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New edition of a poster, on which violent policemen can be seen, ensures excitement

Joshka Fischer, Auxe Minister and the secondary profession state philosopher, was not completely wrong when he claimed in 1992, the essence of democracy is still the power.

And because that’s the case, the state apparatus that has to enforce the democratic power with the help of his monopoly monopoly, very sensitive, if someone likes powers that come to him alone. According to lawbreakers, the task of the police is to be the task of the police, and who sees this differently and this view can follow even deeds, increased attention of the state organs can be sure. Especially if he deals with legislation by the police itself.

According to the Berlin Maikrawallen 2002, the Berlin police investigated by poster and Internet in the year before, as a year, which were daily to participate in the riots (cf. Berlin police rejects the online hunting fever again).

The AntiFascist Action Berlin (AAB) responded with its own search poster, which showed various policemen in criminal offenses and a pramie of € 1000 per case for their seizure and overfucation (cf). Antifa is looking for "violent" Police officers). Language and design of the poster were kept in the style of the police publications of this kind. To grasp this as a parody and as almost state-owning call, beatings in the ranks of the police did not tolerate, the Berlin interior administration did not shine. She ubte over the state criminal office (lka) prere on providers, which reflected the internet version of the poster and the associated call, remove dearly glued posters and sought eagerly after the opportunity to tackle criminal against the action of the AAB.

That turned out to be so easy. Only in the art in the art of art was the right one, because it contains a penalty that it prohibits the portrait of others without their consent and occupies clears with fines or prison sentences up to a maximum of one year. At the beginning of April this year, the AAB (or or. Your active cleavage "Anti-fascist left Berlin", Alb) a penalty order Uber 2000 euros.

The Alb responded with a concerning portion of impudence. She brought out a new edition of her poster, on which not only the muted policemen were to be seen, but, allegedly made by obstacular image processing, also the unpaid faces of three supposed police stickers. An additional imprint "Labeling obligation now!" apparently pointed to the PDS co-governed in Berlin, which was committed to the promise in 2001, to introduce a labeling obligation for police officers, but since then nothing wants to know anymore. The ALB ranked in the accompanying explanation that they are on the demonstration on the 1st of them. May over 10.000 handbill with the portraits of violent policemen wants to distribute "to prevent further severe crimes". At the same time you love to have a negotiation of negotiation: If the Senate focuses on its public hunting, you are willing to give up more antifa search posters.

It is allowed to ame that this owl mirror is good at the Berlin inner macers for one or the other screaming. Finally, there are three members of the executive well recognizable to the search of people who belong to the boses. How to Hort, the police scrapes again this time again posters of the walls, repression tests against the online prasence of poster and call are unknown. However, the Alb has already gained donations because of expected process costs, because it is difficult to imagine that this action will not have a legal aftermath.

You could easily as one of the pictures in preparation for the 1. May in Berlin Abtun, as they have become habit in recent years. In fact, the Pplakataffare raises questions that go beyond the reach of the normal Communitiesguerilla.

There is first the fact that the Alb with the poster satirically puts the power question. Anyone who has to pursue a police in this country is, as already said, legally regulated, a reversal of this ratio does not see the right. The provocation, which is already in the suggestion of reversal, is still increased by serving allegedly technologically advanced search methods:

The new pictures show policemen in the obvious verubes of crimes. The victims suffered severe injuries: Wristbroken, rib series fracture, forearm break, heavy brain lock and a Hamatoms Uberstern Korper are the consequences of these abuses. Our intensive research, the evaluation of video recordings and the electronic machining of the image material now also allows the picture of portrays of some hits.

One may be curious how the police responds that in this way the initiative is taken out of hand – in an action that the tradition of "Burger watch the police"-Ags from the early eighties attacks – but at a great technological level.

But if the premieges of the Alb at least in the core vote, of which you unfortunately have to go out, the question arises immediately: who protects us in front of the testers? And: Why does the police do not have to keep anxiety remotely adhere to, or to significantly reduce the number of surpasses from their ranks? How many black sheep make a herd? Becomes a "Healthy hard" tolerated or even demanded, because in the enforcement of democratic power is more important than democracy?

What the 1. As far as a social institution is concerned, it is, of course, wonder why he has not only developed in Berlin since the late 1980s to the quiesal rioteshing, which he is today. There is also other reason as the frustration of bored young people who exhibit in ritualized form?

The legal disputes around the poster will not answer these questions, they are not there. But because it raises you overhead, it should be taken more seriously than a bloobe provocation.

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