The fog about the stop on nawalny compresses itself

The fog about the stop on Nawalny compresses itself

Picture Alexey Nawalny: Evgeny Feldman / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Germany wants to comply with Russia’s legal assistance, but no information passed on. Russian investigations are looking for Marina Pevchikh, who flown with the lifestyle. She brought the ominose bottle to Germany?

It seems to come on the German side according to the allegations of Russia in the case of Nawalny and the unilateral demands for transparency to Moscow, but a little movement. So far, the German Foreign Ministry had become respectively. You have that on the 3. September’s request for legal assistance from the Russian Attorney Office already granted, said Aufemister Maas, but there was no information yet. As a reason, Maas called that the corridor needs his time.

Yesterday afternoon, the Berlin General Official Office announced that it has received the order by the Judiciary’s Administration of Berlin, "Legal assistance for Russian legal assistance requests and information on the health status of A. Nawalny – subject to its approval – to obtain". Next is equal to it: "Further information is currently not possible." You can imagine how the Muhlen worked in the background, but apparently the prere had become too crude to continue the further walls without symbolic gestures.

However, it has been premier and only mentioned information about the health status that can always be blocked, but not to the Nowichok. The analysis of the poison traces – especially those on the ominoses bottle – were unlikely to be considered as personal information, whose transfer nawalny can refuse to refuse salaries of data protection. The CDU politician and former General Staff Officer Roderich Kiesewetter had said to give thirst the medical data do not give the Russians. Russia demanded the disclosure of all medical data, including samples, biological material and examination results.

German strategy: do not release anything

Nevertheless, one seems to continue to block in the Federal Government. Government speaker Seibert explained yesterday, the day show reports, you have "Steps for evidence are initiated, which are not yet completed". There is also not nearby described "Confidentiality". Actually fruge Russia "Everything necessary", In order to investigate your own investigation into the murder attempt.

As you know, the Russian side says, you have found no toxins that confirm a stop test. For example, you have initiated pre-initiations, but wait for the German evidence for a Nowichok attack. According to the Federal Government, Novichok was from the Bundeswehr Labor "doubtless" has been demonstrated after the Charite previously spoke of a poisoning, but could not identify the poison.

New legal assistance to Russia

Shortly before the announcement of the Berlin General Officer, the for Navalny Statin Siberian Investigation Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior took a further legal assistance to the Germans. It should also be about whether Russian investigators come to Germany and whether a Russian expert with Nawalny can speak and work together with the German doctors and experts. It is allowed to suspect that this request will only be tactically submitted, hardly conceivable that the Federal Government or Nawalny will agree to agree. Nawalny’s Employee Leonid Wolkov already explained a hearing by Russian investigators "completely unacceptable".

Furthermore, it is informed that the preliminary investigations have been continued. The traffic police have already carried out many investigations and created a chronology of the stay of Navalny and his escorts in the city and the Tomsk region. All accommodation and residence locations such as the Xander Hotel with the Restaurant Velvet, a rented apartment, where a working meeting took place, and the Cafe at the airport in Tomsk. Nawalny had eaten and drink at these places, including wine and cocktails, what employees deny nawalny

Uberdies were analyzed all available information, and the residence of passengers were determined, which were with Nawalny in the plane. Whether at the airport and on the plane was searched for poison traces, it does not come out. Is currently not known that another person in the area of Nawalny poisoning showed. You should actually expect that at Novichok.

Maria Pevchikh and the water bottle

Apparently, it is now also on the trail of the water bottle, which the Bundeswehr Labor received from still not known because of it has found Novichok traces. Having heard 5 out of 6 people who have accompanied Nawalny: Vladen Los, Georgy Alburov, Ilja Pakhomow, Kira Yarmysh and Pavel Zelensky. Maria Pevchikh, who lives in the UK, has been working since 2011 in the investigating department of Nawalnys Foundation FBK and on 22. August to Germany was flown. Your residence is currently being determined. She got on 20. August refused to explain oneself to the police.

Whether she was flown with Nawalny, this does not explicitly emphasize. Who did not necessarily have trustworthy pravda had on the 7. September reported, she was flown by car to Novosibirsk and from there to Omsk. After that she was flown with Nawalny in the Life Airplane – as a translation. Maybe she has so the bottle with the Novich traces, but we only know about the mirror, The Insider and BellingCat, brought to Germany as evidence. The question would be, as they could safely bring the bottle that was allegedly contaminated with the dangerous nerve bombing, without hazarding to Berlin without hazardous.

The amption that the attack was carried out was in the Pravda, Progoschins Konkord Progoschin is to be a familiar Putins and stand behind the Soldner Group Wagner and the Trollfabrik – and spreading other cremid-friendly media, which is of course allowed to be a distraction manove. In the Pravda, Pevchikh, which is also related to Chodorkovsky, was on behalf of Vladimir Ashurkov, the director of Nawalnys anti-corruption organization FBK and leading member of Nawalnys Progressive Party, to Siberia.

Ashurkov was a banker and a few years in a leading position at Alfa Group Consortium. He esteemed with Nawalny FBK and provided for donors, 2013 he fell in love for fraud rugged Russia and received asylum in the United Kingdom in 2015. Pevchikh had always stopped at Nawalny during the Siberia trip and have also shared a hotel room with him.

Ashkurov had quarreled with Nawalny over its decision to dissipate the FBK and ground a new organization. Thus, Nawalny wants to miss a claim for damages in the high level of 88 million rubles. In a film about a company associated with Progoschins Konkord, which serves the food of schoolchildren, were widespread in the view of a court incorrect information. In 2019, the FBK headquarters after BBC data received 82.3 million rubles of donations, the regional centers 191 million in addition. According to Concord, Pevchikh should have done the poison in the ominose bottle. According to Pravda, on the other hand, she was the only one who had flew to Berlin with Nawalny, Nawalny’s wife and other members of the team had refused to travel. According to Pravda, Pevchikh had the bottle to regulate the German.

According to information by Meduza, however, Pevchikh was able to. August leaving from Russia. The Russian law enforcement workers have not contacted them since, although their Russian mobile phone is always on. Also a summons did not receive her. But does not betray where they are now. Is suggested to cooperate with the British intelligence services and / or with the Russian oligarchs in the UK. Much over it is not known.

News from the mirror

Yesterday, the mirror also put in the Nawalny story, but without calling the sources. It is repeated that Nawalny was attacked with a stronger Novichok substance. That was also BND-boss Bruno Kahl confirmed at the meeting in the Chancellery last week. Nawalny was because the Russian secret service Nawalny and his employees have constantly observed on the way to or at the airport – which was meant that the poison, which was supposedly quickly, had been used relatively long until the victim broke together. Now the new should be the new, "harder" Novichok variant slower. And the new and more complex the variant is, the rather the Russian intelligence services are responsible. A hint, how and whereby he came into contact with the poison, will not be present. Supposedly it is the conviction of the German security authorities that Nawalny should die in the airplane. Only the rapid emergency landing of the Russian pilots and the treatment of Russian doctors had saved his life. That this is that "System Putin", If you suspect behind the stop, it has not prevented, is just one of the oddities.

In addition, the mirror wants to learn that last weekend already a team of OPCW was in the Charite, the blood and urine samples have been handed over to the investigation. The Deutsche Defense Ministry had already explained that information on the Nowichok analysis has been forwarded to the OPCW. The Russian OPCW ambassador had allegedly inquired about the organization after the weekend and learn that nothing has arrived. From the OPCW there is no official explanation.

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