That’s the lobster!

Part 2: The living dead

Some lobster from Connecticut is supposed to have led to the Riga of the living dead.

"Kryonik for crustaceans" Sfgate calls the striking phenomena in his report. As a result, the company Trufresh sells its frozen lobster recently only with adhesive tape on the scissors – to protect the consumers prior to a possible attack of the delicious kiemenatmer. Because some should survive the process of freezing in a miraculous way. After getting frosted at minus 40 degrees in brine, they should be awakened during thawing from their lobster slumber.

Allegedly, freezing goes so fast that the damage that the ice crystals like the muscles is minimal. At the International Boston Seafood Show, the TRUFRESH gang should have envisioned a video, which shows two Undead lobster, which frozen in a bassin. The metabolism of the tenfubers had previously been slowed down in almost frozen sea water. Then he came to the hollow for a few minutes – to be getting lost after two and a half hours in warm water. A bounding trick, which, however, only sometimes dominate about 200 animals. The company TRUFRESH is welcome like a frozen conular and is looking for partners to commercialize the successful PR GAG. The frozen (and felted) TruFresh salmon does not have these special properties.

During picture already the "First step into immortality" Weather, exberged a scientist chosen court: "I’m rather skeptical, if it can succeed in bringing a lobster back to life. But if you show it to me, I will also see him." You believe that immediately, because the shellfish that is best jerked in the food with the Combi Congress is not only very popular in gourmet circuits, but also in researchers. Similar like the not quite so delicious fruit flies doing lobster namely – spook around – the striking things: the tenfubers "talk" With the bubble, which is called you signaling with your urine, what position in the dominance hierarchy you hold, your odor antennas are role models in the construction of robots and when scratching with the meaty ends of their tentacles on the hard bowl, the same friction mechanism arises, which also arises in the same friction mechanism causes a violin of vibrations – with the difference that a hobble orchestra produces scratching, crushing and achieving sound. Unrapped scientists have cut it with the underwater microphone. Your purpose involves the lobster lumen: natural enemies like sharks are trowling. Only the human lobster-eaters do not want to horen, even if they dive the cancer headow into the boiling water and his three to five-minute (according to animal welfare Death struggling, in which he allegedly cries in the highest tone (too high for us).

That lobster cooking heat tolerate than an ice bath, you now know. Also the Ratsel, why the lobster is red when she throws him in the pot, scientists could loose (cf. That’s the lobster!): The lobster secret hides in the protein beta-crustacyanin (crusta like crust, you can remember well). Blue-black is the crest animal because the beta-crustacyanine connects with the molecule astaxanthin from the group of carotenoids and the originally orange-colored astaxanth is changed by the binding its light absorption. Brightly red, the seafood is only when the structure of beta crustacyanine changes through the heat and the Astaxanthin can no longer dock. That "printed" Orange-red comes to light with the free molecule. But not the slightest sign of life….

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