Love, wedding, marriage 02.03.
Horn 03.03.
The Art of Self-Defense 04.03.
The prince from Zamunda 2 05.03.
The Night Clerk 05.03.
Spinning man 05.03.
Red Penguins 06.03.
Brokeback Mountain 07.03.
Puzzled dad 07.03.
Yesterday 08.03.
Fifty Shades of Gray 09.03.
Filles du Soleil, Les 10.03.
Hugo 11.03.
Cold Feet 12.03.
Ghosts of War 12.03.
Pain Gain 12.03.
Resident Evil: Vendeta 14.03.
Youth without God 14.03.
Sicario 15.03.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 17.03.
Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer 17.03.
Fantastic Four (2005) 17.03.
Archive 18.03.
Endless Love 18.03.
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 19.03.
Prisoners 20.03.
Freelancers 20.03.
Alexander 20.03.
Harold Kumar 21.03.
Fantastic Four (2015) 21.03.
Rampage: President Down 21.03.
Being John Malkovich 22.03.
The Current was 23.03.
Guns Akimbo 25.03.
Love between the seas 26.03.
The Goldfish 26.03.
Legacy of Lies 27.03.
Papillon 27.03.
Everest 31.03.
Lego Friends: Girls on A Mission: Season 3 01.03.
Hoodie: Season 1 11.03.
Making Their Mark: Season 1 12.03.
The Magicians: Season 5 26.03.
La Templanza: Season 1 26.03.
Invincible: Season 1 26.03.
Bibi Tina: Season 8 31.03.
Netflix Release date
Biggie: That’s my story 01.03.
If Beale Street Could Talk 01.03.
Pan 01.03.
Moxie. Time to reduce 03.03.
Murder under Mormons 03.03.
Pacific Rim: The Black 04.03.
Nevenka Fernandez: No more silence 05.03.
My city of ghosts 05.03.
Sentinal 05.03.
Annabelle 3 07.03.
Bombay rose 08.03.
Last Chance u: basketball 10.03.
Dance of innocent 11.03.
Life is like a stucco paper 12.03.
Yes day 12.03.
Zero Chill 15.03.
Deadpool 2 15.03.
Rebellcomedy: out of’m zoo 16.03.
Waffle and Mochi 16.03.
Just black 17.03.
Operation Varsity Blues: The College Bribery Scandal 17.03.
Cabras Da Peste 18.03.
Nate Cat: The Greatest Average American 18.03.
Sin Hijos 19.03.
Country Comfort 19.03.
Loyiso Gola: Unlearning 23.03.
Seaspiracy 24.03.
With the waves 25.03.
Dota: Dragon’s Blood 25.03.
Secret magic supervisory office 25.03.
A Week Away 26.03.
Bad Trip 26.03.
The octonauts and the fire ring 30.03.
The Yin Yang Master March
Supergirl: Season 5 01.03.
Word Party: Season 5 02.03.
Bombay Begums 08.03.
The houseboat 09.03.
Star Strip: Season 3 09.03.
Wedding or house 10.03.
Caid (Gangsta) 10.03.
Paradise PD: Part 3 12.03.
Love Alarm: Season 2 12.03.
The One – Find Your Perfect Match 12.03.
The lost pirate rich 15.03.
Under suspected: the case Wesphael 17.03.
B: The Beginning: Season 2: Succession 18.03.
Sky Rojo 19.03.
Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Season 3 19.03.
Alien TV: Season 2 19.03.
Who murdered Sara? 24.03.
Nailed it!: Backchaos in a double pack 26.03.
The gang from Baker Street 26.03.
Hit: incredible testimony reports from Latin America 31.03.

For the case that you have missed the new releases of the youngest time, we have once again summarized our highlights of the past months in a picture section.

The Amazon and Netflix highlights of the past months

The highlights at Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video in Marz 2021

The 1. Season of The Witcher Run at Netflix – a second season has already been explored.

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