Secret services in scrap

As the Agent Tomek became pop star, during the Polish domestic intelligence services, the Polish domestic intelligence services

Tomek just looks good. He has a shoulder-length, dark brown hair. A laughter, where you are blinded by farming teeth. In his solarium-bunted face, he carries a three-day beard and on the skin of his sporty body he only let the fine thread of the world’s most famous fashion bruises. Agent Tomek, ilica of the or known as the "Polish James Bond", Has like the spy of your majestate a fatal for vehicles with a lot of horsepower. If Agent Tomek is not on the way with a Porsche or a Mercedes GL, then he likes to get on a Harley Davidson. Somehow no wonder that the photo of this turnaround and lebemannes in October last year to the most sent MMS in Warsaw.

However, these MMS meant the professional for Agent Tomek. Because Tomasz Kaczmarek is not a figure from a Polish anti-evening series, but concealed investigators of the central anti-corruption Burus CBA. At least he was up to the weeks as his photo in the Polish capital made his photo by mobile phone. One of his victims had shot it and so the face of the investigator made public.

Secret services in scrap

Agent Tomek’s memories are already available in book form

At the time, however, the 35-year-old has already been hero of inconsequential reports and speculation in the Polish Press. Especially the boulevard media rushed on Agent Tomek and published photos on which the then pixeled agent was accompanied by Hubscher women or in sporting activities. And if there were no new photos, Super Express wondered and the Springer Leaf Fact, whether Agent Tomek is bored at the desk or his hair, the "The women yes so much", Cut out to be able to work again concealed.

No secret was the past of the Polish superagent. As the Polish media reported, Tomasz Kaczmarek from Wroclaw, where he moved in a police center against autodie, despite one of him, fortressed, fortractions, his career and later moved to the 2006 grounded anti-corruption residence. "He was a fantastic investigator, a pearl", Recently, the former CBA boss Mariusz Kaminski praised a press conference.

The praise is not supposed, because Agent Tomek was involved in the most spectacular trap of the CBA in recent years. In the fall of 2007, only a few days before the parliamentary elections, the then parliamentary members of the Burger Platform (PO) Beata Sawicka was involved in a corruption scandal on the Hela peninsula. At that time, the Polish Office was also experienced for the first time by Agent Tomek, who after statements of today 46-year Sawicka, she first omitted and lured later in a trap.

However, Tomasz Kaczmarek gained end-to-finished reassembly in September 2009, when the anti-corruption Burno came back to the headlines because of two sensational actions. First, the CBA arrested the birthcary Ukrainian and in Poland from several TV shows famous Weronika Marczuk, shortly thereafter became public, that the anti-corruption heritage was also the wife of the former state-owned Aleksander Kwasniewski, Jolanta, the corruption daily. And in all the two fell the "Fantastic investigator" Agent Tomek as a lockvogel. But despite all the Muhe, which also made the CBA and its agent, both investigations ended in a disaster. While Weronika Marczuk began to market in the media after its only night and even published a book on its experiences with Agent Tomeek a few weeks ago, the CBA had only expenses in the CBA after the unsuccessful termination of the action against Kwasniewskis.5 million zloty, ca. 380.000 Euro, to complain. For a villa, from which the CBA believed that she is the former prasident couple.

The consequences for these two cases were different. While Mariusz Kaminski had to influence the anti-corruption heritage in October 2009 as a boss of the anti-corruption heritage, Agent Tomek was clearly uncleared in the domestic domestic service. In September, Kaczmarek voluntarily retired from the service and began despite a pension of 4.000 Zloty, CA. 1.000 Euro (the average medium amounts to Poland 1.700 Zloty) to make money from his fame. For boulevard media and the Polish newsweek he has been posing ever more effective for photo routes, the National Conservative Pressel’s National Conservative Press, in which he represents himself as a victim of the media and the current government of Donald Tusk and promoted a book promoted on the fast written book. Point at Christmas time on the 10. December his memories, with the Reiberian title "Agent Tomek. A confession."

Driving the secret services

Agent Tomek is more than just a former concealed investigator who has become a pop cultural product over time. Rather, Agent Tomek is the synonym for the Polish special services CBA and the agency for internal security (DANS of), which was mainly during the two-year government period of National Conservative Law and Justice (PIS) of Jaroslaw Kaczynski almost auxiliary control and between 2005 and 2007 more Interests of the ruling party pursued than those of the country – without considering the laws that they should actually protect. With the conclusion that until today’s parliamentary examination experiences and the judiciary are committed by the then bustle of the intelligence services.

The best known and since the 11. January 2008 Working Parliamentary Examination Committee is the Ominoses Death of Barbara Blida. On the 25th. April 2007, the politician of the Left SLD and former treein in her arrest brought himself by the waste. In any case, the version of the intelligence service, according to which Blida asks the officials in their arrest and the associated house search, go to the bathroom to threaten and lap there in the presence of an investigator with a revolver into the heart.

The fact that the doubts of the then opposition at the deaths and the corruption rugged against Blida, which brought in connection with the carbon mafia, were not unfounded, showed the work of the Investigation Committee. Both some public prosecutor, as well as the former PIS politician and the Minister of Interior Janusz Kaczmarek, who was posted by Jaroslaw Kaczynski in the summer of 2007 (Poland: the end of a formal coalition), said before the inquiry committee, that the then Kaczynski- Government wanted to use the Blida case politically to be a lot summoned by the national conservatives "Left connections" to prove between post-communist politicians and organized criminality (the coalition of transformation ships).

The then Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro demanded from the Kattowz prosecutor’s office even a day before Blida’s failed arrestic material, which he wanted to present at a press conference. Since the prosecutor was missing the final evidence, the government and the debris Guogdan Swieczkowski conducted from the PIS man won depressed prere on the judicial care.

With the work of the Investigation Committee, the doubts about the deaths of Blidas has become gross. In 2007, opposition politicians, especially the party friends Blidas from the SLD, and the Liberal Press questioned the official version of the domestic intelligence service. Alone, because of the DANS of his arrests usually films and this material is likely to be able to fall to the TV stations of the transmitter for spectacular cases. But just off the arrest Blidas, who wanted to use the Kaczynski government for their purposes, have no video recordings found.

And probably not groundless. Against the resistance national conservative politician and the then investigator, the Polish state television was broadcast TVP2 on 1. December a documentary about life and death of Barbara Blida. "All hands are washed" The Dokudrama, the Sylwester Latkowski and Piotr Pytlakowski have turned on documents and interviews with actors. In it, they not only reconstruct the investigations against Blida, but also the death of politician. And this is also the sensational site of the film, because as the film is, Barbara Blida did not shot himself into the heart, but came to a manda with the monitoring off-officer in which a shot of Blida’s gun solute. After that, the dwry the traces and love look like a suicide look.

In any case, this claim the creators of the film and contradict so even the family of the dead politician, because neither the husband of Barbara Blida nor her son doubts at a suicide of the former tree ministry. That the waste destroyed traces, of which not only the religious blidas are convinced, but also Ryszard Kalisz, the chairman of the Parliamentary Investigation Committee. In any case, he claimed this in a 10. December published an interview in the Gazeta Wyborcza, who already reported in the days before the strange approach to the secret service on the crime scene. The final report on the death of Barbara Blidas will introduce the Inquiry Committee but only in spring year.

In the course of the studies on the death of Barbara Blida, however, not only inconsistencies have become public in the case. As is known, the DANS of the Telephone Language of the Gazeta-Wyborcza journalists Bogdan Wroblewski and Wojciech Czuchnowski, which deals with the case Blida and other actions of the Polish special services. But this was just the top of an iceberg, because as it quickly turned out, the WAST, the CBA and even the police not only the journalists of the Liberal daily newspaper, but in the years 2005 to 2007 eight other journalists – by course without judicial decision.

The emport of the Polish journalists was accordingly roughly. Not wrongly they saw the press freedom in danger and with their criticism made sure that the prosecutor’s office in GRUNBERG and a Parliamentary Investigation Committee with the Abiphering of the Polish Special Services. However, the only success to which the journalists could achieve is a judgment of the Warsaw County Court of 20. December, which forces the Grunberger Prosecutor’s Office to resume his investigation. Previously, this has set the investigation twice as it could not determine an offense. However, the prosecutors did not want to cover this and called for an alleged "necessary secrecy".

But so much the two-time attitude of the investigation by the prosecutor’s office is also scandalos, with closer consideration, it is little surprising. Because even if the current Tusk government criticizes its transaction team around Jaroslaw Kaczynski because of the abhort and scandals around the special services: the data of the Polish Burger also likes to collect these and preferably as many as they can only.

On the way to the burger without secrets

Already in 2008 became public (attention, intelligence services auber control!) That in the Pozen Letter Center of the Poczta Polska tested the Ganz Siemens gerate, which should store not only the addresses, but also the graphological characteristics of the senders. "In times of the state of exception, there is a global danger. In such cases there is the need for a letterout. And the post office must be prepared", charged the abandonment of such a database then. And even if the emport was roughly roughly, much gentle at the data collection raw of the Polish special services and the police has not since.

According to estimates of experts, several thousand Polish burgers are rastered by the special services, accurate numbers know only the intelligence services, without a judicial decision necessary. Only the monitoring of the correspondence and the dependent on telephone languages are subject to judicial control. For the persecution via GPS and mobile, the dependent of speech and the films on publicly burst, as well as the monitoring of telephone connections, SMS and Internet connections, a judicial decision is not necessary.

Many leaks and freedoms for the special services provides the legislation that comes from the spring of the Tusk government in the current form, also in storing the data. If nothing out of the disabled talks about the offense, the Burger has the right to apply for the release of the data to the court. However, this can prevent the intelligence services if they claim that from the content of the data to learn something about a possible danger of the state. A legal specification that makes the release of data almost impossible.

That will let the critics get louder. Like the burger officials of the Polish state, Irena Lipowicz, announced only past week, she will introduce a complaint because of the existing Abhrichtgesetz. Also because of the information of the oler from the investigators for own private purposes were abused. But the current envision does not seem to hold the Polish government to continue to work on the creation of a burger without secrets. Definitely thirst for findings also observe the burger, hurt and collect their data.

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