Sweden liberal escape policies at the crossroads

How many escapears can record Sweden? This question is always debated in the consensus-oriented country

Sweden is known for its generation immigration policy. The conservative-liberal government under Fredrik Reinfeldt has not changed at this Social Democratic model at first glance.

Sweden Liberal escape policies at the crossroads

Reichstag in Stockholm. Image: Ankara / CC-BY-SA-3.0

According to Germany, in Europe, there is no state so many escape lures as the Scandinavian country with its 9.5 million inhabitants. For this year, the Swedes will take more flights than last year. According to the authority Migrationverket, 2014 will be between 52.000 and 69.Be 000 escape, which reach the land, about 22.000 from Syria. It was 55 last year.000 asylum seekers, of which 16.000 Syrian. Who comes to Sweden as Syrian State Burger, will not be returned after a resolution of last September. 20 percent of Swedish population have a migration background.

The country is attractive for immigrants. Recognized escapears visit the SFI, the state establishment "Swedish for immigrants" and learn there all-ages and free the Swedish language, who creates the conclusion faster, even receives money officials that should be abolished this year. After that you can look for a job.

But that hapert it. From ghetto formation and perspectivity is in Sweden, especially since the riots in the Stockholm Migrantenviertel Husby last May. Suppling an old man through policemen leaked there for multi-decid riots, which shed the self-image of balanced Swedes, where everyone should have his chance and place. In the coming autumn, the parliamentary elections take place, the immigration policy becomes the ever more important question.

A short look back

In the first half of the 20 half. Century Sweden was in Europe with his barren floor and the many small farmers as arm, Sweden was a classic emigration country for a long time.

The first immigration shaft began after the Second World War, the industry boomed, she had been damaged by no bombs or occupation policy. Guest workers from Italy, Yugoslavia, the Turkey and Austria. Liffered many Finns, especially after 1967, were adopted as restrictions for non-Scandinavian immigrants.

Earlander, the Social Democratic Minister President of the Landes (1946 – 1969) still had a rather kuhle ratio to people from abroad and the idea of a multi-cultural society. So he meant in 1965:

We sweden live in one of the fate so infinitely pleasant situation. The population of our country is homogeneous, this not only seen from the aspect of the race, but also in many other areas.

But in that year already 50 emigrated.000 aligners in Sweden. For his Minister of Transport Olof Palm, who became his successor in 1969, it was about time for a course change. On the first Christmas holiday in 1965, he held a radio response, which should break Egerland’s attitude and the many Swedes and as a prelude to "Modern Sweden" is applicable.

At the beginning, palm tried to take the Swedish manner to take the fear of people from other culture and main color whose difference "Nothing to do with your human quality". At the same time, the Polyglot ared Social Democrat that the new arrays to the "Swedish game rules" keep.

However, it does not matter that the Swedes just watch the terrible international conflicts before television, without doing anything. His compatriots should also be more interested in the foreigners present in Sweden, to give them more empathy. At the end, the mixed society is stylized for a survival question for the Scandinavian country.

The world comes to us and we have to go out into the world … we want to survive, we have to learn to live together (with the trips).

This was the foundation stone for an ideological immigration policy, the welfare state was increasingly becoming for the "Other Swedes". The guest workers, which in the 1970s partly returned to their homeland, as there was a decline in classical industrial jobs, were solved by the asylum seekers.

Palm was increasingly becoming a lawyer’s prefested Volker, who was credited for many, because he removed his volts against the US as against the Soviet Union.

Just right in his start of government was that "Statens Invandrarverk", The transaction organization of the migration crazber, founded today’s Swedish foreigners. Sweden approved from 1980 to 2012.640.978 triggers a right of residence. This policy exclaimed resistance, forming foreign groups of foreign groups.

The Right Populist Party of the Sweden Democrats

One of them was the 1979 rounded initiative "Bevara Sverige Svensk" (Sweden must remain Swedish), which still acted with Viking pictures and clearly had nationalist and racist.

From it, the Right Populist Party of Sweden Democrats was created, which in parliamentary elections in 2010 for the first time in Parliament and is currently in surveys between 10 to 12 percent.

Today she argues, calls for a limited immigration policy and has itself many people in the party who immigrate, mainly from Eastern Europe, as well as former trend of conservative parties. Jimmie Åkesson, her party chairman is a young, agile politician who also appeals to the mainstream and is prussed in talk shows.

Meanwhile, the party is even committed to one "Human escape policies", The smaller number of escape lingens should get a better chance of integration, in contrast to the ruling party of the "Moderate", the for one "Human escape policies" entry.

This adoption of the mainstream provides the two coarse parties, moderate and social democrats, short "S" named, which, up to the parliamentary elections in autumn, to favor the favor of the Wahler, in front of a challenge. They must always be distinguished from the Sweden democrats, at the same time taking the urgent questions about the escape of the escape – without being populistic.

On the "Moored culture", As you may have said in Germany, Sweden seems to want to try to make it a lot of space. Image: Sweden.sep

Immigration becomes the campaign topic

This is and is not easy, as even liberal newspapers report that the Swedish foreigners stands against rough difficulties to accommodate the incoming migrants.

Currently, in cooperation with the UN, Migrationverket tries to appeal to the solidarity of the states of the world, to create 30 000 reset reset places for.

The Swedish Government reacts to the Swedish government if they themselves achieve solidarity empy. Some municipalities are not clear with the coarse number of migrants. Because according to the law, an asylum seeker can be sent to willy relatives or known.

In the city with high unemployment, there are most immigrants

Especially the Syrians have formed in some breeds communities, which now put on the incoming escape. In the first place is the industrial city Soderalje with 83.000 inhabitants in which around 15.000 Christian Syrians live. For this year 2 will be 2.000 or more expected. An uncle or a cousin is always found, especially in the high-rise building Hovsjo, many of them live together in small apartments.

Ironically, the local Social Democratic Burgermeister Boel Godner now requires a legislative choice for housing selection or significantly more money. For perspectives to get a job there, there is a unemployment rate of 14 percent, twice as high as the national average, barely.

Also elsewhere in Sweden is: in the city, where unemployment is on the highest, the most escape is due to the kinship relationships and the cheaper apartments

Although the capital government officially ares that the relevant places can soon develop economically well with the work power supply tax. Because the "alliance", How the Liberal Conservative Coalition has been ruling since 2006, immigration policy changed on the advice of the industry with the 2008 introduced "Work force immigration", which also enjoys many Aubereuropa jobs in the country. Again, the government argued, similar to then palm, that this decision is an existing ie for Sweden. The Social Democrat Stefan Lofven now wants to abolish again, he should be able to make a coalition in the fall to give the Swedish unemployed better opportunities.

At the end of January, Sweden’s Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag, as a goodwill act, now has a politician of moderate and one of the opposition party Social Democrats as "coordinator" EXECUTED TO BUILDING PRERE TO THE SUPPORT MUNDERS, MORE FLOWINGS.

If it is really serious and confronted the villa portraits and better municipalities with many escapes, the debate will start.

Another dispute is the visa assignment. Syrian escapeons who want to go into the coveted Sweden need money, currently the price is around 20 .00 Euro such a commentation of Assyriska Riksforbundet, a Syrian advocacy.

Especially the illegal and dangerous boot transfer over the Mediterranean costs. But wants a Syrian in Turkey (there are currently 600.000 Syrian escape) to apply for a visa to Sweden, it is denied him by the Swedish diplomats. Thus, only the Syrian upper classes come to Sweden and remains the human smuggling in the Mediterranean a servant business.

The two counterparties, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (moderate) and Stefan Lofeven (Social Democrats), are in front of the autumn election in this question – a change in existing practice should not exist.

But the partners do not join. The traditional liberal centerpartieti from Reinfeld’s coalition wants to import the visa. The Swedish Grunen, the left (the former and future coalition partners of the Social Democrats) also want to establish them. Thus, the Left demands a comprehensive welfare policy for asylum seekers and recognized escapeons and measures against discrimination.

Equally heavy weighs for Lofven that the left youth organization of the Social Democrats () wishes to change the visa policy. The young social democrats refer, all in the empathic tradition of Olof Palme, on the supports in the Mediterranean and appealed to the sense of community, which since Palmes Christmas speeches also falling together.

The Social Democrats now want to convince the EU states, how several times, the EU states are convincing more flights to take out the prere from this question. But that hardly seems realistic. So far, Lofven has good outlook with the left and the greats to form a coalition, since after surveys two current coalition partners can slip in the four percentage thurde slides.

But the different collecting to escape policies, inside and outside of both camps, the discussion about "inhuman" and "humane", around "realistic" and "unrealistic" will determine the election campaign.

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