Streetscooter: rcute due to fire hazard

Streetscooter: RCute due to fire hazard

Once as a pre-name example for electromobilitat are last good news from the Streetscooter to Horen. Now the German Post subsidiary Streetscooter GmbH has to be good 12.000 Return electric trucks due to fire hazard, such as the jerking database of the Motorfahrstundesamt (KBA) can be found in. Daruber had first reported FOCUS online.

According to the message at the Federal Corporation Office it can "Due to a damaging of the low-voltage voltage charger and corrosion in the cable channel come to a smoke and heat development and thus Schmor and fire damage." Almost all of the accessed cars are admitted in Germany.

Default has reported the post office to the KBA

Holder One of the affected electric transporters should bring their vehicle immediately to an authorized workshop. According to the post-speaker, Streetscooter had noticed the defect and reported itself to the Motor Human. In the past, there were several flands of Streetscooters. The reason was for two burning in 2018 the absence of a bathing in the area of the battery.

Streetscooter: RCute due to fire hazard

Already in February, Deutsche Post had announced to set the production of its Streetscooter electric vehicles. Deutsche Post had neither managed Streetscooter profitable to operate nor to sell an investor.

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