Something clarifies in the case of sebastian edathy

It is no longer talking about child pornography, but of nude or posing films

The case of politician Sebastian Edathy gave rise to the rats. Last weekend he was surprised his Bundestag mandate. For health reasons, strolled it. Immediately on Monday, house searches in his apartments occurred. With the investigators also appeared the press. The prosecutor Hulle himself in iron silence, the boulevard press spoke soon from the suspicion of child pornography – without calling their sources of information. Now the media ruded a stucco back. That does not surprise if some are clear undergrowth.

Shortly after his case, Sebastian Edathy defended: "The public claim, I am in possession of children’s pornographic writings or. Had to give me this, is untrue." The house searches were only based on "Indulgence" (Council rates for Sebastian Edathy).

Shortly afterwardly he laid. Visually mirror online dear he lost: "According to the information available to me, the prosecutor does not impose a criminal behavior." the "Searches were not only unbillacious, but are contrary to constitutional principles", said Edathy. The events overlooked (Edathys Sparklige Party Friends). From child pornography "Naked films" And yet again carous children’s pornography: the world was committed in the title that Edathy merely "Naked films" should have bought. In the text, however, was the speech by children’s pornography:

The Niedersachsisches SPD politician Sebastian Edathy is to have been according to information from security circles customer at a Canadian online shop offered by children’s pornographic material.

That "material" was described:

The recordings acquired by Edathy should be so-called posing videos. In such films, light or unkempt children and adolescents are shown, but no sexual actions.

Something detailed reported the dayview:

After drawbacks of the investigators, the suspicion of Edathy is one "inferior case". The reporter Sarah Tacke reported in the Tagesschau, in which investigations were discovered to Edathy videos not showed child pornography in the narrower sense, but so-called posing, which is called shots of teenagers who were posing naked. Tacke pointed out that this information has not been deprived so far.

According to the first enthusiasm of child pornography, only "Nude pictures" and "inferior fall" of child pornography talking. The partially backruding is explained by the operation "Spade".

surgery "Spade"

According to the boulevard media, the German authorities should have received a tip from Canada as a result of Edathy. Edathys data should be in the investigation around the operation "Spade" emerge. Middle and, above all, concrete credits in terms of Edathy were unknown.

The boulevard media reported intensively on the operation. The Canadian police smashed an international child pornoring. 348 people were arrested in many countries and 386 children have been saved. Allegedly showed the representations "Cruel sexual actions on children". Of arrests or house searches of German State Burger, nothing was known so far.

The starting point of the overshooting messages was the company registered in Canada Azov Films. For several years, it has been international and unmolest nudist films that mainly showed boys from Ukraine or Romania. In addition to Azov Films, other even in the USA, there are tangen companies like Enature similar films and pictures Legal. The offers are aimed at a clientele, the special sexual or sexual-athetic interest in young people in front of the pubertat. The company operates in the Prudent influence of the US and Canada publicly and long time unmolested. According to German law, FKK representations do not exceed the hurde of children’s or youth pornography, as nudity is not considered pornography and have sexual actions necessary (§184 B and C).

But it was also traded with child pornography. Concrete investigation took the Canadian police in October 2010. As early as 2011, the owner of Azov film was arrested and his computers included the customer database confiscated. He was accused of numerous offenses, including the distribution of child pornography and the direction of a criminal organization. In the end of 2013, numerous customers of Azov film were arrested in an internationally coordinated action. There were house searches, children of the customers were removed from their families and taken in state care (resourted children or what you understand). At least one of the customers has found an extensive children’s pornographic collection. There were the reported "Cruel sexual actions to children" to find. And there were several men, including a policeman and a preschool teacher, to have made child pornographic videos.

Comment: Edathys case

After the boulevard media was first written by Edathy of child pornography, is now only from "Nude pictures" or from "Posing videos" talk, but among spicy allusions on child pornography. But also by posing (from: posing) can not be talked about fkk movies. The natural behavior of naked children (Catholic moral theologists, the correctness of human action at their "Naturalness" Terminate, MOGEN Consult the reality) is the opposite of "To pose". Let alone that posing naked children per se the criterion of sexual abuse, which presupposes sexual acts ahead, or fulfill from pornography.

Should Edathy, as so far can be suspected, "only" have bought such films, then Edathys announcements have also made sense. He can then say truthlessly that it has not been accused of punishable behavior in the sense of child pornography. So he can also claim that he did not guilty the possession or possession of child pornography. This was also explained, which is why Edathy does not have the searches per se as unlawful, but merely as "unbearable" criticized. Where smoke is also a fire – and then you do not have to be surprised when the fire department is coming.

The fast time sequence also shows that the investigating macers Edathy already had a long time. Shortly after the resignation of his Bundestag mandate, the searches took place. The investigators had any impossible information at this time to dare to make an application for a search decision.

Remains edathys surprising resignation of the mandate. It was indeed health reasons? Or was he in advance about the investigation "informed" (by whom)? A politician who consumes mutually nude recordings of boys can themselves in the beginning of 21. Century end his career.

Should, in fact, only insights over nudist images be the only indications of the prosecutor’s office, there are further questions. Legally, a prosecutor for nudist images entails after the motto "Where smoke is, is also fire" On very dunnes ice. Politically, this is the Brisanter with a Bundestag member. To easily, the prosecutor of the "false" Person on the bare and land in professional professional. But such a case can also mean a career jumping board. A prosecutor, which is experienced in the political game, can recommend it by "right one" Person persecuted. Or you could are him protection, with the unspoken promise that this is required by his career.

The investigative prosecutor was not mentioned in the boulevard media in this highly performed case in particular. Maybe he is a steep career who does not want to know that you do not want to know exactly. Perfide but the system is also in another relationship. If you may want to make Edathy to accuse that he has moved all the videos of naked boys, then you should also be man’s enough and make this reproach clear and clearly. A man can die in peace when lost in an open battle. But to be loomed by media and political attacks, do not belong in the repertoire western heroic legend. This form of political murder is rather decadent companies attributable. The case Edathy is probably a mirror of our society.

(Some information became on 14.2. corrected, D. Red.To)

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