The bohnhardt peggy track

The Bohnhardt Peggy Track

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The resistances can not explain how the DNA of the mutual terrorist came to the location of the murdered child, however, cancel a manipulation

End of a track or continuation of a suspicion? In the shadow of summer holidays and federal election campaign, a message has almost gone down, which has beaten a year earlier nationwide waves. On the 8th. September 2017 explained the public prosecutor’s office Bayreuth, between the alleged terrorist Uwe Bohnhardt and the death of nine-year-old Peggy K. Do not give it a connection.

However, the author can not explain how the DNA of the NSU member Bohnhardt arrived on a fabric ridden on the location of the mortar remnants of the Madchen. Because that the Asservat included the gene track was secured there is inscriptive.

It is one of the bizarre and adventurous history of bizarity rich murder series, whose undergraduate are not clarified after six years. The special feature here: The actions are almost exclusively security authorities. They are that a connection between Bohnhardt and the murdered child – total three times, though twice in the negation.

Affare not yet finished

With the press release of the public prosecutor’s office Bayreuth from 8. September should the affare be stopped. In fact, that does not succeed. First, the authority once again confirmed that at the location of Peggy one "DNA Lane Bohnhardts found" was, on a textile particle. And on: this textile particle, after all, as coarse as half a fingernail, have been assigned to a headhortry bohnhardts and "must transfer to the location in the case of tracking" have been.

Of the "Concrete transmission path of the DNA" I have "no longer clafly" be able to. Then it is still called – which has played a role in the course of history – that at the investigated rates of the crime scene of LKA Thuringen, "including an angle mab", No DNA traces of Uwe Bohnhardt or Peggy Knobloch could be detected.

Act too – all questions open.

Mushrooms and DNA

The story started on the 2. July 2016, as one "Mushroom", so the official indication, in the forest at Rodacherbrunn in Sudthuringen on the bones, which were identified a day later as the mortal remnants of the Madchens Peggy. The nine-year-old had disappeared without a trace in May 2001. She lived only a few kilometers away. Probably she was already murdered at that time. The or the mords were not found until today. A mentally disabled German Turke was false in 2004 and had been locked up for years before he was acquitted for ten years later in a reopening procedure.

At 13th. October 2016 came the news, which made a stir nationally, that the dead Madchen DNA material was secured by Uwe Bohnhardt. The news was published by the Police President of Upper Franconia and the Public Prosecutor’s Office Bayreuth, who drove the deaths in the case of Peggy. The press release is stored under the 14. October 2016, she was written in front of it.

In the delicate NSU complex enriched by inconsistencies and advisers, one had to ame that such information is not disturbed on the other hand, unintentionally. Especially since the two Bavarian resistances, among other things, acquire the GeneralBundesanwalt, who over the "taught new findings" and in the investigation "involved" may be. This could not be different than that that instance, which operates spring-carrying the NSU procedure, carried out the publication of the information.

Nobody other than security authorities thus produced a connection between the murdered girl and the dead intentional terrorist.

Excited back

They were the same residents who started little later, excitedly back to rowing. What followed was a history of self-responsified inconsistencies and strikeness – until today.

So it bothered in the fall of 2016, the DNA track had been discovered at a search at the site in October 2016. A few months later, in March 2017, and just now in September 2017 was announced that the fabric particle with the DNA was on 3. July 2016, the first day of the lane security has been ensured. At the same time, the prosecutor will take out the stucco before and after the 3. July came to the spot. In addition, it neglects that the DNA Bohnhardts had been placed with a manipulation interest. What she gets her findings, she can not say. The corresponding questions do not answer.

The temporal limitation on the 3. July 2016 is rooted in the ranging version of the investigators. It is the prerequisite to claim that the substance particle had been trailed into the forest of Rodacherbrunn, indeed from the territory group of the Landeskriminal Office (LKA) Thuringen – and accidentally.

A pure hypothesis, for which the author can not provide any document. Also on demand, she only informs in writing in writing, that was the result of a "Overall assessment of its own investigations, the experienced expert opinion and the findings from other investigation files." (Email to the author of 10.10.17)

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