Spain condemned for invented allegations of human rights court

Spain condemned for invented allegations of Human Rights Court

Arnaldo Otegi in the short break at an event. Image: R. Stretch

The Basque peacemaker Arnaldo Otegi and four other besque had no fair process, Saben Dafur six and a half years in custody and were excluded from elections

Now, on the European Court of Justice for Human Rights (EGMR) is confirmed that in Spain is not allowed to hope for a fair process when a conviction as in the case of Arnaldo Otegi, Rafa Diez, Sonia Jacinto, Miren Zabaleta and Arkait Rodriguez practically state razor. Then, despite an obvious partial part of a judge, all levels are equally switched and obvious injustice judgments are simply deviated as in the case of the baskas by the instances. That the bias attached to the defenders against Angela Murillo were not taken seriously, the Court was definitely too much. Finally, even the Supreme Court had collected a two-year prison sentence against Otegi, because the judge was clearly baked.

For example, Spain in Strabburg is really an old acquaintance for human rights violations in Strabburg at EGMR. There are now nine judgments against the country for torture and ill-treatment. In Strabburg, it is known that one invents also allegations in order not to be bereted out of the custody of the abolition of their prison terms, and that it is not well ordered in Spain for freedom of expression.

"They have lied and constructed allegations"

The Court found that in the case of FUNF Baskies against "Article 6 § 1 (Right To A Fair Trial) The European Convention on Human Rights has been violated. "They have lied and constructed allegations, they have imprisoned us, we sort down penalty…", explained Otegi by Twitter to the verdict. You have been detained for this because you have designed a peace strategy. "Their rough lug is now open and Spain is shown as what it is: an undemocratic state."

Thus, the Basques, which have centrally located at a peace path and processing of the armed organization ETA, have been illegally as alleged ETA members in jail. It is amazing that Otegi and others have been imprisoned, as in 2006, when a peacebody is abandoned. The former judgment that was now conceded had even distorted the elections in 2016, because Otegi could not compete as a prassidal candidate of the left Basque independence movement. On him there is a ban on office until 2021. Now Spain had to ignore the Strabburger verdict to prevent the boss from the coalition EH Bildu (Basque Country Country) 2020 can resume.

Arnaldo Otegi with the former boss of the union Lab Rafa Diez, who was also convicted. Image: R. Stretch

Example for a politicized justice

The Otegi case can be seen as exemplary for the repressive use of a very politicized justice in Spain. He was arrested with others in October 2009, because he allegedly rebuilt the banned party Batasuna (unity) for the underground organization ETA. For this, he was first sentenced to 2011 as an alleged ETA company. The Supreme Court did not concede the unfair judgment in 2012, but he and his comrades were downgraded only to simple members. It was already clear at the time of arrests that the group has worked on a one-sided peace process to bring the ETA to the end of the armed battle.

Even before the first judgment on the National Court, the initiatives had begotten in spite of repression. A Peace Congress was for autumn 2011

Everything also found no attention in the revision of the judgment in the following year the Supreme Court. Despite everything, the peace activists were sentenced. The Basque Social Democrat Jesús Egrets, then Prasident of the Basque section of the Spanish Psoe, who had turtled with Otegi the experiment in 2006/2007 to come to a peacebody, said 2012: "Otegi was detained because he has worked for peace. If he had moved on as sooner, he was in freedom."

Meanwhile, it is clear that the initiatives of the peacemakers ultimately were crowned against all resistance of success. Also against the attempts to torped the disarmament of the ETA, this process was finally completed by civil society. Since May, the organization has history, because she has been in the meantime.

Arnaldo Otegi makes peace proposal in 2004. Image: R. Stretch

Parallels to prosecute Catalan politicians

The undemocratic advances to Basque politicians and activists could use some in Europe. Spain is coming again to accuse again and now wants to draw Catalan politicians for up to 25 years for an alleged rebellion from traffic. Here even high-ranking lawyers in the country keep the charges for "crazy", everyone "Legal basis" have been made. It is also known that neither the judiciary in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland or Great Britain Spain will buy your March rebellion and therefore refuse deliveries.

So you have to wait for it until they "independent justice" Politicians again condemned politicians in unfair processes in Spain and imprisoned them for years in order to then drive to the country ten years later on the EGMR in the parade when the damage is arranged? In a Europe, that’s alleged "values" still puts any value, it should be spated this ECMR judgment to finally use massive prere on Spain. It is no longer explaining that legal proceedings against Hungary and Poland are initiated and Spain remains unadorned.

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