So the vaccination campaign for children was canceled

So the vaccination campaign for children was canceled

After Bund-Lander Summit: Political demands for broad-flat immunization meet for rejection. Above all, two federal politicians are brusked

According to the peak of the federal government and countries, it is clear that there will be no rapid and flat corona vaccine campaign for children from twelve years. Thus, the participants contributed by majority corresponding demands of federal and state politicians, which have sometimes made from vaccine of the children of this age group, sometimes even the Prasenz lessons in schools after the summer holidays.

This position as well as a vaccination campaign for minor seventies was countered in the middle of the week the stapling vaccination commission (stiko). The editorial network Germany wants "informed circles" have learned that the committee will advise against a general vaccination recommendation for children between Zwolf and 15 years. Such a recommendation should only be given for minor seventies with certain pre-diseases, it is called in the report.

According to the Commission, the Commission is based on the insufficient data situation. As a result, there is no auditors in which ratio the risks of vaccination against SARS-COV-2 are to the consequences of a possible Covid-19 disease.

Spahn und Educational Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) had previously made a flat-covering and permanent opening of the schools indirectly by vaccinations. To a juvenity to the Prasenz lessons policy also, "that intense a vaccination campaign for children and adolescents is prepared as soon as the vaccine is approved for the children from twelve years", So Karliczek a few days ago – this will secure the preasrenre class after the summer holidays. Spahn Seconded in the picture: "A way to regular lessons after the summer holidays is the vaccination of young people."

The pillar of the federal government and steamers made Spahn, Karliczek and other like-minded people through the bill. A quick and flat vaccination campaign will not exist because not enough vaccines are available. At the same time, significant reservations against a vaccine campaign for children from twelve years were loud.

Wide rejection from the doctor’s shaft

According to the deliberations at yesterday’s Thursday in Berlin, Chancellor’s Minister Helge Braun (CDU) met demands of a wide-flat vaccine campaign for children, this age group was made an offer in the summer, but no more, as brown, but awarded the countries a discretion.

Explicitly addressed the physician of the claim to depend on the attendance of a vaccine dependent. "But I did not say, for a safe school company you have to be really vaccinated", so brown in the ARD morning magazine.

In the German medical profession, there had previously been considerable restlessness on demands for a vaccine campaign for children. So strong the prassident of the Federal Career, Klaus Reinhardt, the Stiko the jerking. "The data on risks and benefits of a possible corona vaccine in children and adolescents is currently still so insufficient that unfortunately, no recommendation can be handed over", said Reinhardt the Rheinische Post. It is therefore correct that the stiko "Analyzed with consideration, how roughly the child’s danger of the children through SARS-COV-2 is actually."

These and other appropriate positioning are a significant refund of specialist politicians who were pretended. So the Lower Sachsian Minister of Cultural Minister Grant Hendrik Ton (SPD) for the general attack had a trusted. Ton called her judgment as "Contribution to uncertainty" and "The opposite of what science should afford".

In addition to Reinhardt, the German family doctor’s association, children and adolescents to be allowed to measure a return to social life without departing from any vaccination depending on any vaccination. Association Prasident Ulrich Weigeldt also referred to the Rheinische Post on alternatives to vaccinations whose meaning and risk is insufficient. In the current location there are "Quite more opportunities than just the immediate vaccination – the current limits that the children and adolescents experience are currently based on political decisions."

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