Shortly informed: vaccination prioritization, bosch, hate speech, apple

Shortly informed: vaccination prioritization, Bosch, hate speech, apple

IMPF prioritization ends

Even after the general opening of the Corona vaccinations for all, people with high risks for the time being priority in recipients in several federal stanchars. Because not everywhere are these people already vaccinated how a survey of the German Press Agency in the countries. The defensive doctors also called for patience. Although more than 45 percent of the population have at least one vaccination. In many places, the payers currently dominate, because only almost 21 percent have the complete vaccination protection.

Short informed by Our Site · Short informed 07.06.2021: IMPF prioritization, Bosch, hatred speech, Apple

Bosch opened semiconductor factory in Dresden

Almost three years after the laying of the foundation stone, Bosch takes its new semiconductor factory in Dresden. Bosch wants to manufacture in the Sachsian state capital Kunftig chips for the Internet of Things and the automotive industry. In the long term, around 700 new workplaces should arise. The construction of the first fully digitized and highly networked semiconductor factory in Europe was demanded by the Confederation with around 140 million euros.

Why ki has problems with the moderation of hate speech

In a new study, scientists have tested four of the best KI systems to detect Hat Speech and found that all of different ways are still difficult to distinguish problematic harmless saws. The results are actually not surprising – but the way the researchers of the University of Oxford and the Alan Turing Institute diagnosed the problem is of importance, writes Technology Review. They developed 29 different test variants aimed at different aspects of Hassrede to determine more precisely where each system fails. It makes it easier to understand how to overcome the weak such software in the future.

Apple homeworkers did not like to access the Buro

Apple obviously has difficulty moving his employees to return home. From September the company’s employees should actually return to Buro on three days. But in an internal open letter, Apple employees emphasize: "We are already looking forward to how we work today without we have to go back to the Buro." Many are better networked today with their worldwide colleagues as ever before. Without the inclusion of the employees, the flexibility, many felt, as if they had to do the best work between their families, their well-being, the possibility of being the best work or part of Apple’s elections.

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