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Schnuffeld Germany: For the raids in globalization critics, smell samples were also made – for one "Overall" Do you mean at the Federal Prosecutor

In the with the fundamentation of suspicion of formation of a terrorist union according to paragraph 129a. Performed searches with 900 police officers at G8 critical persons and institutions no one was arrested (memory of Genoa). The rather symbolic action was supposed to dispense allegedly violent G8 critics with the concentrated power of the state and the overpathed interpretation of laws of laws, or only as it also strikes, "Information about the structures and personnel composition" give the anti-G8 movement.

In Lower Saxony, the police sought some allegedly violent persons after being threatened as precautionary provision (for Schauble, the danger situation is serious). For pravention, the apparently partly due to very vager information (caution at the internet research?) People ‘s visor, some of the high age, treated in the raids also recognized. Some took off DNA samples – but also odor samples, because in the difference to the genetic fingerprint after the law is also easy to get like fingerprints.

To do so, how SPIEGEL ONLINE exports the such recognition service treated according to old Stasi method holding some metal pipes for a certain time in their hands. Skilups remain on it, in whose decomposition then the personal fragrances arise. On the basis of these dogs should recognize the smell of a suspicious, which, for example, sent a letter or otherwise left his individual and incomparable scent somewhere. The Stasi had made tonomy thousands of such odor samples and carefully collected.

With the odor samples, the federal prosecutor’s office is now making a speech by the Schnuffel State, who is desperately recurring for outgoing methods whose purpose is not really clear, even if the Pentagon is also the development of better methods for identifying receptors in the fight against Financed terrorism. Dieter Wine Plutz, the domestic political spokesman of the SPD Group, finds the method in any case "pretty bizarre" – And probably not only he.

The lawyer of DR. S., A 68-year physicist from Hamburg, which a smell sample was removed, it looks like "Heavy intervention in the fundamental rights" His client. So far, the odor samples do not seem to have experienced suspensely, which should have been involved in an arson attack. The question would, of course, also whether a court has been allowing such a recognition as evidence that such a person has held a confessed letter inland (on which then fingerprints should find).

Whether the odor samples – or should one say: "? – Own a value if you should be justified, you obviously do not even know at the zealous federal prosecutor. A spokesman explained: "You do not have a proof in the classical sense. But we believe that it has an index value and can be set in a total sparing." In the fight against terror and globalization critics, which are under the suspicion, a terrorist association attributed to a terrorist association, all funds are right, if you can only demonstrate that you do not have any unloaded to ward off the summoned hazards.

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