The dunne ice cream

The Dunne ice cream

The Corona crisis shows that most people live in a capitalist society of hand in his mouth

Germany pays to the richest countries of the earth. The economy is posing billions profits, the state benefits from the correspondingly extensive tax revenue. Since the Corona Pandemic the public life has been kept to a minimum, this symbiosis does not work anymore. Corporations, middle-class companies, family businesses, retailers – they threatens the bankruptcy, although they can not handle normal business for a few weeks.

The result: More and more workers are being announced or they are forced to be short-time work. Now everyone longs for the time "Before Corona", When everything was still good. For real? How rich people have been before that had rely on an income every month to get along? And now that the payment is missing, before nothing standing?

The IG metal is because of the "corona"-Follow alerts:

Millions of colleagues will be short-time working in the next few weeks. The staff must then renounce from today to tomorrow to up to 40 percent of their net income. That’s not enough to carry rent and running costs. (…) The government has decided in this situation that employers will not only be reimbursed their contributions, but also the contribution of workers’ internships to social security during short-time work. This is deeply unfair and needs to be corrected. We say: The reimbursed employee contributions to the staff and must be used for the increase in the short-time working allowance to at least 80 percent.

Ig metal

Performance is only payable if it is worthwhile – for the employer

So we know the union: It’s self-consuming with the short-time working – along the alternative. If companies make less business, the workers must stop the belt tight buckles. You can be glad that you will not be promoted.

This relationship, this dependence of the existence of the union members of the company balance is clear how to. Who doubts about it, does not understand anything about "business", There is no dissent between entrepreneurs and representatives of the workers’ interests.

To pay people who generate less or even no profit, is not going. Performance in the market economy is only rewarded if it is worthwhile – for the employer. All effort, all productive and meaningful activity has to preserve itself. And all goods and services that spring from, also: Has the work created something that is sold profitably? Otherwise, she does not mind, and the well-made good is useless, as much as it may be as a factory new car or already sofa. If goods are not sold, they are oconomically scrap – and then land on the same. Since you can still be so high quality and usable.

Comfortable workers’ existence? Auf

The question of an income that ensures a comfortable existence to the Dependent Amed does not occur in this ratio. Logical: An employee can not divide his job nor well from living. What he has to do is determine the company. And how much money he gets it is, the subject is a static dispute with the employer – whether with or without union. For the company’s staff ies are deducted from profit. The lower you fail, the better the balance looks.

This is of course directly in contrast to the interest of the employee at an exelfent salary. But what is already up "outlaw"? In normal times, they already fight to finance everyday and necessary expenses. These costs are almost resistant to a short-time working allowance of only 60 or. 67 percent of the salary. Accordingly uncommonly the situation, from day to day more.

Prekare situation as a permanent state

As Dunn is this ice, on which the normal departing worked in Germany, is therefore not only since the economic break prescribed because of the Corona Pandemic.

Month for month, workers have to hope to get their salary – otherwise their economic situation is prekar in the shortest time. Rucklagen you can hardly make, ongoing loans and rents as well as all other necessary expenditures for the lifestyle must be paid.

Those who own capital is arm in the market economy

as "poverty" Report professional poverty researchers, however,. It starts officially only when people relate significantly less than the average of the workers in the country. Accordingly "Each person as an income arm, which lies with its income below 60 percent of the middle income" (German paritatical welfare association: the paritatical poverty report 2019, s. 4). The goods last year exactly 781 Euro net (Statista / Source: Federal Statistical Office).

But also 3.000 or 4.000 Euro in the month are not enough. This allows you to create a cushion to avoid the need to pass on companies. This is poverty in the market economy: not to own capital that freed one of this compulsion.

Not enough to live? Unjust, jam the union

On the faded emergency of workers "corona" instructs the IG metal rightly. Only what follows from it? There should be 80 percent of the last net salary for short-time working allowance. As it has calculated that this percentage goes to life, remains advisable.

The guess is close: not at all. Because they buried the "Advancement" With the injustice that companies also reimburse social contributions of their employees. So not: Our members need at least 80 percent to pay their costs! But: the few euros more are just too fair! And that is unfortunately something different than to enforce workers’ material interest in a non-hazardous existence against the site of employers. So it remains reserved for this future complaint and the beneficiary of individual companies to increase the short-time working allowance.

1500 euros more in the month? That was not meant by recognition

The staff in health and elegant care currently have no short-time working. On the contrary: they work out to the attack and in addition, but only deficient protected against infections. There is a lot of praise for you, from all population parts and especially of politics. Now you are "system-relevant", our "Heroine" and "Hero".

It should not stay with the best words – a pram of 1.500 euros is decided to even tax-free. The money should be a recognition for the accommodation. More certainly not, or can someone imagine that from the one-time payment will be a permanent salary level? The goods certainly not "realistic" in a health care system that wants to keep the personnel costs low.

Imagine, every caregiver received 1 month.500 euros more! For the staff certainly a step out of its streamed financial situation: this is still precarer than for most workers and employees in the other professions. Therefore, under young people, the industry suffers from credentials – for the few euros to make such a strenuous (and currently even dangerous) job is not attractive.

And even if the reminders of media and even some politicians were held after the pandemic, to pay the care better, one certainly not changed: the money will continue to be so sized that one may be glad at the end of the month, his life in the coming to pay halfway for four weeks.

And then there are still people, for short-time work the lower Ubel goods

But there is not only the "normal workers", the because of the "Lockdowns" Due to the pandemic evaporation even getting big problems when they already had anyway. For example, single parents, part-time felt, temporary workers, solo-self-standing, artists and small retailers threatens the burglary into the Dunne ice. They lose their job, their behalf and appearance, their customers.

"Short-time" is not considered for dismissed and broke shop owners; What remains is Hartz IV. Also the individual-"Companies" formerly unemployed who "ICH-AGS", The one-euro jobber, the domestic helps – all advised now under the raders because they "Business model" no longer works: to be procured on call and as needed. Or do the with and without control card services. Grants to operating costs, as the government is now responding, compensate for their loss of earnings as little as those of hairdressers, travel purposes or boutiques.

To rescue "the economy" is nothing too expensive

But there is the gross credit program of the Federal Government? Loans have to be repaid at some point – only from what then? The banks best know, which is why they are also very interested in continuing KfW loans adopted by the state to companies. Because at 10 percent go to the risk. And that is insecure to you in the face of dubious views of the client’s economic recovery.

There are also in principle not between the shop at the corner and a group like Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof. A meanness of the banks is not that: they are lively legally held – even in the spirit of their business interest, very precisely the credit counsel of the borrower. If there is little prospect of black numbers, the loan is rejected. In view of the uncertain development of the pandemic, there can be no reliable forecasts.

Nevertheless, the Federal Government has criticized the buildings of the banks. But she is not invading her to go into the risk yet. This is apparently not included in the financial institutions. But she also wants to secure the remaining 10 percent. Amazing how fast as Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz billions mobilized. To rescue "the economy" is obviously nothing too expensive.

"corona" Everything is even worse

In view of the catastrophic effects of the social "Lockdowns" within a relatively short time, the situation is shown strangely rosy before. But you should not swap: the basic poverty of the possessless people and their static precare situation exist since it gives market economy. "corona" makes everything much worse for you.

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