Shortly informed: energiewende, remote consultation, twitter – facebook, microsoft

Shortly informed: Energiewende, Remote Consultation, Twitter-Facebook, Microsoft

Energy coatings in the Bundestag

New solar systems are also required in the future on the Okostrom levy. The Bundestag agreed to lift the demo cover of 52 gigawatts of installed performance. The solar industry had already complained about notifying investments and expected rough job losses because the donation lobby was almost reached. Parliament adopted after a long and violent dispute in the black-red coalition also a regulation for minimum stands between new wind rackets and residential houses. Accordingly, the Federal Standers continue to decide for themselves as they want to keep it with the distance from wind radders to residential development. Many have their own regulations.

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More than 50 percent of the doctors offer remote consultation hours

Not only since the restrictions during the Coronavirus pandemic, German doctors simply questioning and investigating psychotherapists, including psychotherapists, and examine them by video – but hardly a practice made in the past. With the pandemic, that was abruptly changed: last offered more than half of the German physicians also offered video consultants and another ten percent are available at short notice. At the end of 2017, it was only 1.8 percent. This is apparent from a study by the Community Foundation Health.

Twitter identifies Trump-Tweet as "Manipulated media"

Twitter once again has a Tweet of the US President Donald Trump with a warning. Under the trump shared video becomes a blue exclamation point and the words "Manipulated media" display. Twitter blinds, allegedly from CNN-originating insertion – too "Bellyband" mentioned – was felled. So Trump has thus operated with a folded video against folded news propaganda. Also Facebook has taken from Trump from the platform because it was prominently used a symbol that was once used by the National Socialists in concentration camps. Trump’s election campaign justified in a tweet, it was dealt with an emoji, which is also used by the Antifa. Dear Dafur does not exist.

Microsoft releases more correction updates for Windows

After Microsoft to 16. June first correction updates against problems for printing for some Windows 10 versions has released, now the missing updates for more Windows versions followed. Because these updates serve only troubleshooting, they are optional. Microsoft recommends downloading and installing it only if there are indeed problems.

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