Somehow, somewhere, sometime…

2006 – was there something? One year between blasphemy, patriotism, grass and hotte kohler

2006, we said at the beginning of the year (cf. End of the mainstream?), Become the year of psychology. This hit in black, added even more than we expected: Whether cartoon dispute or bird flu, World Cup patriotism or Grass scandal, Lebanon war or Irankrise, Kohler or Bush – all in the kopf, the setting is the setting, and Compared with 2005, the last year was the same amount of substance without substance.

Everything started very funny. Caricatures. During the traditional pilgrim tour in Mecca, part of the official Muslim world had cartoons of the so-called Prophet Muhammad, which are already in October 2005 in the Danische Zeitung "Jyllands post" and shortly thereafter in Egypt had been published, discovered and instrumentalized.

That was soon less funny, because the uneducated, fanatic or fanatized part of the Muslim world ran amok for four weeks. Danic flags were burned, danic were boycotted, besy or closed embassies, and in Germany, as expected, first reason for the concern of the poor Muslims, for example, "Mugger" Gunter Grass (on which we will come yet), or by provincial politician Edmund Stoiber, who mourned the protection of religious feelings. And the French supermarket chain Carrefour took all Danian foods from the assortment. On the prere of the strain apologized on 31. January of the editor-in-chief of the "Jyllands post" For this, that the newspaper has hurt the chill many Muslims.

When more radical individual voices from the Muslims, like the Minister of Ministers in the Indian state of Utapradesh, who witnessed a bounty of eleven million dollars on the murder of cartoonists, quislies were quieter and the reactions in the West principle. Even German newspapers (Taz and World) published the cartoons – "We also print them because it does not belong to the press freedom to bend the prere of radical Muslims." -, and others at least expand, during the image and mirror in a reliable capacity alliance of their impression rejected: "I was personally in "image" Do not print any cartoons that violate religious feelings." (Kai Diekmann, image editor-in-chief). Since then the "Violation of religious cumshot" became the rhetoric standard motif of all populists and reactions.

The human right on blasphemy

With delay, in this country, in this country, what it actually went: For democratic rights, for freedom of expression, to the human right on blasphemy, the right to carook God and for the attempt of a privacy of the West and with him of all tremidity of freedom and declaration. Of course: similar battlements attempts and vocations to violation of religious taboos is also available in the West, albeit unequal less massive. But never a wrong one has justified another (see. Cartoons over Holocaust as counterattack).

Meanwhile, the publication of the cartoons from a taste question became a symbol, a moral duty and the cartoon dispute to a nail sample on the willingness of the West to the Self-Center on his ability to stand at his principles in times of their threat. Because self-center is worse than any other censorship, as they voluntarily sacrifices freedom.

Incibly, we demand that all Muslims of the world, the Konig of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Media of Utapradesh, and the Government of Iran excuse us for this vile insult of our western values and the violation of our feelings.

A new word

Again a new word: pandemic. The bird flu came to Europe – and nothing happened. All predicted catastrophes remained exhausted for discharging. Two swan, a hawk and a cat on Rugen died, ornithologists occurred to Prime Time on TV and "Stallion" had opportunities at short notice to become the word of the year. Edmund Stoiber worried about the farmers. Tens of thousands of bird were nevertheless emergenced – you never wife yes. Among the few survivors was also a telepolis author (cf. I survived the bird flu).

At the Berlinale was at the same time with Terence Malicks "The New World" the best movie of the year; Of course, another, Jasmila Zbanics has won "Grbavica" (see. Damaged life), a follower world improvement film, artistic / asthetically completely without ambition.

Fear of the stranger

In Marz, the company then moved to Neukolln to learn the scary. At the Berlinale also ran Detlev Bucks "Tough", the movie to the Rutli school before you knew what this is overhead. Potted, the harmless birthday game, looked at this movie with other eyes. Buck was back – as strong as never! A story about a 15-year-old, which is pulled out of the classy Zehlendorf in the Berlin district of Neukolln, the magazines like the "mirrors" For years as a proletarian horror cabinet and symbolic backpack of the Berlin republic, serves as an indication of the alleged "Failure of multiculti".

Suddenly New Column was overall (cf. Neukolln is overall), the parenting the sow you drove through through the village. Movies like "Tough" and reports from the Rutli School (cf. Class struggle in Neukolln), probably more involved, also the fear of some German before the stranger, a view that connects only forced marriage, Koran schools, honorary guards, and drug trafficking with a long-term integrated German Turks of the Third Generation, and that leads to coarse exercises.

A short act at the same time of action movie "Valley of the Wolves" (see. From a society that set out to learn the scary), a vulgares b-movie in which the Americans are not the good guys exceptionally. A bad movie. But why do not turken make bad movies? Eberhard Rathgeb of the FAZ, otherwise a prudent head, still fell a personal "Integration problem", and was amazed on the many turks in a new collector Turbenkino. And Edmund Stoiber demanded a ban.

The triumph of the small form, which was already recognizable in 2005, continued at least in the film sector: "L.A. Crash" won the Oscar for the best movie, too "Capote" and "Brokeback Mountain" won important prizes.

The Adam principle

April is the cruelest month. In the Berliner "honour killing"-The brother, who had shot his sister on behalf of the family later, was sentenced to nine years and three months of youth. After just under FUNF months, Matthias Platzeck explained his jerking as a SPD boss. New party chairman became Kurt "Red cabbage" Beck. In Italy Berlusconi was reduced, despite (or because of) Edmund Stoiber’s protective help. Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that the Fubball Championships of the last decade of the last decade were manipulated in Italy were a sports scandal without any example, but those – expected in Italy – remained largely follows for the taders.

The April was the month of the manner. Manner wrote scholar bookers and articles about women and children, the family, the Germans, the extinction. Debt are always the saumular 68er, the bad hedonism and the Bose self-realization. Anyone who reads this booker who always stobs on the same allegations: The Germans die, the society is always age – what’s all wrong when looking at it from the narrowed national viewing angle, the same authors and their jubiling reconsters always reject. Fact remains: There are so many people as never before. And half of the world’s volculation is under 30.

That’s all not really interesting. It is interesting that there are always the manner who want to explain the women (and a few softie manners) where it goes. And a woman made with: Eva Herman, ex-day show spokeswoman and author of the bestseller "The EVA principle": Emancipation did that women have forgotten their biologically defined task to provide men and children. For once you can quote a family minister Ursula von der Leyen:

It is absurd that we in Germany of the mother who stays with the child at home, but the mother who works are making a guilty conscience. We actually talk about the question of why more manner than women are now prime on their lives?

Laberning the others

"With us the new time goes" – In Berlin, a new department store was opened with track connection, "Central Station" named, and good 700 million euros expensive. The traditional Zoo Train Station was closed for over-regional traffic, and the rail prices increased.

Also stylish were 1.6 million spectators in the wrong film, which had not been based on Cannes and Berlin’s Film Festival without reason. But the Stasi Schmonzette "The Lives of Others" (see. Orally consumable past) by Florian Henckel of DonnersMarck is so clever on history sent by the story, flattering livestock in East and West that it had to be a success. Meanwheath, in Berlin, fractions of Donnersmarck-Hasern, do not make, and plow not only from the East, and tell themselves stories about the old website of the smart director with Silesian displaced propaganda, or you go to the latest boulvardtheater chassis of Rene Pollesch In the Volksbuhne.

There is a hangman from DonnersMarrck on and in the script can be found, mounted with Silesian-Heimatred truths about the German film: "It is advisable and almost unacceptable that with the Silesians no salvation history is told, with the Stasi but already." Or: "Hitler, the perfume, the RAF. Highest still the Stasi, more is not compressed out of Germany." Because of stylish: betting that "The Lives of Others" also the foreign oscar and the price of the association of German film criticism gets?

One of the stars of the year was the Iranian Prasident AhmadineSchad (cf. Ahmadinejad in competition with Osama?To). With targeted provocations he used the weak of the US, Europe and Israel and Persthe the position of his country. Whether nuclear dispute or Holocaust Conference – a masterpiece in psychology.

Black deil and the epiconomy of the psyche

June was the month of the World Cup. Faith Connetting Mountains, believed the Germans and the country kicked off the crisis for a month. Whether the mood was really so great, or only all constant mutually agreed that it is so frightening is difficult to determine, but also not important in the result: the republic was flat-end to the fan mile.

The psychological basic structure of the whole brought the "Sportfreunde quieter" Immediately aptly to the point: "We do not have the highest game culture / are not just filigree / yet we have traumes and visions / and in the hindhand ‘nen master plan / for our long way out of the crisis / and from the depression / is the motto / nothing like up to the FubballThron." Pure romance, you could also comment on Heinrich Heine: "O German soul, how proud is your flight / in your night dreams! … French and Russians belong the country; / The sea belongs to the British / but we have undisputed in the pale of the dream / domination." In the end, Germany was painted by the back-containing Italians world champion – the heart.

And we were all suddenly patriots, and who did not want to be partout, a bloder game of play – also a chapter from the epiconomy of the psyche. Suddenly all black horny flags, even the police, if you did not bode them. The Germans must always exercise everything. And a few scientific opinion waking, as the legal intellectual Hubertus Knabe claimed, "a taboo" Be broken and pleased that the "Opinion" Now the "Maintenance with own country" could no longer prevent.

Maybe you should just stop making people regulations, and take the alleged patriotism than what he was, a current upgrade (cf. When the Music’s Over), very normal fantum, rather than using events like the World Cup to cook its mood pod. In any case, it was already noticeable that the World Cup patriotism was not simply created during the World Cup, but from the beginning was there, at the latest in the game Germany against Poland, the second of the preliminary round – media media, not only by picture. Nevertheless: At least three hundred femy times a day, during the World Cup, then one could read somewhere from the new patriotism of the Germans, which was so wonderfully relaxed and self-resistant and inexpedum and superimposed, and that, who wants to say something about it now, but now it really wants it Early cramped above… It’s really good now, or?

Sure, everything good. Nevertheless, what should always be sent to such the normalization gear. Needs the world a normal nation? Of singular crimes, the Germans can not be washed in if they hide Germany flags. And then still this self-lob, though you’re already learning as a child that that is always a bit unacceptable. Should the others say that we are so great unpaved and normal.

Also Heinrich Heine: "…If we finished what the French started, if we survived these overflow, as we have done in thought, when we wing ourselves up to the last conclusions of the same, when we are the era until in their last slip angle, the sky , destroy if we save the God who lives on earth in humans from his humiliation, … From this program and universal rule in Germany I often dream if I under oak walls. That is my patriotism."

An absurditat at the World Cup margin was the gap between the reality and the threat scenario, which spread in front of the World Cup in many media: the testosterone-sadded fanhords, which were overflowed the racks and brothels, to become pleasure there with forced prostitutes. The German women’s council spoke of 40.000 expected forced prostitutes. After the World Cup there was no longer talking, the prostitutional business rather sluggish. And the alleged "Criteria", In which sexual intercourse should be handled in the flowing belt process, there is not. Maybe you should have to think about vanity boxes for patriotism. Ihrchen at the car are always blod, whether in black-red gold or different colors.

"And, ah, it is clear that, ah, this bar, ah, a problem." So Edmund Stoiber Uber "Bruno", for the first time since 170 years a brown bar in Germany has been seen. In the night to the 26th. June he was succeeded.

Italy became a football world champion, in a penalty sliding, well. And all languages only about Zidane. Zinedine Zidane, French and Europe also Zizou, was blocked by the FIFA for three games and has to pay 4800 euros, his opponent material for two games, plus 3200 euro bub money. Already since the World Cup Final 1998 Zidane, to the most famous header players in the world, because he decided the final against Brazil with two headball tubes. Zidan’s headstock in the final 2006 released a nutritional battle: Why? What does he mean? What follows from it? Zidane himself contributed little to the interpretation. "I never was a particularly good headball player."

"Stressful friendship"

Attentate and decommissions of Israeli soldiers led to Israeli conjectures on the Sudlibanon. These widened in July to war with Hezbollah. The OlPreis rises to the record mark of $ 78.40 per barrel. Uncinting and fragments of Israeli politics and military failures did not scratch alone at the reputation of the Judian state – they became a welcome reason for the western anti-Israellobby.

So one knitted further at known consistency theories (cf. The American-Israeli complex) and resentic discharged projections (cf. The nearby east as a projection surface) or just gave the old anti-Semitism a new face. In Germany called a group of scientists – "Manifest of the 25" – one "stressful friendship" and reorientation of German Israel Policy, D.H. A critical handling of Israel. The thesis developed there "unrestrained" Although assistance in Germany is hardly assessable. Also goes without saying that the Juste Milieu of the left and right burgerism not only here is the anti-Semitic worldviews under Muslims, their racism and Holocaust deniers completely ignored.

Farewell to a generation

At least "In the haute of the onion" Gunter Grass come the tranes. On 12. August explained the literary ranking in a media-cleverly placed conversation in the FAZ, he once had a member of the weapon SS. Then the upcoming publication of his autobiography "In the haute of the onion" Previous, within days the first edition is sold out. Follow was a public outcry that is particularly concerned about the role of Grass’ as a German conscience.

With Grass Spads Coming-out, the short summer of the feather-level World Cup patriotism was final fit – and the company back in the dark forest in case of severe debates for top condition, German soul and past. Almost simultaneously with the memoirs of the Social Democratic Heros, the memories of a hero of the other, legal conservative side, by Joachim C. Firm, with that in this context also suffisers, but nevertheless pracisen title "Not me". They are interpreted by a similarly vain look, which is less interviewed, when it wants to see in the end of life, and old slaughter again, delicate as unfair, feigned these double memoirs, festival real and grass mental death made in 2006 for the year of the year Symbolic farewell from the "Flakhelfer generation".

The second summer star was crime sacrifice Natasha Kampusch. The bizarre fate of this modern dornroschen worldwide the boilers worldwide – also because you have to imagine how many people are probably right now in a similar location.

In 1945 in the prison camp Bad Aibling, Gunther Grass allegedly meets Joseph Ratzinger. He could recover that in September, as Benedikt XVI. Germany visited. His Regensburg speech brought back the ratio to the Muslim world to the agenda. The anxiety of media reflexes and the cancellation of an opera premiere in Berlin in response to views, which may find some insulting, bosses for the future of freedom. After all, the Thinker Ratzinger pushed towards this new wave of counterbreaking by using many signs of integration of Muslims to the West with his torture visit.

Kevin, Marvin, Jessica

The more important and more productive challenge of the West is more than ever from Asia. This reminded the book fair and its host country India, whose new flirt with China and North Korea’s alleged atomic bomb test. Germany discussed the underlayer (cf. From the underlayer to the debated precariat), according to Minister Muntefering only an invention "from vital sociologists". One of them is Harald Schmidt, who has been moked for years of underface television for years.

Other sociologists work on picture and cover us with stories about what a youth store "Multi-problem families" Call and can not be carefully edited by understairs. The result: individual children, unfortunately they usually have names like Kevin, Marvin or Jessica, dying for neglect. That’s not nice. Nevertheless, the feeling is not going on that the whole public excitement is a little overcrowl, and primarily the clammy vertical erosion of such layers serves "Precariat" talk so that the underlay does not understand that it is meant. In any case, everything has been a little less cynical, if the emports were also reflecting that daily more than 16,000 children die because they have nothing to eat. Mostly not due to the parents, but through the world community. Why did not that go through the news?

Hamlet at the Bundeswehr

The Bundeswehr was formed at a spontaneous Hamlet staging in Afghanistan. Also otherwise was or not-be the question and a hypoglyling coat determining at the Bundeswehr. In 2006, the final farewell to Rheinische capitalism brought. The coat tariff-controlled skilled worker plays in the realitat as little as a role as the morally climbed entrepreneur. Junker Ackermann’s non-conviction and manager failure, for example, at Siemens are symbolic expression of the situation – more than the oh so terrible corruption commercial in the same house. Since the emport was a bit superscript. She did not just smear not only for himself, but for our workplaces. Transparency International? – We recommend a trip to China and India.

Nearly 400 people died in the past year during the pilgrimage in Mecca. With online advertising in 2006, in this country, a good 1.6 billion euros were implemented. Allianz made 5.5 billion euros profit and built 5000 jobs, Bayer 1.052 billion euros, 6000 set minus. "Spex" moved to Berlin (cf. Spex is shredded), "tempo" Appears again. The most popular stand-up comedian became our Horst, "Horst who?" "Dispute is productive" said the Federal President of the "star", That’s why we’re arguing over him now. If Kohler explains at the same place "we" (Does that apply to him personal?) hours "At the beginning of a reform process", Then you could know what happened in the last ten years in his opinion.

Altare for fanaticism and superstition

2006 – was there something? The existences and busts have become more nomadic than they were already. Stabilitat is light. An anticapital culture is still not in sight. The desire for social alternatives is not yet strong enough. The progress remains in waiting, maybe until he appears in other, unpleasant shape. "Somehow somewhere the future starts", Argued the philosophin Nena in the 80s. This sentence after all is not refuted.

2006 was the year of psychology. 2007, so you have to be a scary, the year of contradiction. So maybe, but also 250 years after his payroll with Frederick the gross and the beginning of the work on "Candid", The year Voltaires:

In the same century, where on one side the reason builds her throne, you can see on the other side of the most absurd fanaticism and superstition build his altars.

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