Shortly informed: economic crisis, joy-con-drift, facebook, starlink

Shortly informed: Economic crisis, Joy-Con-Drift, Facebook, Starlink

Muhsamer way from the economic crisis

The Federal Government expects a more difficult and long way from the Coronabedic economic crisis. She slows down the economic forecast for this year. The further economic development will be influenced by the pandemic course and the evidence of the occurrence, it is called in the annual economic report. After an invasion of economic output last year by 5.0 percent, the Federal Government expects growth in gross domestic product from 3.0 percent this year with a growth in gross domestic product. Economic performance in front of the crisis was only allowed to be achieved in mid-2022. The positive development in the labor market observed before the second Lockdown was only allowed to continue in the early Year, it continues.

Short informed by Our Site · Short informed 27.01.2021: Economic crisis, Joy-Con-Drift, Facebook, Starlink

Consumer protection against Joy-Con-Drift

The European Consumer Association BEUC has submitted complaint against Nintendo to the EU Commission. It’s about the so-called Joy Con-Drift, which is known to many owners of the Hybrid Console SWITCH: because of a defect of the "Joy-con" stated controllers move game figures even without entering the user. This will give video games unplayable. The consumer association calls on the EU Commission to examine the problem across Europe. Nintendo must be stopped to fix the error in his switch consoles. Until then, the Joy Controllers had to be repaired for free.

Facebook against wrong information

Facebook has announced to refer to the Holocaust for reliable information, if people in the social network want to inform about it. The company might hereby proceed against false information about the Holocaust and also against the Holocaust denial and associated intelligence myths. The shared Facebook Easy of the worldwide Holocaust memorial day with.

StarLink with laser links

Spacex’s StarLink has the first ten satellites in control operation, which exchange data by means of laser connections. The ten new trabants do not circles like others from West to East but in a polar orbit around the earth. Previous StarLink satellites always need soil stations in the same region in which the customer was also to continue transporting the data. With laser connections between satellites, StarLink can now transfer the data quickly to far remote soil parts and sparked there. This helps to cover polar regions without floor stations with broadband Internet access.

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