Semiconductor deficiency: insurer expects high car prices

Semiconductor deficiency: Insurer expects high car prices

Prices for cars were able to rise after the association of the Alliance Group-based credit insurer Euler Hermes between 4 and 10 percent in the coming months. Due to lack of semiconductor, the demand is high than the offer: "The European and German carmakers sit through the chip scarcity currently on the longest lever", said today Germany boss Ron van Het Hof. A normalization is to be expected only in the coming year.

The automakers now had a unique opportunity to raise prices after almost 20 years and significantly improve their margins. "3 to 6 percent price increase are therefore currently in Europe." In Germany it is even between 6 and 10 percent. According to the Corona-Lockdowns, demand has risen. The new in Europe increased by 25 percent to 5.4 million cars in the first half of the year.

"Hope for the juxtapy in the normality"

"This recovery as well as the rising price for inquiry is a glimmer of hope for the entire industry in a new normalized steady", said Van Het Hof. "This is also an important signal for the suppliers." In order to invest in climate protection and new technology, high prices and margins are helpful.

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