#Tgiqf – the quiz around back to the future!

#Tgiqf - the quiz around back to the future!

The back-in-the future trilogy around Doc Emmet Brown, Marty McFly and the Delorean with Flux Compensator Timetraveling is one of the most iconic rows of film history. The fans enthuses mainly how funny and exciting the films deal with the consequences of time travel.

On the day exactly 35 years ago, the first part came to the cinema. Do you know each other? Are you back-in-the future-nerd / in? So on, the hoverboard snapped and entered the weekend! Tardisse, vehicles with flux compensator and other time machines are unfortunately not approved as a tool.

The clock is inexorable in the fight for the right answers, but rewards as always fast decisions with more points. Overall, you can get in 15 questions whopping 300 points. Please keep the right answers for yourself so that the others also have their spab on the rats. But you may like to share your score, praise or blame as usual in the forum, on Twitter and on Facebook under #tgiqf. It is always worthwhile to visit us at Instagram.

Thanks for all previous quiztips from the community! As always, the quizmaster over an email is pleased if you have an idea for a fine quiz.

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