Sell 2017: less diesel, e-auto doubling

Sell 2017: less diesel, e-auto doubling

In view of the numbers from the Federal Motor Transportation Office, one could speak of a demand dislocation: At a high overall level, cars with diesel engine in Germany in 2017 have sold much worse than in previous years. Just almost four out of ten new cars had a self-cord. Their share dropped at 38.8 percent to the lowest level since 2009. For example, more vehicles had a gasoline (57.7 percent) or electric motor (0.7 percent).

The Olmotor has been manipulating for exhaust values since the scandal and because of strong air pollution in some cities in criticism. In several municipalities, driving bans threaten for old diesel vehicles. That unsettles the customers.

Highest total volume of this decade

In total, 3.44 million new cars were admitted last year – that was 2.7 percent more than a year ago. The German car market grew the fourth time in a row last year and thus reached the highest volume of this decade.

However, the market is no longer so strong. In 2016, new to the year had increased by 4.5 percent year-on-year. German manufacturers can hardly benefit from the plus. The VW brand, which almost every fun new car was unedided, lost 3.3 percent. The lending new BMW and Opel cars stagnated. Mercedes, on the other hand, increased by 4.8 percent. Foreign brands came together even on a plus of 8 percent.

The auto industry is considered one of the most important economic sectors in Germany. In this country, fewer cars have been built last year: the production went to two percent according to the association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). Parallel German companies make more vehicles abroad.

The backing year was the weakest diesel year since 2009, the year of scrapping program. At that time, the proportion was raised to just under 31 percent. In 2016, he last was 45.9 percent. Diesel engines usually outlined more environmentally harmful nitrogen oxides. This increases their exhaust gas purification. Because of their lower consumption, they generate less climate-damaging carbon dioxide.

Electric car Pramien vs. Richness

The state demands the purchase of electric cars with Pramien. Hotocarters have decided often past year for alternative drives. Hybrid cars, which combine internal combustion engines with e-drives, were bought significantly more often and made 2.5 percent of new ones. It was also sold well twice as many electric cars, but their share remains low with 0.7 percent.

State Pramie stobs in private individuals, companies and municipalities but overall for a small interest. So far, almost 47.000 Online for a subsidy, as this week has become known. The demanding pot has hardly been spiked so far. As a reason for the sluggish demand for electro-cars, the still Dunne network applies to charging stations. Since the vehicles also have relatively low reach, many car houses are skeptical.

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