Settling is not a breeze

The Israeli-Palastinian-Jordanian sesame strain is burdened by hatred and terror

Not only, for example, Peter Gabriel or Herbert Gronemeyer have hope in their songs Games Without Frontiers or Give the children the command Expression. The hope that new adolescent generations make it better and finally follow the longing for peace on earth finally deeds. Also in one of the explosives worldwide crisis cookers, the Middle East, one has been putting on the educational power of the media for years to eradicate prejudices from childcops and end them up perspective war and suffering. A joint venture offshoot of the sesame strain from Israeli, Palastic and Jordanian employees should help, but in particular since the second Intifada in September 2000 under growing prere.

Settling is not a breeze

Image: Jerusalem Post

In the summer of 2002, it is likely like a brand from ancient times, but: in the early 1990s, there was really justified concrete hope for peace and payroll in the biblical land, for which since the Basic Israel in 1949 is bolded between Jews and Arabs fierce. The completion of Oslo’s premium 1993 opened the view of the Palastinians for the first time on a personal state of Palastina in peaceful coexistence with an Israel in secured, internationally recognized boundaries. The Jew Itzhak Rabin and the Arab Jassir Arafat received together the Nobel Peace Prize. It finally seemed to turn to the good.

By the positive climate encouraged media representatives of the transmitter Israel Educational TV together with Palastic colleagues to design a TV children’s series, which should address Israeli and palastic children to playfully reduce mutual prejudices. The world’s popular sesame strain below the Hebra Rechov Sumsum has been broadcast since 1982 in Israel, the right medium seemed to be. 70 semi-sized shows were produced, which show like adjacent Judian and Arab sesame characters peacefully living together.

In 1998, the broadcast of shipments began under the Judian-Arab Double Title Rechov Sumsum – Shara’a Simsim, who were very popular among the childlike spectators of both Volkers. Investigations showed that consumption in particular with Israeli children indeed mitigated enemy attitudes towards the Arabs.

Unfortunately, hope and optimism suffered after the conclusion of the contract from Oslo soon rejection by new violence. Rabin was murdered by a Judian fundamentalist in November 1995, his indirable reactionary successor Benjamin Netanjahu consciously lagged the implementation of the palace’s autonomy. And Arafat, who can (like Sharon) only military but can not think politically, must be accused that he never really consistently against palastic hardliners.

So it came according to the provocative visit Ariel Sharons on the Jerusalem Temple Mount in September 2000 among the disillusioned Arabs to the outbreak of the second Intifada, which would love the hope for soon peace again in a long distance. This could not remain without effect on the peace-minding Sesamstraben project. Like the Vice President of the Sesame Workshop (formerly Children’s Television Workshop) Charlotte Cole said, had been realized that the raised target friendship under the changed conditions had become unrealistic of newly flamed hatred and mutual terror.

In the further work on the idealistic project, the employees saw growing problems opposite. Even if Jordanian editors of Israeli-palastic co-production had joined: Already the term Sesame Strain had now become tricky. Which strain should really meet the dolls that tore the three again expanded Volker? Man asked the title in "Sesame Stories". Each of the three pages produces three to four out of 13 animated stories, which – while avoiding political content – reflecting the culture of the respective people and at the same time transported respect and tolerance for the others. The stories are fed into the separate broadcasts to be shown on the Israeli, Jordanian and palastic transmitters.

The project will be under spring administration of Charles H. Revson Foundation financed by a total of eight organizations, which are all American American up to the EU and the Canadian Kahanoff Foundation. Six out of seven million dollars, which are upgrading for the completion of 26 episodes of the three partners each, are already applied. Nevertheless, it is obviously not sure if it will really come to your charisma. The Israelis want to show you as soon as possible. But Palastineners refer to that their children under the opposite events probably had little reason for the idea of Volkerhundergung as a puppet. Especially if you looked out the window as the Palastic Producer Daoud Kuttab, seen Israeli tanks from your parents’ home.

The terrorist attack of the 11. September 2001, the meeting of the idealists once again made more difficult, palastic producers had no longer come to conferences after tel Aviv since the new Inifada. And the technical infrastructure of the Palastinenians is a good part of the Israelis. Air travel are generally not difficult without risk and in the USA for Arabian persons. The communication via the contents of Sesame Stories is therefore mainly done by phone and email. However, Israelis, Palastinians and Jordanians were able to meet a Sesame Workshop in New York in New York to work on children’s stories.

About the contents of the shows, it was also quarried there under the impression of the experiences of daily violence and counterverment. It has been too sensitive in better times that Israeli dolls in an episode action simply went to Palastic dolls without being invited (had reminiscent too much to landocupation by settlers), so it was now.B. problematic if in one of Palasticians chamfering a child from a escape warehouse found a dose-thrown box on the strain and decided to plant a rose to scrape his triss environment. The Israelis put in their Veto and pointed out that their children will be educated, generally none of the strain, which could also be a camouflaged explosive corner.

Some cultural differences have to be considered, as an owl of Israeli suggest should take a protagonist role in the Sesame Stories. These rejected the Arabs – owls mean in Arab culture in athew.

However, the Judian and Arab producers and their Mazen do not want to give hope to contribute to a peaceful coexistence of their Volker with their TV project. Even if it is currently difficult to fall, Idealist as the American Shari Rosenfeld, who leads the Sesame Workshop project in New York. Rosenfeld had to experience in 1991 in Eastern Jerusalem in 1991, that she and her 18-month-old child of palastic steiners were considerably violated. She then went to Israel in 1996 to support the first joint TV project of Jews and Arabs because she wanted to overcome her own prejudices as she says.

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