Shortly informed: online food trade, chrome86, facebook, health apps

Shortly informed: online food trade, Chrome86, Facebook, health apps

New specifications for online selling food

For online providers of foodstuffs are intended to apply for stricter legal requirements. Dimensions of Date Minister Julia Klockner. Operators of online marketplaces are to be taken into account according to the ministry of the Ministry of Heavy to take off insecure products from the offer. The Legislation also prescribed, for example, with food scandals to track goods streams faster. Thus, affected companies are supposed to respond to affected companies in a period of 24 hours and electronically to the stated resistance.

Short informed by Our Site · Short informed 07.10.2020: Online Food Trade, Chrome86, Facebook, Health Apps

Chrome 86 is here

Google has released the new version of his browser: Chrome 86 is now available for all operating systems, mobile and on the desktop. The focus is on the security of users. Chrome 86 changes the display of URLs. These are first visible only in parts, the focus is on the domain. Only when clicking in the address line you can see the entire URL. The change, however, does not apply to all users, but is first a kind of test run. With the password check, Chrome warns against compromised passwords, so those who were tapped during a data span. In addition, with version 86 also get more warnings with insecure downloads. In addition, Google has closed 35 security swagen, which were partly classified as high.

Facebook banished Qanon consisting theoretics

Facebook gives his action against the conservation theory movement Qanon. Play all Facebook pages and groups as well as all Instagram accounts are to be deleted, which represent Qanon. In the middle of August, Facebook was initially announced to proceed against Qanon-Anger, unless it threatens violence or talk about it. However, with the compilation of the guidelines generally, all contents of the Qanon movement are to be removed on Facebook and Instagram – regardless of whether it is called into violence or being discussed in it.

First health apps on cash charges available

As an additional offer for patients, gradual health apps on cash costs go to the start. The first two applications are now listed in a new directory of reimbursable offers. It is an app for tinnitus therapy and an application that should support patients with an extension sanctions. Further offers should follow.

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