Study: nuclear power is not sustainable and does not help in climate change

Study: Nuclear power is not sustainable and does not help in climate change

Nuclear power is not renewable as a source of energy and can not contribute to the achievement of the climate goals. In this attitude, the Easter-rich government is now confirmed by a metastary. This type of energy production is to be rejected and should not be part of the energy mix of the future.

Nuclear power causes less CO2 emissions as fossil fuels as a source of energy. However, there are other energy sources – renewable energy carriers such as sun, wind and water – with even lower greenhouse gas emissions. The contribution to climate protection is not imposed by relatively high risks.

This is one of the results of the study of environmental concomer Professor Sigrid Stach, which should make nuclear power for the Easter Rich government according to the criteria of the EU Taxonomy Regulation. The regulation should be on the 1. January 2022 come into force and contains criteria for sustainable investments. The study has transferred Austria together with Luxembourg to the EU Commission.

Nuclear power leads to no goal

One of the conditions of the Regulation – "Do No Significant Harm" – Do not involve nuclear power to all environmental goals mentioned in the Regulation, goes out of the literature study. These objectives are climate protection, climate change, sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, transition to a circular economy, avoidance and reducing pollution as well as protection and restoration of biodiversity and okosystems.

Through increased temperatures, the protection against the effects of climate change leads to rising costs due to AKW. At the same time, their productivity is sinking due to extreme climate fluctuations. Nuclear power needed above average amount of water, increased water temperatures and reduced water authorization had already led to interruptions of power generation.

When degrading uranium, there are significant amounts of waste and process water that contain weak radioactive substances, metals and acids, is in the study in the study. Still uniquely, how to store radioactive waste. They were still temporarily stored and present another danger. Also, there are concerns about the spread of nuclear weapons.

Contrary to human rights

Also, the nuclear power does not correspond to the international social standards, which are amed in the Taxonomy Regulation. Uran mining and processing are always accompanied by human rights and security ies. This concerns both the working conditions of the workers in the mines as well as the human right for access to resources, such as clean water and land for the local population.

Furthermore, the metastary has revealed that solar and wind energy as well as electricity storage technology were more feasible, economically, socially and technically relevant in recent years in recent years. In these fields there are no progress in nuclear power.

While the nuclear power in widespread parts of the world was very little accepted, renewable energy carriers appeared simply feasible, largely risk-free, economical and they were cost-effective every year.

If too much is set to the nuclear power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the decommissioning of fossil fired power plants was narrowed because of the long development times. The climate goals were not achieved. Due to the capital intensity, nuclear power is the use of CO2-emission alternatives.

Six AKW are still in Germany

Study: Nuclear power is not sustainable and does not help in climate change

Since Marz 1984, block C of the AKW in Bavarian Gundremmingen is in operation. Block A was in operation from 1967 to 1977. The block B gone in 1984 was on 31. December 2017 turned off, block C – also put into operation in 1984 – should follow 2021.

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