Secret manual of the romney religious community

Mormons wanted to censute Wikinews

The Republican Prasidential Candidate Mitt Romney attends the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – a religious community that better than "Mormon" is known. For them, among other things, as a missionary in France and supervised later than bishop credo. The Mormons believe that an angel named Moroni revealed a book of their religious land Joseph Smith, in which, among other things, that Jesus appeared after his crucifixion in America. This Book of Mormon distribute adple dressed missionaries on the home tour.

But there are also fonts such as the Handbooks of Instructions. They are not openly accessible. As WiKinews 2008 published an article about the Mormon Church, the company Intellectual Reserve Inc sent., the the "Intellectual property" The religious community managed, the Wikimedia Foundation a request to break a link to a source reference. This intention was found that a violation of violence has been available if the text refers to the copy of two such manuals at the Whistleblower Organization Wikileaks.

A wikinews administrator then lose the links, although writing the Wikimedia Foundation-Justiciar Mike Godwin was not an official warning according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Meanwhile, however, the path to the two documents is free from Wikinews. The document exchange service Scribd, where Wikileaks had set the manual, removed it permanently. There is now the information to read instead, you have the book "by request" of the Intellectual Reserve Chef B. S. Broadbent lolled.

Wikileaks now offers the work on his org domain and tells it "of substantial interest for contemporary and former Mormons". In the 166 pages comprehensive work for Fuhrungskraft of the Mormon Church, it is not only content for dogmatics, but also to affairs such as the church feet and the excommunication of Haretics and Apostats.

In 1999, the ex-Mormons Jerald and Sandra Tanner 17 pages were published on their Werbsite Utah Lighthouse Ministry to (according to own information) "Documenting problems with the allegations of Mormonentum and compare your doctrine with Christianity". Although the organization threatened with a copyright process, they lose the 17 pages, but delivered their readers to other providers. Intellectual reserve prevailed in front of a district court in Utah an interim borrowing, which also banned the couple to put such links. Three years later, the two parties agreed in a comparison that the Tanners does not quote more than 50 words per own article from the manual and destroy all copies remaining with them.

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