Technical problems leave ber airport construction site

Technical problems leave BER airport construction site

Looks chic, but does not work: the airport Berlin-Brandenburg. Photo: Muns. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Turnout control does not work

For 27 years a new airport has been planned and built in Berlin. Actually, he should cost 1.7 billion euros and finish 2011 – now is the speech of six and a half billion euros – and also the end of 2017 promised building has been relently open to the last week, as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Berlin Governing Burgermeister Michael Muller (SPD ) Together with business drivers Karsten Muhlenfeld on Saturday had to premature premises.

As a reason for the reopened opening date will now be next to "Share the sprinkler system", the "possible" not "as necessary" have been built, automatic treatments that do not open to at least two-thirds as planned and shut up, but are provided as safety locks and ingredient of the smokehouse. In the fall, Muhlenfeld and Technikhef Jorg Mark’s journalists had to present functioning treatments when they wanted to make credible that technical problems were dissolved.

Problems supposedly not out of return to the Berlin House of Representatives in the last fall

When looking for why the trees in the passenger terminal do not open as intended, whether (as the Suddeutsche Zeitung writes) is at the control software or at the wiring (as the broadcasting Berlin-Brandenburg suggests), and who executed the appearance Turn on walls of ungrammed. For this, a spokesman Muhlenfeld already contradicted the accusation of the reason for the reason for the new problems from returning to the Berlin House of Representatives in recent autumn.

The displacement of the opening date in the (now indefinite) future is already the fun. Even with those in the past, predominantly technical problems have been mentioned as the reason: for example, the light (which has not been turned off dear and for eleven million euros), the escalators and packed bander (which had been ordered to order), supervised cable routes (in which are heat stake), the fire protection and smooing system (which had to be divided into smaller units until they worked), fans (which were too heavy for the ceilings), over 1.000 The total of 4.000 Rangs that had a false number due to insufficiently communicated reprogramming, and 1.000 false planted tree (of which 600 are pulled out and reied again).

More profitable operation

In doing so, not only high costs for the conversions: even if everything is resting, the construction site devours € 17 million in operating costs per month. Frank Welskop, the former Economic Committee Chairman of the state development company Brandenburg, believes that the airport is constantly producing losses after his openness, because the plan of politics, Berlin to one "Hinge" to make, not up. Instead of one "International Air Transport Turntable" become or to make Frankfurt and Munchen at least as an intra-German feeder competition, the village is his words to the "Capital of the low-cost airlines mutated" is that now 70 percent of the starts and landings make up there.

Through the low-cost effect, the BER airport Welskop’s view "always have a huge sales chute" and "not be able to come only to the near the profit threshold". In order for the costs of operation been covered, his invoice were after "at least 800 million euros turnover" – With the planned capacity of 22 or 27 million passengers, his view is not achieved by far. Even if you can see all the other Berlin airport and 33 million passengers were just on the half: 400 million euros (cf. Willy-Brandt-Airport: Unrestrainable operation foreseeable?To).

Conditionally suitable counter-example Mumenchen

Although the BER Airport Welskop’s bill will be invalid after unincendent, if you do not rely on the airport Tegel (which prevents profit so far), among other things, Sebastian Czaja, the faction chairman of the FDP in the Berlin House of Representatives for a parallel further operation. He bounded that the BER airport otherwise for "Traffic chaos" worried. Roman-Francesco Rogat, the Berlin state chairman of the Youth Organization of Czaja’s party, challenges a name eligibility of the Ber construction planned so far as Willy-Brandt Airport, because it is unaware of it, that "Such a successful and deserved chancellor like Willy Brandt [who coalized with the FDP] with his name" for a "Symbol for chaos and planningness" MUSS. In Munchen, the FDP had demanded two years ago that the Dorty Franz Josef Straub airport is renamed after new enthusiasms were known about economic connections of the former Bavarian Landesvather (see. FDP calls for renaming the Franz Josef Straub Airport).

Even if you can not resist the impression that the policy in Berlin and Brandenburg by other priorities at least with indebted, the (today relatively well-functioning) Munchner Airport is only partially as a proof of Dafur that there is elsewhere in Germany better: Again, there were delays and cost increases, whose almost forgotten abroad the weekly newspaper the time the construction project on the 24. Marz 1989 as converted three and a half billion euros "Expanded chaos" and as "Magnificent example for disputes for crude projects" criticize. To the former delays, in addition to standing planning chants, also contributed nationwide problems such as understonized nature conservation and impulse claims that resulted in four-year-old interruption.

In contrast, more suitable counter-examples for fast and cost-effective airport construction is in Asia: In Chinese Yangzhou, a few years ago, an airport for two million passengers was less than a year ago. Maybe you should simply assign the next German coarse order from planning completely to the companies that have done that there – under the stroke, the German taxpayer may even be gunstiger.

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