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To the death of Rudolf Augstein (1923 – 2002)

Two days after his 79. Birthday Rudolf Augstein died on Thursday morning at the consequences of a pneumonia. What to align journalistic opinion power power, the mirror under Rudolf Augstein has decently demonstrated. Investigative journalism, who is well and woe by politicians, the correct idea of history and just over the ways of the Republic Mittelschied. Augstein’s Journalismunderstance Association with the declaration at least as well as sustainable the knowledge of burying concrete political and personal power: "I spent a lot of pleasure hours with a straigh, afterwards. But before he had to leave. Adenauer Plus Straub was too much" (1998).

If there is a speech of a fourth or fold violence in the state, the media, the mirror in the cutting of Augstein’s were undoubtedly the best example for a not elected, the own self-mortal but after democratic violence. Whoever holds so much power, will be inxicable to the object of criticism. And the first artillery officer on the so-called "Storm protection of democracy" Multiple yourself in the crosshairs.

Augstein’s journalistic reputation and his political integration were not only in recent years – for example, for the presentation of the Ludwig-Borne Prize in 2001 – to the stone of the onto. His criticism of the Berlin Holocaust memorial or its version of the Reichtagenbrand seemed to open the critics a logical continuation of his staff policy, National Socialists and former SS people the gates of the mirror to consider them with senior functions.

The history of history "Salonant" Defamed Rudolf Augstein and his mirror, at least the side circumference to judge encyclopadic, does not apply to the critics as innocent cessation, really pure table. So did the picture of the mirror between rights such as left, one "Left revolver leaf" to be, on the other hand one "MANNERBUNDISH PROTECTIVE AND MUSTRUCTION" (Lutz Hachmeister), who did not ask for the party political past of noble feathers when it serves the elitent journalism.

Polarization revives the business

Obituary should not be billing, especially since the loud criticism of Rudolf Augstein was at least as parasitar of his celebrity as well as his sometimes wet researchers, which were finally sought for journalistic balance, but just searching the confrontation. His word "The world is so rough that all errors have space in it" (1984) can without difficulty as a self-clarification, unless self-defense can be interpreted. And whether these confrontations now served more of the matter or pleasurable handling of power, may remain undecided.

In any case, Rudolf Augstein’s Investigative journalism was always a staibergy-calculated attention rule of attention, which is neither against dramatic associations nor provocative images. Augstein’s surrendered merit remains intimidated controversial busts that had hardly had a chance that in the sort of well-known balance journalism, politically correct postiles and boring mainstream.

Polarization revives the business, the knew Rudolf Augstein. The most striking polarization, which Rudolf Augstein even temporarily stamped the supposed ubella of the Republic, was the mirror-affare, which funded the publisher’s publisher power position of the publisher and marked the policy limits that were not formed in ballots. This wild mirror fighting years of democracy followed considerably quieter times, which Rudolf Augstein’s vulgar tube not infrequently presented as a magazine, the short-breathable trends to epochal topics and a not only political, but also science-belletristic all-state of brain research to quantum mechanics reclaimed. Faith in the healing effects of the German press were not only asked by these broadband journalism.

Rudolf Augstein and also the short-deceased head of the Suhrkamp publishing house Siegfried University were rough manner in economic miracles times, which still believed in the feasibility of the conditions. This rare type of type is now raised, autocratic and convenient to determine the spiritual and cultural milieu. But who could claim that the republic was in its self-critical reflections the goods, what she is today, if she did not work?

But also a solution for the time to Augstein is already found. "We will continue to the mirror in the sense of Rudolf Augsteins, according to its principles and ideas: Investigative and critical to the powerful one", explained editor-in-chief Martin DoeRry.

This noe’s intention could remain a predominant media landscape in a priority since Rudolf Augstein’s best times. Faith and demand against the spirit in the press have suffered and perhaps determine the end of the journalistic standards of experience-oriented immediate delay (the spirit in the press). Although Marcel Reich-Ranicki is located in a Germany, in which there was no mirror, do not want to live, the mirror is no longer the instance that he was on the weddings Rudolf Augstein’s once.

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