Sudtirol: lega quadrupling result

Sudtirol: Lega quadrupling result

Language shares in Sudtirol. Map: Furfur. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Sudtiroler Volkspartei continues to lose M5S cleavage surprise on 2nd place, liberal storms

At yesterday’s election, the Sudtiroler Volkspartei (SVP), which governed there for almost 60 years with an absolute majority, continued their descent used in 2008, and after a loss of another 3.8 points, only 41.9 percent. Percentage even more serious, the loss in your governing partner fell out, the Italian Social Democrats of the Partito Democratico (PD): They reduced their share of votes from 6.7 to 3.8 percent and are now only represented with a single Member of the Regional Parliament. Because the SVP loses two mandates from before 17 to now 15, the previous coalition with collapsed 16 of 35 has no majority more.

On place 2 landed with 15.2 percent and six mandates surprisingly the list of Paul Kollenerger, who was the first and then only Member of the Funf Star Movement (M5S) in the Sudtiroler Landtag before FUNF years ago. His separation from the grouping that has been compliant in Italy since June in Italy, some observers look mainly as a tactical manobever to better cut off in the election. He seems to have achieved German-speaking Wahlers on Sunday, while the Italian-speaking of the regular M5s, which are addressed to his list, again secured a mandate with a vote share of 2.4 percent.

Salvini spoke German

The strong gains of the Lega, which was also co-assigned since June in Italy, had been expected, which will result in its earnings with a jump of two and a half to 11.1 percent more than quadrupled and with now four deputies the third strongest power in the state parliament. In addition, Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini seems to have contributed, who participated in the election campaign: During Italian politicians in the last century, the Sudtirolers still wanted to exafe language and culture, he did not just drink beer and wore the blue daughter, but spoke the audience "Grub God all people" and a way together with the Kastelruther Spatzen "Prosit of the couse" in the Sudtirol’s majority language, which brought him a lot of applause.

Such gestures seem to have taken the fear of loss of language and culture in many German-speaking Sudtirolers. The goods at least an obvious explanation for why the liberal from 17.9 to 6.2 percent most of all parties dashed and rather than two mandates rather than six. The plan of its Double State Burgery for German-speaking Sudtiroler’s Duplicate State Burgery for German-speaking Sudtirolers interested in the Innsbruck Politologists Gunther Pallaver, according to only 1.8 percent of eligible voters. More importantly, its survey data was based on topics that Salvini highlighted on Facebook as a common goal of the German and the Italian-speaking ethnic group: "More work, more security, a few migrants less – and a Europe that does not annoy too much".

Coalition from SVP and Lega?

Auber the SVP, the PD and the liberal lost the greats and the Sud-Tyrolean freedom (cf. Europe of the regions VS. Europe of the nation states). The share of the vote of the milieupartei, which recorded strong growth in Germany, but flew from Parliament in Austria, went from 8.7 to 6.8 percent, which of the separatists of 7.2 on smooth six. Grununes thus have three, the separatists about two mandates. The abstaining seat goes with 1.7 percent vote to a covenant from the Allenza Nazionale successor Fratelli d’Italia and the Italian Party L’Alto Adige Nel Cuore.

The SVP politician Arno Kompatscher, who remains to Sudtiroler Landeshauptmann despite the loss of voting of his party, now wants "Orientation" with other parties represented in parliament. Paul Kollersgerger said the media in advance, he expects that this is going out on a coalition between the SVP and the Lega, which had an absolute majority with 19 votes and was revealed by proportional requirements.

Lega candidate in Trente clear in depth

At the same time with those in Sudtirol yesterday, in the until the First World War, also to Osterreich-Hungary (but already populated italy) Autonomous Province Trent regional elections. Here, the Wahler sent her previous regional government director UGO Rossi from the regional party Partito Autonomista Trentino Tirolese (PATT) to the current amount of the payout after more than 11.95 percent vote. His successor was able to become Maurizio Fugatti of the Lega, which is – like Hubert Aiwanger – Agraringenieur and with a vote of 45.52 clearly before the PD Candidate Giorgio Tonini measured at 25.78 percent.

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