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In an appeal in the Bundestag, the praise for the agreement comes mainly from Switzerland

Both Switzerland and the Federal Government, the negotiated tax agreement applies, with the black money in the Alpine country to be supplementally taxed as an alternative. The violently controversial agreement is said to coil 10 billion on persons from Switzerland in the coffers of the German Treasury. But the tenor among the experts who have loaded the Finance Committee is clear. The agreement is hardly worth the paper on which it is printed.

By means of a lump-sum tax in the amount of 21 to 41 percent, German investors in Switzerland, which have not previously missed their taxes, should pay their taxes, so the content of the Agreement. In order for Switzerland to continue on the banking secrecy for the banking location, the owners of the black money should remain anonymous. After the one-time payment then the funds will apply effectively for ten years as taxed. From 2013 then the deposits of German customers in Switzerland should be taxed as they were in Germany – also anonymous, sees itself.

But already the first question during the expertise symbolically stands that even the coalition does not believe that the agreement highly praised by black-yellowed agreements can withstand the critical look of independent experts. The objection question as to whether the agreement with Switzerland in its current form can ensure equal taxation, the financial expert of the CDU, Klaus-Peter Flosbach, therefore also to Michael Ambuhl. Ambuhl is State Secretar in the Swiss Finance Department and as such not very impartial. According to predictable, the answer is: The subcontridization provided for in the Agreement is appropriate. This is shown in that in 90 percent of the trap a self-report guntiger is considered the tax rate established in the Agreement. Also, the Hortst Vinken also responded by Flosbach, Prasident of the Federal Tax Adviser Chamber, also sees that. In addition, all have been taxed, which are not taxed, at some point over the inheritance tax, he fugges. Although there are a few cases where the sentence of 21 percent was too low, but these are the exceptions that do not have to work.

If the deputies were not invited in sufficient numbers of tax advisors and the Swiss financial economy, it would probably be the coalition difficult to get positive reactions to the tax agreement.

Red carpet for hard-minded tax evaders

Because the agreement often ensures emport. For example, Thomas’s owners, the Federal Chairman of the German Tax Union, who is based on their own statement for one "Highly excited number of busy in German financial stores" spoke that reject the agreement. Although he first did not find the idea of an agreement with Switzerland badly, but the currently present agreement must be completely renegotiated, so owners. He can not accept that the agreement provides for complete impunity, he can not accept. That’s a red carpet for hard-minded tax evasion. The provisions in the Agreement also difficult "in a non-comprehensible way" the purchase of tax data. The union chairman sees in the Agreement State penalization. Proofs were not allowed to be underprinted in a marketing contract. After all, even with an amnesty for tax evasion, references to further crimes such as investigators could find. In addition, it is still possible to bring black money to Switzerland after 2013.

Contradict the representatives of the Swiss banks vehemently. So Markus Diethelm from the UBS Bank thought that it gave a dasur in his house in 2009. Whatever the business model of UBS had been, the Bank has since begun to enforce taxation for the bank and customers. Dishon tax money from Germany do not accept anymore and is already in favor of the spirit of the Agreement. Patrick Odier, the Prasident of the Swiss Bankers Association Swissbanking fugged that the female in Switzerland in the future as a business model and promised, there will be no exceptions.

Required to the known practice of UBS to hide diamonds in toothpasted mutually to smuggle them in Switzerland, UBS-Man said Diethelm, it was the meaningfulness of the business of UBS to no longer experience such embarrassments. In 2009, an ethical code had been prepared, which the Bank’s support for taxation and economically nonsensical procurement. This Code had signed all employees of the bank.

Consultancy of the government

Sebastian Fiedler from the federal government German detective can not give such assessments nothing. An ethical code was made to his experience to prevent foreign regulation. That he is complied with, he does not believe. That the funds remain anonymous, they are schocke him and show an advisory resistance of the government he does not clarify. He is necessary for the purchase of tax data for the agreement soon forbidden. It deals with a standard detection process. Officials are stopped, data they get offered. The tax agreement is a service service of two states in favor of tax criminals.

Even an international jerking in the fight against tax evasion, the US Legal Professor Itai Grinberg sees the Georgetown University Law Center. Thanks to the anonymous withholding tax tax carriers, it allows money to deduct money to other countries. Germany was able to lose the possibility through the agreement to exchange information about tax evasion with other countries. As a rough industrialation, Germany should be able to achieve a similar agreement with Switzerland, as the US has concluded with Facta.

Unlike the critical expertise also prevailed on the determination in the tax agreement that the German financial markets in the first two years after the entry into force of the Agreement maximum 1.300 account queries in Switzerland start it – every German tax office had only the right to request a year. If less than one third of the inquiries did not lead to success, Switzerland may also reduce the number of approved requests by another 15 percent. Tax evasion will be with the agreement "comprehensively legalized in case of preamble", Resumes the German tax union.

But black-yellow does not matter. After the hearing, the Union MPs Flosbach and Olav explained genital confident: "In today’s annulment, the experts have refuted the existing sight of the opposition against the tax agreement Switzerland as false and unfounded. On the contrary, it shows that the better arguments clearly speak for the agreement." The Fiedler continued unacceptable advisory resistance of the Federal Government to continue. For the tax agreement, however, this means the almost safe: so that it can come into force, the government in the Federal Council relies on the votes of the opposition – and still demands rework.

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