The doors of perception

Network portals

The sites from Netscape or Microsoft are considered "Portalites", as an entry gates to the Internet.

Click the point on your browser in the menu "To edit", then "settings". What do you see links in the middle in the form, which is now open? If you are the Netscape Navigator 4.0 used, is probably there: "Clicking the Start button charges the following page: /; The Microsoft Internet Explorer guarantees the homepage of Microsoft at this point.

This page will now be opened every time the user opens its browser to surf the WorldWideWeb. You could enter any URL as a home page, but millions of Internet users have the homepages of the two leading browser manufacturers as so-called "default" fixed – and that brings Netscape and Microsoft mass surfers on the sides. After the two software corporations the "eyeball", which will be delivered so for free, first supplied with advertising and free downloads, has changed the strategy in recent times. Now the companies consider their sites as so-called "Web portals", as an entry gates to the Internet. Occurs, dear net surfers, and bring money in.

And the portals of the Internet are richly smelled: instead of self-promotion, Microsoft and Netscape are now packing their input pages with services, and almost every week will be added: In the beginning, were only short messages with current news, there are now available at Netscape various search engines, An international press review and discussion forums, which are supervised by moderators. At Microsoft, the offer looks like ahead, but also videos from the Microsoft TV station MSNBC are also available here. Since Microsoft has bought the Webmail service Hotmail, you can also set up your own mailbox. Who brings some patience, can put together a personalized homepage, which then present messages and information according to an individual dest.

Also, the individualized advertising are so opened, Tor and Portal: That’s why not only Microsoft and Netscape, but also search engines such as Yahoo, Lycos, InfoSeek or Excite want to offer themselves the Internet, and provide so much information that their sites actually No longer left MUB: Weather Reports, Borsen Courses, Event Notes, Chats, Yellow and Wear Pages, "Shopping Channels" and homepage hosting make the sites of internet portals for doors of perception. Also AOL, TRIPOD and GEOCITES try to get out as a portal sites. And the more time the surfer spends on these pages, the more you can earn with him by advertising.

What should seem as user-friendly as possible for the user, is the result of many businesses and angle to the provider behind the scenes: alone the placement of the different search engines on the Netscape homepage takes place according to a method that is hardly understood in a wide range and the companies involved a lot Money costs. Who as "Premier Engine" with its own input bar on the Netscape page wants to create several dollarillions, and share this position with three other competitors. After randomly, another Search Engine appears every time you log in to Netscape. Yahoo did not belong to more recently – the company has decided that it itself "portal" wants to be, and therefore can not cooperate with the competition of Netscape.

After Netscape has been printed on the browser market from Microsoft to just just about 50%, the company now apparently wants to get into the content business. With a new version of its Navigator software, the company wants "Smart browsing" Make possible, for which a keyword search will be programmed in the browser. Thus, the surfers should be faster in the Netscape Center 2.0 are forfight, and this site the "LookFeel" give a desktop surface that you can not really leave anymore. On the accusation that the company has thus been exactly the integration of browser and operating system, because of the Microsoft is currently concerned by the American Ministry of Justice, the company reacted:

"We have no monopoly. We only ensure that two of our products work together."

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