Spd politician against the flatrate

Flatrate should not use the normal consumer

A coarse trading flatrate should not reflect the market retalination. With this criticism, the Bavarian SPD parliamentary of Klaus Barthel joined the reasoning of telecomchef Ron Sommer. Although Barthel welcomes the first fast response of Telekom, but at the same time the segregation that the flatrate offer has a serious exam. He believes that the Flatrate decision of RegTP for the user will not bring advantages.

Barthel, which is also chairman in the subcommittee of the Bundestag for telecommunications and postal questions, emphasizes in a thesis paper for flatrate on his homepage (cancel at password query!) that the SPD uses itself to the Internet for low accessories: "Affordable prices are one – albeit not the only prerequisite for the dissemination of the medium and for the prevention of ‘digital division’". Nevertheless, he doubts that such a procedure was really positive for the customer.

With such a sake, he apparently stands alone, because for the users, it is clear that only with a reduction in high online costs the Internet can be beneficial in the long run for the broad mass. Barthel explains: "It only uses the part of business customers who want to be around the clock on the net, and those competitors of the Telekom, who want to bring their offers to the network of telecoms to favorable tariffs."

Here, too, the SPD politician seems to have the development of recent time, because many providers tried to offer a flatrate, but they had to adjust again because they had calculated in the usage behavior of the customers. The customers love their computers simply connected to the internet 24 hours, because they did not have any other bonds. But for the providers, exactly this behavior did not count, because they had to reimburse the Telekom as before. With a coarse trading flat rate, this financial risk is to be collected for other providers.

During the users, it is clear that the flatrate will cost much lower embraces, the SPD man believes to set up an invoice in his theses paper to ensure that the average stop at approx. 100 DM is. He raises the question: "Why we should land in Germany with a high-quality network at a significantly lower price, – at least in the statutory cost orientation – remains the secret of the self-appointed customer protectioners."

But it is also clear that Barthel does not just want to be the Poweruser coffin, but he also liked to know offers for the average user offers: "Here is our claim: If you want to expand the network usage times of currently average 10 hours a month and want to get more people on the Internet, you must design package deals for medium-time use times and more attractive. The compulsion to the gross trading full flat rate is rather towards this development instead of demanding them."

He also faces the Telekom, because with the complaint with the REGTP, the competitors argued in his opinion unfair: "On the one hand, in the openity as a preammers for low end customer prices, they are below 40, – to 50, – DM for a monthly full-flat rate. After that, the current offers were too expensive on the market. In her complaints with RegTP and Tartellamb, which were now successful, exactly the same companies argue and associated: the previous offers from DT AG and T-Online at 49, – / 79, – DM are unfair price dumping, so too cheap."

With the coarse trading flatrate demanded by the regulatory doctors, a deceleration of market dynamics is more likely to be achieved through tedious decisions, so Barthel, and the procedure brings smaller companies nothing. In his criticism and partisan for Telekom, Barthel even goes a step further and speaks of "Constructed investment blockades", In which the Telekom will provide the competitors to the existing infrastructure to regulate cost calculations. With such exercises he caves into the same horn like the boss of the media giant, because this also demands more market terms and did not like the RegTP the "Business of the competitors subsidized".

In a press secretion also published on the homepage, the expert also contradicts the power musicians who still forth more favorable tariffs: "However, it was clear that some corruptions such as a full flat rate for all under 50, – DM is completely unrealistic at the present time and under the specifications of regtP. Who calls such a thing under the circumstances, talks contrary to better knowledge or has no idea."

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