The fog of the others

14. October 2015 – repeatedly arising after the announcement of the VW exhaust gas fraud reports that even with other manufacturers in driving, excessive exhaust values were detected. How are these NOX reports to rate?

Since Volkswagen in the US has admitted the incremental against the local liael regulations, a lot of articles followed by further crass overruns of different limits in the same waters.

Other topics like "The consumption values are also unrealistic" Once in front: Why is Volkswagen from the aggregates to the defect and other manufacturers can not, although they can also measure nitrogen oxide values in the exhaust gas, which the official limits are tensed?


First of all, it is important to understand how the hurts look like. The conditions of the media tests are equally prescribed by fairness as far as detailed, and then the limit values must be achieved in these conditions. An analogue: for a one in sports, your son must walk a hundred meter in under 15 seconds from a start in the squat. He pulls on his sportswear and creates his one.

Two days later, I meet him on the strain and liked his performance. He runs 100 meters in jeans, sweater and lace shoes made of leather. It is only enough for a three. The boy still retains his one because the measurement conditions allow all the schoolers to make light clothes and running shoes. The current subsequent news happened so far all in the city with the glow. Therefore, the note is in good reference: "A fraud attempt like Volkswagen was not recognized."

Automatic recognition

Volkswagen software automatically detects whether the car is on a check and switches the exhaust gas cleaning into the "Dyno calibration", in which all limit values are adhered to. On the strain, the car turns into the "Road Calibration", So deactivates the exhaust gas purification coarse part.

The University of West Virginia has therefore also tried for the Institut ICCT on the strain to complement the cycles of the prudent possible exactly. The VW cars never reached only the values of the inlet. On the prudent then they reached these values with very similar load profiles immediately. This resulted in the suspicion that Volkswagen ultimately brought into the current Bredouille.

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